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How to Stop Time | Matt Haig
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#TacoTuesday #DinnerAndABook! 😋🌮🌮🌮 But...these are not just any ordinary tacos—they‘re BISON tacos! 😃Soooo tasty! (With nacho cheese shells, of course. 😁) Gotta do an #audiobook for #tacoNight—too messy for anything else, but so worth it! #nom

tjwill I loved that book! And of course tacos! 🌮 📖 (edited) 8mo
Robothugs Happy to see you back on and around. ♥️ 8mo
Gissy 😋 7mo
Bklover Nice to see you! ❤️ 7mo
tpixie My oldest son has fond memories of Kindergarten when his class visited a retirement home and they ate Buffalo Stew for Kansas Day! 🌻 🐃 🌻 7mo
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Live Every Day Like It's Taco Tuesday: Lined Notebook Journal | My Lined Journal, Blank Book Billionaire
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It‘s #TacoTuesday — why not?

8little_paws Omggggg I want to read this 1y
Stephuhhnieee And national nacho day! 😬 1y
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1. I like biography
2. Football (college - Georgia Bulldogs 😍)
3. Truman Capote - I enjoyed In Cold Blood and The Swans of 5th Avenue!
4. It‘s Taco Tuesday, amIright?
#tuesdaytidbits @JenlovesJT47

JenlovesJT47 Yes! My thoughts exactly #tacotuesday 💚💚💚 1y
tammysue Go Bulldogs! 😍 1y
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1 Here's the fish tacos that I ate last week. I will probably just have some chicken with cous cous tonight (that's all that's in my fridge) ☺
2 I love all food, but maybe Asian inspired dishes.
3 I don't think I've made anything enough times to be a specialty. Maybe toffee candy & creamy tomato basil soup & a whole array of Midwestern hotdishes.
4 I like the Skinnytaste cookbook & The Easy & Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook.
@melyndarae #tacotuesday

melyndarae I like asian inspired meals too. I have found quite a few that have been put into regular rotation. I'll have to check out both of those cookbooks. I've had a hard time finding healthy food that stays in budget lol. 2y
KrystleTheBookSlayer @melyndarae I've been trying to be healthier, so those cookbooks have come in handy. The slow cooker book will probably be the most budget friendly, the author definitely seems to like Indian food, but there's a lot of variety if Indian food isn't your thing. 😊 2y
melyndarae They all have been added to my "to buy" Amazon list lol. I haven't eaten much Indian food but I should give it a try. 2y
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Betty Crocker's Cooky Book | Betty Crocker Editors
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🍖Not sure yet but this looks good!
🍕Favorite type of food Soul food ( home cooked feed your soul food)
🌮 I make amazing Cheesy stuffed pork chops and Swiss Steak.
📚 Betty Crocker Cookie cookbook

#tacotuesday 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

melyndarae What are cheesy stuffed pork chops??? 2y
99problemsbutabookaint1 they are so amazing it cheddar cheese, celery,bell peppers, carrots, and onions diced up sauteed with some thyme and sage stuffed on a pork chop and then cooked for 30 - 45 mins they are so scrumptious 2y
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🌮We would have been having barbecue pulled-pork shepherd‘s pie (⬆️⬆️ not my picture, but that‘s basically what it looks like), but the bf and I both have food poisoning (not from my cooking I might add 😂), so in reality we‘ll probably just be having toast or crackers.😣
🌮Not really... My family does really like my peanut butter cake though. 😋
🌮I‘ve only used one cookbook before, and I have no idea what it‘s called. 😂


melyndarae I've never had shepards pie. But I am a very picky eater lol. I hope you both feel better!! 2y
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I decided to make my own get to know you post. It's such a good way to find others w/ the same interests. The tacos pictured I made the other day. Shredded turkey in enchilada sauce topped w/ salsa verde. Don't forget to tag me & use #tacotuesday

We're having tacos and homemade crunchwrap supremes.
Mexican food is the best.
My family likes my stuffed pasta shells, chili, and homemade noodles.
Eat What You Watch

#tacos #cookbook #food #gettoknow

Bourriquet76 We are going to have oven baked flautas and taco soup but I forgot to put on the chicken this morning. 2y
melyndarae @Bourriquet76 Yum flautas! I found an amazing recipe. Mmm, now I need to add it to my meal plan for next week. 2y
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It | Stephen King
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I will finish this book by, like, November 3rd.
I will finish this book by November 3rd.
November 4th at the latest.
Probably the 5th.

#BookAndDinner and #TacoTuesday on Wednesday. Also Game 7 of the World Series (the happiest/saddest day of the year).

BookBabe Mmmmmmmm, tacos 🌮 🌮 🌮 😍❤️ 2y
MrBook 😆👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
BekahB I‘m still working my way through this book. My goal is just to finish it this year. 😆 2y
Maggie @BekahB it‘s not that I don‘t like it....it‘s just more time consuming than I have time for. 2y
Lyn-Mara Books and tacos...what?!?! 😍 2y
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Wacky Wednesday | Dr. Seuss, Theo LeSieg, George Booth
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It may be #WackyWednesday but for dinner we are going to pretend it's #TacoTuesday now that's wacky! #SpookyOctober

RadicalReader @MommyOfTwo love tacos can never go wrong with them. Especially with soft tacos. Good to have hard and soft taco shell options for the taco tyrants 2y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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#BookNDinner! Taco salad for #TacoTuesday! 😋🌮🌮🥗🥗 And mozzarella sticks with marinara. Yum! Happy reads & happy eats!

emilyhaldi YUM! I would eat Mexican for dinner every day if I could 😂 2y
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