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The Thorn Birds | Colleen McCullough
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Probably not what you‘d describe as #ALittlePriest but Ralph De Bricassart was definitely a priest in Colleen McCullough‘s epic novel.

#SeptemberSins @jenniferw88

marleed Ahh, be still my 80‘s heart~~~ 2mo
TheEllieMo @marleed I can‘t think why this one came to mind.... 2mo
jillrhudy Ye gods, was she ever gorgeous. She doesn‘t look dated at all. One could go out and slay with this exact look right now. Those reddish curls. 2mo
TheEllieMo @jillrhudy all my life, I‘ve wanted hair like that. I‘ve sort of got the colour, but not the curls! 2mo
jillrhudy @TheEllieMo I've got the curls but not the color--and her curls aren't as outta control as mine; hers are more like windswept waves. Sigh. . . 2mo
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🎶 Lawyer's rather nice 🎶
🎶 I'll come again when you have judge on the menu 🎶

#ALittlePriest #SeptemberSins @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain

The Scarlet Letter (Readable Classics) | Nathaniel Hawthorne, Wayne Josephson
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jenniferw88 Not read this one yet, but I trust you to know! 😂😂😂 2mo
aprilpohren Loved this book! 2mo
Cinfhen Me too @aprilpohren You should read it one day @jenniferw88 it‘s better than I expected 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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All of josh‘s #alittlepriest books are in my library. There are a lot more but this was what was easy to take a picture of.

@Cinfhen @vivastory

Cinfhen Does Josh collect vintage editions?? 10mo
LibrarianRyan @Cinfhen only of religious texts. 10mo
Cinfhen Very cool 10mo
vivastory Nice collection 10mo
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I don‘t get the love for this book. I thought it was pretty dull. However, it is all about #alittlepriest. 😂 #MusicalNewYear

j9brown The clergy is really too coarse and too mealy 🤣 10mo
vivastory This is the first I've heard of this before. Sounds like I'm not missing out... 10mo
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The Western Wind | Samantha Harvey
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Set in England in 1491, this novel about the death of a local rich man is narrated (going back in time over four days) by the village priest.


vivastory This is the first I've heard of this one. Sounds intriguing 👍 10mo
BiblioLitten I‘m curious! 10mo
Hooked_on_books Great cover 10mo
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LeslieO Love the cover! 10mo
Cinfhen Well this looks like a gem!!! Stunning cover and interesting story!!! Thanks for sharing 😍 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm Thanks for sharing, never heard of this. Great cover! 10mo
TrishB Looks lovely 💕 10mo
Kalalalatja What a cover 😍 10mo
batsy Oh dear, I believe I have a NetGalley copy still sitting in my Kindle app 😆 The cover is so vivid and lovely! 10mo
Magslhalliday I read about this the other day (I am roughly a year behind on Guardian Review issues!). Will be interested in your view of it. 10mo
readordierachel Pretty cover! 10mo
LeahBergen @batsy @Magslhalliday Well, I‘m behind, too. 😆😆 Let‘s hope I actually read it this year! 10mo
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I‘ve not read this one, but it sounds like a watered down version of The Exorcist (although this one came first).

How amazing is this cover?!

#alittlepriest #musicalnewyear

vivastory I love this cover. I've read it & it is a bit of a watered down version of The Exorcist, but still worth reading. I'd also recommend 10mo
Cinfhen Cool cover 10mo
PirateJenny I love this book and cover so much. I do think it's important to remember it came first and feels watered down to us because of how explicit The Exorcist is. Original time of publication is everything. Also, read the author's note at the end 😊 10mo
readordierachel I can't look at it too long. I feel like it'll steal my soul 😆 10mo
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Three to Get Married | Fulton J. Sheen
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#MusicalNewYear #ALittlePriest

The Catholic bookshelf; some books about Popes and Saints. Pray for us 🙏🏻

Cinfhen HahahHa 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#MusicalNewYear #ALittlePriest Since this song has been in my head all day I thought I'd post. A couple years ago we went to see an interactive production of Sweeney Todd where the audience was served meat pies before the show. Bill Yosses, who was the former pastry chef to the Obamas, made the pies. When I saw the prompt I immediately thought of pie and his book. @Cinfhen @vivastory

vivastory That's so neat! I attended an interactive version when I lived in Minneapolis. A lot of fun! 10mo
Cinfhen That‘s a great story!!! Love your choice 10mo
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