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What‘s your favorite #truecrime book? Mine is Helter Skelter! I started reading this true crime book from the library awhile ago and never finished it. Now that it‘s October and I have my own copy, I‘m hoping to get back into it and finally finish it. Have you read this book?

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AmyG Mine is Helter Skelter, too. This book is excellent. (edited) 1y
jillannjohn I liked this one. I was fascinated by the crazy amount of research she did. Currently reading Helter Skelter. 1y
Pamwurtzler I‘ve not read the tagged book, and don‘t think I could handle Helter Skelter, but I‘ve been fascinated for a while by this true crime - 1y
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Reviewsbylola I loved this one. I wish McNamara had been alive to see the killer caught. 1y
Reviewsbylola And I‘m a true crime junkie. It‘s hard to pick a favorite. HS is definitely top of the list. Another one Bugliosi wrote that I love is 1y
Reviewsbylola Also another must read for true crime is 1y
Jess7 I really liked In Cold Blood. I read it many years ago @Reviewsbylola 1y
Mem_ugh Such a a good one! 1y
Copwithabook I really enjoyed this novel. Thats saying something bc true crime has never interested me much (since it‘s what I do for a living). 1y
tracey38 I really want to read this one. This is a different cover than I've seen. Is it out in paperback now? 1y
Jess7 No, it‘s from book depository - I think it‘s the UK cover. @tracey38 1y
tracey38 @Jess7 gotcha! 1y
Acterry81 Devil‘s Knot by Mara Leveritt 1y
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Yessssss, and this is why I decided to give up on the #audiobook of #illbegoneinthedark and wait for my hold on the physical book to come in. 🙌🏼 All of these references are included in the book📖. The map with a brief summary of the main topics in the book is especially helpful! (It‘s a bit hard to see in this collage). I am really excited to start this one! #currentlyreading #truecrime #librarybooks #goldenstatekiller #eastarearapist

Prairiegirl_reading I‘m waaay too 🐔 💩 for this one!! I would like to read it but I know I wouldn‘t make it through! Lol! 1y
Monica5 I loved it 1y
janeycanuck The audio is supposed to come with an accompanying PDF with all this stuff, I think, but I listened on Scribd and it didn‘t have any of it. Maybe I should have waited for a paper copy, too. Looks like that stuff would be really useful. (edited) 1y
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Jess7 Yeah, the audiobooks from the library always say that have a supplement too, but it‘s never readable for me. I think the book will be easier to follow with these references. @janeycanuck 1y
MatchlessMarie Oh snap. Might need to snag a physical copy to accompany my audible audio. Thanks for the heads up! 1y
RachLovesTV I loved the audiobook, but yeah, this would have been super helpful. 😅 Luckily I'm pretty familiar with California geography. (edited) 1y
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Holy! This book is outstanding! I am so happy I was able to listen to this while they caught the #GoldenStateKiller or #EastAreaRapist. McNamara was such a talented writer and while the crimes were horrific she kept the reader engaged. Just noticed the sticker on this audiobook about a podcast which I will certainly be listening to next! Highly recommend!

Lovesbooks87 It was a good book and I am also so glad they caught him. 48 Hours also had a special about it and it was really good. It was very chilling listening to the audio of him calling some of the victims! 2y
bridge12 @Lovesbooks87 I‘ll definitely have to watch that! I also heard there was a good Casefiles series on it to for a podcast... this is all I‘ll be getting done apparently 🤷🏼‍♀️ 2y
EKonrad Reading it right now! So good! 2y
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