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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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I‘ve focused on the red for this one, and the Red Rising Series by Pierce Brown. This is the first book of the Red Rising Series. Is that the right wing? 😂. Can‘t think of Red Rising without #No1FanGirl coming to mind. @DGRachel
#RedRightHand #MayMovieMagic

DGRachel 🥰🥰😘 6mo
Cinfhen And I always think of @Dragon when it comes to this series!!!! 🐲 6mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Isn‘t it interesting how we connect books with series! 6mo
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen I really enjoyed that series! 👍😀🐉 6mo
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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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#RedBooks #SeasonsReadings
Red Books? How about the Red Rising Books by Pierce Brown

DGRachel PERFECT! 😘 11mo
Andrew65 @DGRachel Thought you‘d appreciate it! 😂 11mo
Ruthiella Clever! 🤩 11mo
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Andrew65 @Ruthiella Thanks, I like to think outside the box!😊 (edited) 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Good job!! 😉😉 11mo
forestofwords I really enjoyed reading Red Rising! Still need to read Iron Gold though. 11mo
Andrew65 @forestofwords I still haven‘t got past Red Rising, which I did enjoy. 11mo
forestofwords @Andrew65 So I‘m not the only one! I started Iron Gold once but couldn‘t really get into it. I want to try again some time later. 11mo
Andrew65 @forestofwords No not alone, not managed to get hold of book 2 yet. The library has book 1 and 3! Go figure! 😔 11mo
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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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#Red #ReadingResolutions
Pierce Brown‘s rapidly expanding Red Rising Series. Only read the first one and really need to get cracking on the others.

tonyahoswalt Same here. I have the second one checked out, but haven't started it yet. 1y
Andrew65 @tonyahoswalt My library has the first and third one but not the second one! 😡 So I need to get hold of a copy. 1y
DGRachel @andrew65 I just don‘t understand how your library can have the first and third but not the second. That‘s awful. 1y
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tonyahoswalt @DGRachel @Andrew65 I'm going to give them a break and say maybe the second one was damaged or lost and they haven't realized it to replace it yet. They need to get on that! Lol 1y
Andrew65 @DGRachel Me either, and been like that for over a year! @tonyahoswalt This is what makes me think it is more than a damaged book. Their buying policy seems strange as numerous seres where whole swathes of a series may be missing but for example they have book 1 and 10! (edited) 1y
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 Oh, that is weird. I can see that for older series, but not something like this. 1y
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What are people‘s recommendations for their favourite audiobooks?

Andrew65 @Literary_Siren Thanks, 👍 1y
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Andrew65 @Literary_Siren Been meaning to read this one a while! 1y
Literary_Siren It‘s so good! 1y
Andrew65 @DGRachel I need to get to book 2 in the Red Rising Series. Would #No1FanGirl recommend audiobook or physical/ebook? 1y
Andrew65 @CSeydel This one seems very interesting! 1y
DGRachel #No1FanGirl thinks print is best for the first read, but audiobook is excellent. 😊 How did you read RR? If you did the audiobook and enjoyed it, then stick with it. Tim Gerard Reynolds does do an excellent job, but I find my mind sometimes wanders with audiobooks, so I tend to use them for rereads only, or for books I‘m struggling with in print. 1y
DGRachel I also second @AmyG Born a Crime was phenomenal on audiobook. 1y
Andrew65 @DGRachel I did it as an audiobook but giving the way you rave about it, think I missed some of the feel. 1y
CSeydel I don‘t listen to a lot of audio books, but this one works because of all the different characters. It‘s a very strange concept for a book, and honestly I have found it helpful to have the print copy on hand to cross-reference certain parts that didn‘t gel in the audio. And my husband is using the print copy to skim the sections that consist of a series of quotes from historical references, because it‘s tedious listening to all the attributions. 1y
CSeydel But overall I‘m finding it quite entertaining on audio. 1y
Andrew65 @CSeydel I quite often like a copy of the book to use alongside the audiobook. I‘m doing a lot of travelling in the Summer so like to use audiobooks for these journeys. Thanks for the extra information. 👍 (edited) 1y
DGRachel GS is a better book all around than RR, IMO. It doesn‘t have the same Hunger Games knock-off feel. I can tell you that @dsfisher detested the RR audiobook and almost refused to pick up the print book because she tried audiobook first. She ended up enjoying RR in print. I say, if you liked TGR as a narrator for RR, and this is the only way you‘ll get around to GS soon, then do audio. If you have time to read in print, then take the time. 1y
Andrew65 @DGRachel Thanks will check out availability of both and make a decision. 1y
Rayleigh_LitAp I loved the most recent one I listened to, The Liberty Box by C.A. Gray. It's a Dystopian book about a brainwashed civilization and how select individuals claim their freedom and attempt to rescue others. It's on Audible, not sure which platform you're using. 1y
Andrew65 @Rayleigh_LitAp I use Audible, Kobo and libraries. Thanks I will check it out. 1y
AmandaL I also enjoyed the audiobook I just finished 1y
MellieAntoinette It‘s incredible. I was in love from the first line! 1y
manifestsanity An amazing experience. Unbelievable narrator. 1y
Lmstraubie Before the Fall, The Jackaby series (mysteries, but funny too) & The Lady Hardcastle Mysteries 1y
toofondofbooks The Chaos Walking trilogy is really good on audio. Also anything by Neil Gaiman bc he does his own narration. 1y
Crewgurl The Finishing School series! 1y
Andrew65 @Lmstraubie Funnily enough thought of you and downloaded the first audiobook in the Lacy Hardcastle mysteries last night and started listening to it today. 👍 1y
Andrew65 @toofondofbooks Do need to listen to more by Neil Gaiman, and listened to the Chaos Walking Trilogy earlier this agree. Agree with your recommendation, they were great audiobooks. 😊 1y
Andrew65 Thanks for the recommendations @AmandaL @MellieAntoinete @manifestsanity @Crewgurl Will check them out. 1y
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Red Rising and Philosophy | Courtland Lewis, Kevin McCain
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Not that I‘m obsessed with the RRTrilogy or anything...

#Bailey is annoyed with me because I wouldn‘t stand out in the heat for hours on end and made her come back inside. 🙄 #dogsoflitsy #pitbullsoflitsy

Andrew65 You obsessed over RR books, no never! 😂 #No1FanGirl 1y
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