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#pemberlittens #thewatsonsreadalong #chlapter9 It is the night of the ball. Mr. Watson is not happy being such with Mrs. Ellingham and her awful novels. But he will suffer for his girls. The ladies arrive to the Edwards‘ and the Osbornes are already there. Much to the chagrin of Mr. Musgrave who is not dressed. Lord Osborne spots Emma and engages her for the 1st 2 dance. During these dance he is socially awkward but Emma does a great job 👇👇

MicrobeMom Talking about outdoorsy stuff. But is clearly spoiled and used to getting his way. He insist that Emma, her sisters, and the Shaw‘s come for breakfast before a hunt. Then leaves. There is tea and Emma gets to dance with Mr. Hunter. She talks to Mrs Blake and insist on teaching Charles French. 3mo
MicrobeMom Of getting to talk about outdoorsy stuff. He is spoiled and used to getting his way. Which comes out when he insists Emma, her sisters, and the Shaw attend some breakfast before a hunt. He then leave and is not see the rest of the night. There is tea, dancing and conversation with Mr. Hunters. Come to find out Charles is not learning French. Emma volunteers to be his tutor. Emma the teacher!! 3mo
MicrobeMom *Mr. Howard not Hunter… wrote this late last night. 3mo
julieclair I imagine that teaching Charles French might also allow a Emma to see Mr. Howard! 2mo
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