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#FebruaryFeels #favememoir

I can‘t pick just one favorite memoir so I am going with one of my favorite types of memoirs—foodie memoirs. Because there are so many of them that I like, I‘ll get more specific. Here are a dozen fave foodie memoirs written by women. 🧑🏼‍🍳🥄📚
P.S. I could have put any of Ruth Reichl‘s or Kathleen Flinn‘s memoirs in this collage but I just picked one of each author‘s works to represent. 🤗📚

Prairiegirl_reading Foodie memoirs are great! I‘m usually jealous being brought up on frozen fish sticks and tuna casserole does not a foodie memoir make. 🤣 6d
Eggs What a lovely mix of foodie books 👏🏻🤗👏🏻 6d
Tonton MFK Fisher is queen! 5d
CafeMom I ♥️ Tender at the Bone and My Life in France. 5d
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Such a sad read... 😥😥😥 I don‘t read many memoirs, but this one was a real tearjerker!!


Eggs I started this, then abandoned. Maybe it wasn‘t the right time 🤷‍♀️ 6d
actualdisneyprincess I read it over the summer! I actually started it the day after the anniversary of the plane crash without even realizing it. 😭 6d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs it‘s definitely a sad one... 5d
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The Woman Warrior: China Men | Maxine Hong Kingston
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#FebruaryFeels @Eggs

I have read only a few memoirs. I am not into this genre. I had to read this one in my senior high school English class. It had already been out for awhile and I didn't make it to the end. Nevertheless, it is the best one I have read.

Eggs It‘s new to me! 6d
TheSpineView @Eggs You would probably like it. It is the story of a Chinese American woman trying to fit into two worlds. Strong voice and a lot of Chinese folklore mixed in to the autobiography. 6d
Eggs Cool thanks for rec! 6d
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When Breath Becomes Air | Paul Kalanithi
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iamzoerobinson This is by far my favourite book! Glad you like it too! Xx 6d
Eggs So good 😓 @iamzoerobinson (edited) 6d
Hoopiefoot This book destroyed me 😭 6d
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Cathythoughts 👍🏻❤️💔 6d
Eggs @Cathythoughts 😥😥 6d
Eggs @Hoopiefoot I know what you mean 6d
Come-read-with-me @Eggs Has been on my TBR for a while. Moving it up in the stack! 6d
Eggs Great! I‘m sure you‘ll like it @Come-read-with-me 💕 6d
BookishMe I am surprised 'Becoming' has yet to surface for this prompt But I know it'll be a tie with Kalanithi's lucid writing, for me 6d
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Day 13 - #FaveMemoir #FebruaryFeels #ElyseSchein
#IdenticalStrangers #AMemoirofTwinsSeparatedandUnited

I read this memoir in 2007 and enjoyed it very much!

Eggs Fascinating!! 7d
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Waves | Ingrid Chabbert
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#FebruaryFeels Day 13: This is one of Fats‘ #FaveMemoir: “Waves is based on Chabbert‘s own experience. After being together for more than eight years, Chabbert and her wife were ready to have a child. Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, their dream came to an end. Waves is a story of love, loss, and finding the strength to move on.” More of her #FaveMemoir(s) here: https://wp.me/pDlzr-kSD

Eggs 😥 1w
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The Hiding Place | Corrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill
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Yoshi-and-a-book ❤️Jesus 😊 2w
Eggs A sad but great book 📚👏🏻 2w
amber_ldsmom @Yoshi-and-a-book ❤️😊 2w
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