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Maya's Notebook: A Novel | Isabel Allende
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Reading Maya‘s Notebook by Isabel Allende for my book club in High School! 📚📚📖📖

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#AyUpAugust Did someone say #HappyHour ?!!??! Sara Hepola lived for those words, going through life fueled by her “gasoline of adventure” - alcohol. She would drink to excess, and then TRY to piece it all together the following day. After too many years of empty memories and nearly killing her self in the process, Sara finally decides to put down the glass and live a life of sobriety. An honest memoir of addiction & the price of family history.

squirrelbrain Sounds good - would you recommend? 2d
Cinfhen I would @squirrelbrain ☺️ 2d
MicheleinPhilly I‘ll second that recommendation @squirrelbrain! 2d
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TrishB @squirrelbrain I‘ll pass on Cindy‘s copy she passed on to me @Cinfhen may be a couple of days before I get to the PO! I have a couple of parcels waiting for other peeps, so may be the end of the week. 2d
squirrelbrain Are you two still friends @MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen after you *forced* her to go book shopping?! 2d
squirrelbrain Thanks @TrishB - you‘re like my personal book enabler! 😁❤️ 2d
TrishB @squirrelbrain lol 😁 spreading the love. I currently am double stacking my books and no space for more shelves until one of the kids permanently moves out! 2d
Cinfhen No rush at all @TrishB I‘m not even back in the country until the 29th of August 2d
Cinfhen And of course @MicheleinPhilly and I are still 👯 @squirrelbrain she bought 5 books & I only bought 1! I was the enabler 2d
squirrelbrain That was very restrained of you @Cinfhen ! 🤣 2d
squirrelbrain @TrishB - triple stacking next then?! 2d
MicheleinPhilly I would have bought more but I don‘t want to be divorced! @squirrelbrain 2d
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#HappyHour #AyUpAugust
Dunno why but I've never been able to get me head around Hull being part of Yorkshire.
@squirrelbrain @Cinfhen

LeeRHarry Possibly the whole Humberside thing? 😏 2d
arlenefinnigan @LeeRHarry well.....aye. 2d
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Cinfhen Obviously I have NO IDEA, (once again) what you‘re talking about 😉 2d
TrishB It‘s always been a bit weird! 2d
squirrelbrain Yes, I wasn‘t sure about including Hull @LeeRHarry @TrishB @arlenefinnigan but it is definitely classed as Yorkshire so I just went with it... 2d
arlenefinnigan @squirrelbrain is Humberside like Merseyside and Greater Manchester in that it's an administrative county but not a 'real' county? 2d
LeeRHarry Not a real one but a fake one for about 20 years - I was born in Grimsby, in Lincs when I was born, then Humberside and back to Lincs 😊 @squirrelbrain (edited) 2d
arlenefinnigan @LeeRHarry yeah it doesn't help that my geography is terrible and I confuse Grimsby and Hull.... 2d
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I did not think I‘d have so much in common with Russell Brand. Due to his accent, I preferred listening to him read his own book to me more than reading my hard copy. He did go off on quite a few tangents that made absolutely no sense to me but he would eventually come back around to recovery. Enjoyable, practical, and helpful.

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@teebe - thank you for the wonderful bookmarks! The one you made is gorgeous and I love the feather!

@LibrarianRyan - this is parcel 2/3 for me. I have not yet received my 3rd parcel.

LibrarianRyan The third is just running late. 6d
teebe You‘re welcome! Glad you like them. 4d
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@BookNAround - thank you for the wonderful bookmarks. I love the handmade bookmark with my Litsy handle!

@LibrarianRyan - thank you for organizing this swap. This is parcel 1/3 for me.

BookNAround Glad you like them. 6d
LibrarianRyan 😁👍🏻❤️ 6d
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Go Ask Alice | Anonymous
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When I was in elementary school, I plucked this little book from the depths of a forgotten shelf in the back of my library. Seeing that the author was “Anonymous,” I promptly felt very confused, dropped the book, and ran away. If you know the history of Go Ask Alice, though, you know there‘s a plot twist. It‘s actually NOT the real diary of an anonymous teen drug addict. We discuss further on the latest ep of my podcast. 🎧 Link to listen in bio!

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I‘ve not read the book but know the summary of it, interesting. Despite the controversy of this ‘memoir‘, the book has been adapted into a movie. Read about it and see the trailer here: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/08/a-million-little-pieces-trailer-pos...

#augustabc #loathsomeliar

Amor4Libros I didn‘t know this was being made into a movie, looks good! I remember when Oprah praised this book so much that a friend and I read it and were blown away. I read it again a few years ago, it‘s that good. I‘ll definetely watch the movie 1w
BoleyBooks This was the only book I ever returned to the store. I could not get into the stream of consciousness format. 1w
Eggs I‘ve always wondered about this one...I vaguely remember the controversy. Nice choice! 1w
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marleed I read this book just prior to the interview and was deeply impacted. Then the interview, then the controversy. It‘s seems so odd now that I was so saddened by the aftermath . It has changed how I read memoirs. In his defense, when he wrote the book he didn‘t set out to call it a memoir nor could he anticipate it would get that attention. Even still, I read differently. 1w
DivineDiana @marleed I too read it before the controversy. Unsettling. 🙁 1w
marleed @DivineDiana I took the controversy so personally which seems so silly now. Upon reflection, much much later, I feel sorry for the author because he was caught up in a publishing world he was no way prepared for. Actually, the aftermath might make a great movie! 1w
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Dogsitting and enjoying my last weekend before the school year starts. I‘m also guinea pig sitting, so right now I‘ve got two dogs, 2 cats, and the guinea pig. It‘s quite the circus!