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"My own plans are made. While I can, I sail east in the Dawn Treader. When she fails me, I paddle east in my coracle. When she sinks, I shall swim east with my four paws. And when I can swim no longer, if I have not reached Aslan's country, or shot over the edge of the world in some vast cataract, I shall sink with my nose to the sunrise."

#NowBringMeThatHorizon #WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

Lcsmcat ❤️ Reepicheep! 5y
Librarianaut Ditto! Reepicheep! ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
Foragingfantasy ❤️ I have so much love for these stories. 5y
CrowCAH Such a great quote and a good series! 5y
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Kingston by Starlight: A Novel | Christopher John Farley
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#nowbringmethathorizon Though I am sad to see this challenge end. It's been fun sailing with you all, mateys! Thanks to @CrowCAH for organizing #PiratesLife #WhatAWayToLive

CrowCAH Thanks, mate! 😊 And it was was my sincerest pleasure to act as your captain!!! 5y
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May got off to a really rough start, but thanks in large part to the #classicbuddyread of a favorite and recommendations from Littens, I had some phenomenal 5-star reads. #bestofMay

Plus, I have some promising books on deck for June - #nowbringmethathorizon. I can't wait!

And special thanks to @CrowCAH , @jenniferw88 , @RealLifeReading , and @Cinfhen for hosting challenges that blew up my TBR. 😂

booksandsympathy Those Doctor Who books! 😱 5y
DGRachel @booksandsympathy They are super cute. I'm pretty sure I saw them when @TobeyTheScavengerMonk posted them. 5y
CrowCAH Thanks and you're welcome! 😊 5y
Cinfhen Thank the Littens who posted their awesome books! So much creativity and bookish knowledge 🙌🏻💕📚😀 5y
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"Land ho!" This ship has sailed the warm sea of the Caribbean and has docked at port. It's now time to pleasure away the spoils we've attained from our cruising raids.

I couldn't have brought this ship into port all by me lonesome self, so it's officially time to thank me crew and all who participated!!!

Endings are oh so bittersweet... #NowBringMeThatHorizon

#WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

CrowCAH Thank you @sprainedbrain @JacintaMCarter @Melissa_J @PirateJenny @hes7 @DGRachel for sailing with me daily! For your dedication, I would like to send you a POTC collectible. Send me your address to cynthiaannehurt@gmail.com 5y
LeahBergen Nice job, everyone!! 👏🏻👏🏻 (edited) 5y
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sprainedbrain Yay!!! 5y
Cinfhen You were an awesome captain ☠️great challenge ❤️ 5y
GypsyKat It was fun, I wish I had done more! I really dropped the ball on all the photo challenges this month. Ah well! 5y
Andrew65 @CrowCAH Agree a great challenge and it was great fun to take part. Just slipped up towards the end of the month when life took over! Thanks for the time you put into it. 5y
Bklover It was fun looking at them all- everyone was so creative! 5y
Melissa_J Thanks for organizing! I'll sail with you anytime 😊 5y
Blueberry Shiver me timbers it was fun playing pirate even if I came aboard late. Now I'm ready to go see the movie. 5y
mabell Such a fun challenge! Great job @CrowCAH!! 5y
CrowCAH @Cinfhen thank you, that's super sweet of you to say! ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @GypsyKat there were quite a few challenges this month. It was different enough keeping on top of my own lol Glad you enjoyed it! ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @Andrew65 thank you! It was a challenge to make the collection work with the prompts, but I managed them in the end! Glad you had an enjoyable time, with the prompts! Totally understand about life, it does that sometimes! Lol ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @Bklover I agree, everyone interprets the prompts differently, neat to see how they take it! ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J you're welcome; I really enjoyed myself, especially getting to share all my POTC items, most of the time, I'm the only one to see them! Super sweet, a sailing buddy! Thanks, again, for your dedication ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @Blueberry ha love your pun, though, it is an every day expression "came aboard late", so fitting! Yes, please go see it! I loved it and hope there are more to follow ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @mabell thanks! I had a lot of fun too! Now, I can retire lol ☠️ 5y
Lmstraubie Thank you! This was fun! 5y
CrowCAH @Lmstraubie you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed some high seas adventure! ☠️ 5y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J @PirateJenny @hes7 @DGRachel send me your address for a POTC thank you: to cynthiaannehurt@gmail.com 5y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J I haven't heard from you regarding your address for a POTC thank you: please email it to cynthiaannehurt@gmail.com 5y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J If you're worried about shipping to Canada, then I'll just mail you the book/pirate short story I'm writing; I have international stamps. Please, send your address to cynthiaannehurt@gmail.com 5y
CrowCAH @hes7 just making sure you received my POTC thank you; I haven't seen a post about it. Thanks! 5y
Melissa_J @CrowCAH sorry! I forgot to get back to you. I've just sent you an email. 5y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J thank; I received the email! 😁 5y
hes7 Yes! Sorry! I meant to post... and then I didn't. But thank you! 😍 5y
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Lost Horizon: A Novel | James Hilton
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CrowCAH Neat cover art; like the colors! 5y
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Although this is a aging, since it's a story from the mid-1990s, The Lightbringer Trilogy is still one of the best fantasy series l've read. It's a classic epic story of light against shadow, with plenty of Tolkien references but also very original elements mixed in (the religion sistem being one of them)
The tagged book, first in the series, takes place in just one night
#WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

CrowCAH Wow, sounds like quite the epic adventure! 5y
JazzFeathers @CrowCAH lt definitely is 😆 5y
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