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Good Morning Everyone,

Just want to remind those below to post your #bookmarskswap packages as you get them. I know we have a few arriving late, especially international ones. Please be sure to tag your sender and me.

If I have tagged you in error please let me know and I will go looking for what I missed.

Have a great day. If I have contacted you by email, please ignore this.


Crazeedi I'm so sorry my recipient is on this list, I've learned I will now post international a month before, sorry Ryan 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Crazeedi No worry. Some of the internationals came really fast, and others not. And it may not even matter. Earlier this year I mailed 2 letters for a litten in Israel a month apart. She got them both on the same day. You have sent it and done your job. This was a quick turn around swap and I knew somethings would be crazy. And not all those listed are international. I think a few people might be sick or on vacation. 1mo
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cobwebmoth I posted about both of mine, but Isabelle is still waiting on hers to arrive. The ones we sent to Canada were sent Monday(sorry!), but they are on their way. The one Isabelle sent to Australia was sent about 2 weeks ago. 1mo
Scochrane26 @LibrarianRyan no problem. I still got to open one yesterday, so it will be a fun surprise when I get the other one. 1mo
LibrarianRyan @cobwebmoth Your good. The international ones are taking a bit. I remember Jazz had problems with getting hers out. They will get there. I'm not worried. Anyone I was really worried about I emailed. But we have a few people who reported receiving theirs who either have not posted yet, or I missed their post. Plus I didn't want anyone to fill picked on , so i tagged everyone who has something unposted, not arrived, or missing. (edited) 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Scochrane26 Thats great. 1mo
mom2bugnbee Hey, Ryan! I posted about my package from @DebinHawaii, but evidently my one from @amiable got mislaid by the USPS. 😔 She & I have communicated - it was supposed to be here by 8/6 but hasn't yet arrived. 1mo
Amiable @LibrarianRyan I‘m going to send Amy another package. I don‘t think the other one is going to ever reach her. Since it was sent by first-class mail on 8/1 and was supposed to be there by 8/6. I could have walked it from CT to TN faster than this. 🙄 @mom2bugnbee (edited) 1mo
LibrarianRyan @Amiable @mom2bugnbee Okay. Sorry the mail was a pain. 1mo
JazzFeathers They told me at the post office that the packet l sent out should reach @cobwebmoth next week. Mine isn't arrived either, but this is a terrible week here in Italy. The middle of August basically everything stops. I think it'll probably arrive next week as well. 1mo
ulrichyumiodd There‘s some construction on my street, so it‘s possible the two missing letters were delayed because of it. I did get the third one after construction began, though, so I‘d expect to get the others without issues. 1mo
Smarkies I have mailed mine out about 2 and a half weeks ago. Hopefully the international recipients will get it soon. 1mo
bcncookbookclub Hi! I'd like know how can I take part in the bookmarkswap... if you currently doing this... sorry I'm no sure how it works... let me know when you can... thanks... 1mo
LibrarianRyan @bcncookbookclub hello. The bookmark swap is currently over. We will still have some people posting as not everything has made it to the recipients yet. I will host another probably around Valentines (fed 2020). There are lots of other swaps coming up with amazing hosts. If your wanting something simpler there will probably be a Christmas card exchange in NOv/dec. getting envolved is easy, see the registration, sign up. Be sure to follow @LitsyHappenings 1mo
bcncookbookclub @LibrarianRyan Great! Thanks for the infomation😉 1mo
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