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#audiocrochet with a true crime.

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Romanov | Nadine Brandes
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My parents bought a Star Wars crochet kit for my kids to give me for Christmas, resulting in half the family putting in requests - my dad thought it was hilarious... 🙄
Seemed like a good night for #audiocrochet so I'm starting on a Yoda for my son.

Bookzombie So cute! Can‘t wait to see when it‘s complete. 1mo
QuietlyLaura That‘s so cute! ☺️ 1mo
AlaMich Wow, that‘s adorable! Almost makes me want to learn to crochet. Almost. 😅 1mo
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Update: the cats are multiplying 😂
#audiocrochet #catsoflitsy

IuliaC 😻😸 2mo
SolaRaynor Cats and crochet! Awesome :) 2mo
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Lovely War | Julie Berry
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It's an #audiocrochet kind of night... so far, this book is every bit as lovely as the title would imply.

SamanthaMarie Ahh! Your WIP is beautiful 😍 2mo
Read4life Love those colors 💙 2mo
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A Night Like This | Julia Quinn
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I had a dark YA thriller queued up for my next audiobook, but realized I needed light and fun tonight. Very enjoyable #audiocrochet night after the little monsters went to sleep

Texreader Oh my heart! ❤️🐈‍⬛ 4mo
TiredLibrarian Such a lovely kitty! I'm partial to black cats 😻🖤 4mo
Johanna414 @TiredLibrarian Black cats and torties are my favorite! We took in this guy 9 years ago when his owner was going through a tough time. He's the most affectionate cat I've ever known! 4mo
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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Bront
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Crochet & Jane Eyre. It's certainly shaping up to be a cozy autumn. #audiocrochet 🎧📖🧶

As usual, I love Jane Eyre, and want so much more for her than freaking Rochester 😒 lol And Justice for Bertha while I'm at it! Sigh. Such is 1847 though.

Emilymdxn This looks so dreamy! 4mo
ravenlee What‘s your crochet project? It looks lovely. 4mo
ShyBookOwl @ravenlee Thanks! It will eventually be a mesh sweater 😊 4mo
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ShyBookOwl @Emilymdxn 😌 if only I didn't have to keep breaking to work lol 4mo
Blh87 I need to know where you got that tissue box cover!!! 4mo
ShyBookOwl @Blh87 Amazon 🤷🏽‍♀️Tosnail Elegant Wooden Antique Book Tissue Holder Dispenser/Novelty Napkin Holder https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01EHIXKWA/ref=cm_sw_r_apanp_FAd53BLKCZhAc 4mo
Blh87 @ShyBookOwl oh my goodness, BLESS YOU! 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty ❤️ 4mo
ShyBookOwl @Blh87 😂 you're welcome! 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @ShyBookOwl you‘re welcome! 4mo
hissingpotatoes I'm so glad I'm not the only one with serious problems with Jane and Rochester's relationship! 4mo
ShyBookOwl @hissingpotatoes Right?! I always feel the need to justify why I love this book DESPITE the ending lol it's wildly problematic but also weirdly progressive for its time. My dream is to write a version where he's the villain and Jane and Bertha escape together 😂 4mo
hissingpotatoes @ShyBookOwl I would be first in line to read it! 4mo
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I promised myself I‘d reread the Wheel of Time once I finished Averalaan, and the library had an express copy of THE EYE OF THE WORLD on audio just when I had a listening gap and a ton of work to do on this wee dragon. Yay!

This is my fifth time through it. As of 75%, I like it a lot more than I did in 2014 and a lot less than I did in 1996.

The dragon is for my cousin‘s new baby. I hope he and his wife find it cute, not creepy. #audiocrochet

katy4peas Totally cute!! 😍 7mo
Lindy Not creepy at all! It‘s adorable. 😍 7mo
xicanti @katy4peas @Lindy thanks! I‘ve had this design in mind for a while now and I‘m glad I finally got to make it. 7mo
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DGRachel The dragon is so sooooo cute!!! 7mo
xicanti @DGRachel thank you! 7mo
UwannaPublishme 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 7mo
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Black Sun | Rebecca Roanhorse
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Enjoying a little #audiocrochet and some tea before bed... I‘m at the point in this project where I just want it done so I can start something new!

The Subtle Knife | Philip Pullman
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So far my worst Covid symptom has been exhaustion... I just don't have energy to do anything. My plan is to spend the day on the couch with my #audiobook and #crochet project while the kids play with all their new Christmas toys. #audiocrochet

rockpools 🙁 Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy! 13mo
rabbitprincess Rest up and take care ♥️ Love the crochet — a gorgeous blue! 13mo
AmyG Oy, feel better. Your blanket is beautiful, btw. 13mo
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The Golden Compass | Philip Pullman
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Borrowed this from the library after a discussion with a coworker about how I had never read the whole trilogy... I thought the full cast audiobook was very well done! I've been enjoying some #audiocrochet time after the kids finally went to sleep tonight