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Lab Girl | Hope Jahren
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Sounds like another year of the same ol', same ol'. #bookishhoroscope

I Let You Go | Clare Mackintosh
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#bookishhoroscope The 2nd sentence on Page 117 of the book next to me is supposed to represent 2017 for me. ????? Oh!No! 😱

Cinfhen Yikes!!!! 3y
Wife I know! 3y
Wife Kind of fun to do. I hope more people post theirs. 3y
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mllemay Maybe you'll pick up running? 3y
Wife @mllemay Hey! That's an idea! Puts a positive spin on it! Thanks 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ 3y
mllemay @Wife haha no problem! 3y
Heideschrampf Well... if you take it out of context and focus just one the one sentence you might as well be breathtaken from something really exiting! I'm sure it's gonna be that ;) 3y
Wife @Heideschrampf Good idea! Focusing on the positives!🌹 3y
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#bookishhoroscope Open the book next to you to page 117. The second sentence will predict your 2017.

This will be interesting...I'm pretty skeptical🤔

Cinfhen 🦄👑💗😀 3y
Heideschrampf Haha, i cant wait to hear the story of your spiritual awakening! 3y
slhbooks @Heideschrampf I am always seeking, so I guess this is the year🌠😉 3y
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X: A Novel | Ilyasah Shabazz
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I've seen a couple people post about the #bookishhoroscope I'm looking at you @Heideschrampf and @Eyelit ! I thought mine was pretty good.... 'Open the book next to you to page 117 and that will be your prediction for 2017.'

Eyelit Apt 😁 3y
Heideschrampf Sounds promising! 3y
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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You don't say 🤔😜#bookishhoroscope --> open your book to page 117 and the second sentence will tell you your horoscope for 2017

LeahBergen That's a good one! 😂😂 3y
Heideschrampf Is this a prediction or an existing fact though ;) 3y
Cinfhen 😜 3y
KassKho @Heideschrampf definitely both :p this is a resolution I can actually keep 😝 3y
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This is my #bookishhoroscope for 2017. "As such, the crown chakra, located atop the head (where your soft spot was as a baby), is known as the physical home of your enlightenment." Looks like I'll be having an enlightening year!! ?

To find your #bookishhoroscope, pick up the book nearest you and turn to page 117. The second sentence is your horoscope!

Heideschrampf Ooooommmmm! 3y
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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
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"The party went on" Bring it on 2017! We will be here on the couch reading ?? #bookishhoroscope
-> Open the book next to you on page 117. The second sentence will predict your 2017

Cinfhen 🎉❤️👍🏻 3y
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Snow | Orhan Pamuk
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Although this goes against my book rules because I DO NOT read ahead, I thought I'd participate in #bookishhoroscope

The relentless snowfall seemed to have deterred no one, or perhaps the snow itself had made people decide that, with so much going wrong, they might as well seize this one chance for an enjoyable evening out.

What does this mean??

Wife Wow. That's going to be difficult to figure out. 🤔 3y
Heideschrampf Good one! You'll just make the best of 2017 annoyances. (You don't happen to be Amarican, are you? Do as #AFP said and start an anti-trump punk band and have a blast!) 3y
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An Untamed State | Roxane Gay
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Well... I guess I will see in 2017. 😀 #bookishhoroscope

-> Open the book next to you on page 117. The second sentence will predict your 2017.

@Heideschrampf @Eyelit

Eyelit Let's hope so! 😄 3y
Jennick2004 "I'm not the golden child of the Ambassador" ?? 3y
Kathrin @Jennick2004 😂😂😂😂 3y
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Big Little Lies | Liane Moriarty
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Getting in on the #bookishhoroscope fun. Seems legit.

The third sentence would also be pretty fitting.