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National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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#NatBookFest recap: fantastic panels; signed (originally didn‘t get Goliath as I tried to have some restraint, but after hearing his & Leslye‘s panel had to get it too); added ~2 dozen TBR books; got tons of bookmarks; met neat people, one of whom told me about the b2weird IG book club focused on SFF authors of color + she gave me her extra ARC of Janelle Monáe‘s book.

Bonus! I got to have dinner with @Chrissyreadit & @Susanita ❤️ #littenmeetup

Leftcoastzen That sounds wonderful! 3mo
TrishB A great day 👍🏻 3mo
marleed Wonderful! 3mo
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The Honeys | Ryan La Sala
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At #NatBookFest! Sat in on a panel with Tiffany D. Jackson and Ryan La Sala. I haven‘t read any of their works. It was a panel on the horror genre in YA. It was very interesting and they were both very funny! I may be checking out their books!

Chrissyreadit I wanted to sit in on so many panels! All the ones I‘ve done have been good. But now I want to buy all the books! 3mo
MyNamesParadise @Chrissyreadit I know! I do too!! lol. It was a great day! 3mo
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At #NatBookFest and just got out of this great panel with authors Jennifer Close and Eleanor Brown. I may have to check their books out now!

MyNamesParadise @Leftcoastzen oh great! I‘ll have to give it a try! 3mo
BookNAround I have both their new books. I have really enjoyed Eleanor Brown‘s novels in the past and hope this one is good too. 3mo
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Counterfeit | Kirstin Chen
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I‘m at #NatBookFest at the DC Convention Center and was at this panel earlier with Counterfeit author Kirsten Chen, Katie Gutierrez, and author of The Lifeguards, which I want to check out now, Amanda Eyre Ward.

National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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I‘ll need to be at least 3 people to get to all the sessions & signings I want to attend! 😆😆😆
These are all the #NatBookFest books I plan to read. I hope to purchase at least a couple of these at the festival & get them signed. The question remains: which ones?!?

We‘re also planning a Litsy meet-up on Sep 3. Sign-up so we can coordinate a time & location to meet:

ozma.of.oz I really enjoyed Ballad of Perilous Graves! 👍🏻 4mo
wanderinglynn @ozma.of.oz good to know! It‘s high on my list. 👍🏻 4mo
Leftcoastzen The downside of Festivals , hard choices , can‘t be in two places at once.😄Though good to have back ups , I‘ve been to festivals where a session is full , so go to the other one. 4mo
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Soubhiville Immense World was amazing. I wouldn‘t miss that one. 4mo
wanderinglynn @Leftcoastzen yes! I tried to reduce my schedule & ended up adding 4 more sessions/signings 😆 4mo
wanderinglynn @Soubhiville thanks! That‘s good to know. It is high on my list. 👍🏻 4mo
Soubhiville It‘s always tough to decide! I‘ve had a few times that 2-3 panels I‘m interested overlapped. I‘m sure you‘ll have a great time no matter what you choose! 4mo
5feet.of.fury Oh neat! I never heard of this! So many amazing authors! 4mo
wanderinglynn @5feet.of.fury The National Book Festival is wonderful! And it‘s in person this year – https://www.loc.gov/events/2022-national-book-festival/ 4mo
5feet.of.fury This wasn‘t my favorite Offerman, but I would LOVE to meet him! 4mo
Bookzombie I haven‘t got to Berwald‘s books yet, but she was at our book festival this year and I really enjoyed her talk. 3mo
wanderinglynn @Bookzombie good to know! 👍🏻 Thanks! 3mo
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National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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The National Book Festival is in person this year. @wanderinglynn is coordinating a Litsy meet up for anyone interested. Sign up here if you want to meet up around the event :

tpixie @wanderinglynn that‘s great! I had so much fun at the 2018 national book festival going with @Bookworm83 & meeting @Chrissyreadit & Jen of @UnabridgedPod #NatBookFest #NatBookFest2022 (edited) 4mo
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National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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@wanderinglynn is coordinating a meetup if anyone is interested! This is how. I met the fabulous @tpixie and loved getting to know Littens at the fest. I plan to be there, vaxed, double boosted and masked. Anyone else interested in meeting up?


tpixie Lol i just tagged you @Chrissyreadit I can‘t go this year, but hoping to next year!! Have a blast. I would so love to see you in person again!! 4mo
Chrissyreadit @tpixie I would love to meet up there in person again too!! Fingers crossed for next year. 4mo
tpixie @Chrissyreadit yes! And I‘ll be watching here for posts!! #NatBookFest #NatBookFest2022 (edited) 4mo
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National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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The Library of Congress National Book Festival will be in person this year!

September 3 at the Washington Convention Center. https://www.loc.gov/events/2022-national-book-festival/

I plan on hosting a Litsy meetup. If you plan on attending the Festival & want to meetup, let me know by signing up here (so we can coordinate):

#litsymeetup #nationalbookfestival #litsyevents

Graciouswarriorprincess I was planning on attending but with all the Covid outbreaks, I decided not to attend. Stay safe!! 4mo
Susanita I signed up to volunteer. When I know my assignment, I‘ll have a better idea of my availability. 4mo
wanderinglynn @Graciouswarriorprincess I don‘t blame you. 4mo
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wanderinglynn @Susanita how fun! I hope you get to meet some cool authors. 4mo
tpixie @wanderinglynn @Susanita have fun!!! I‘ll be living vicariously through you! #NatBookFest #NatBookFest2022 4mo
PageShifter This is so awesome idea. I wish you all have fun 🥳 4mo
wanderinglynn @PageShifter 😀 thanks! 4mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @wanderinglynn I am so sad though. Being triple vaccinated but with a son the same but with a compromised immune system, I just am afraid of bringing something home to him. 😭😭😭 4mo
wanderinglynn @Graciouswarriorprincess I understand. I still wear a mask and I see other people wearing masks, but the majority of people in DC aren‘t. Better to stay safe. 💚 4mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @wanderinglynn That‘s what I thought as I had several friends go to conventions there recently and get sick. I am still coming home though to visit friends. Have fun! 4mo
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What a great day! Anticipating the Zoom event of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Book Club with Patti Callahan, Douglas Gresham, David C Downing, & more of the National Book Festival!
#NatBookFest2021 #LibraryOfCongress

LeahBergen Oh, fun! 1y
Zoes_Human I think this might be my favorite of the whole series. 1y
tpixie @Zoes_Human it is a really good adventure read! 1y
tpixie @LeahBergen yes! I‘m enjoying revisiting Narnia! 1y
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National Book Festival | Library of Congress, Laura Welch Bush
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Hey all,

This is a reminder that the #NatBookFest officially Starts tomorrow (friday).

On the Agenda:

4 - Kelli Jo Ford and Toni Jensen
5- Eric Eyre and Patrick Radden Keefe
6 - Sarah Frier and Anna Wiener
7 - LaVar Burton

All times are ET (so please convert). All events are FREE. They will be streaming in various places like Youtube, LOC webpage, etc.


Any ?s, just Ask!

LibrarianRyan There are things I missed. I needed to update my list:

11 - Michael J. Fox
11:25 Joy Harjo
2 - Jason Reynolds
3 - Ambreen Tariq
wanderinglynn Thanks for the reminder! 1y
SamAnne Thanks for the reminder! 1y
tpixie Michael J Fox was great! 1y
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