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Beauty Queens | Libba Bray
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I wasn't sure I would like this one and ended up loving it. Full of laugh out loud humor, BQ is all feministy, love yourself, be your true self, break the mold, love one another, and don't be sorry for your opinions. If I had a teenager to give this to, I would. Bray narrates the audio herself and I was entirely impressed by her ability to do so many voices. I sped up the audio a little bit and it was even better. #lrc10

Bookzombie Also, after listening to the author's interview at the end, I totally want to be friend with Libba Bray. 🤓 3y
LibrarianRyan I have met her twice. She is very fun and vivacious. 3y
Bookzombie @LibrarianRyan That's cool! 🙂 3y
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lean_rosey The audio says it's 14.5 hours but I'm guessing that includes the interview. Do you remember how long the interview was? 3y
Bookzombie @lean_rosey I was able to check. The author's acknowledgments and interview are the last 25 mins of the audiobook. 3y
lean_rosey 👍thank you! I always like to be aware of that going in and not all tables of content on audiobooks are helpful. 3y
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The Stars Are Legion | Kameron Hurley
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A headache and intolerably hot weather led to me binge-listening to this today. I really liked this book. The dual narrators, both unreliable, worked for me. It is weird--a good weird. There is also some body horror, but I'm pretty sensitive and I wasn't overwhelmed.

#LitsyReadingChallenge #LRC10 #MultiplePerspectives

DGRachel I hope you are feeling better! (edited) 3y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk I've seen this book described as "wombpunk". 3y
awishman @DGRachel My head still hurts today! 😣 Thanks for the well wishes. 3y
awishman @TobeyTheScavengerMonk That is an interesting term. It does apply, but it doesn't really do the book justice! 3y
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Voyager | Diana Gabaldon
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An update of my #litsyreadingchallenge. Since my last update I've added:
#LRC10 #multiplePOVs - First Comes Love
#LRC8 #over400pages - Voyager
#LRC21 #TBRnomore - The Handmaid's Tale
#LRC19 #LGBTQlove - Aristotle & Dante
#LRC22 #recommendedby - Outlander
#LRC23 #over150yearsago - Dragonfly in Amber

Was able to fit my new Outlander obsession into the challenge. Yay!!! And thank goodness for audiobooks!

SilversReviews Love your photo. Good job. 2y
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Elegance of the Hedgehog | Muriel Barbery
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Oh heavens, this book ruined me. In a good way. I laughed, I cried, I laughed harder, I cried WAY harder (on the train during my commute home, awesome timing). A really well written, dense, substantial read. #litsyatoz #litsyreadingchallenge #lrc10

AtwoodLover Love this book so much! There is a lovely movie called The Hedgehog - in French with subtitles 3y
jen_hayes7 @AtwoodLover That's fabulous!! I had no idea. Thank you so much for mentioning it!! 3y
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Alias Grace: A Novel | Margaret Atwood
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If you want a modern tale, do not read this book. If you want thrilling tale based on a 1850's murder scandal in Toronto that is infused with characters dealing with the trials and tribulations of that time, I recommend reading this book. I am glad I am a woman of this current era. #lrc10 #multipleperspectives

AiBBot And I want some new quilts. 3y
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Human Acts | Han Kang
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5/5 ⭐ I just finished this and decided to use it for my #LRC24 (freezer-worthy horror), for obvious reasons.
Set during the Gwangju uprising of 1980, this novel depicts the atrocities that went down with such gut-punching accurateness, conveying all sorts of emotions. Trigger warning: it is very explicit and, therefore, a tough read; but I highly recommend it. The writing is stunning, perfect. This book also works for #LRC10 and #LRC13! @jessica

ephemeralwaltz This was my first experience with Korean literature 👍👍👍 3y
Lacythebookworm I hadn't thought of using this for freezer worthy horror! Great idea 🙌 3y
ephemeralwaltz @Lacythebookworm 🙌 any text dealing with historical atrocities really 3y
Kristy_K Great picture! 3y
ephemeralwaltz @Kristy_K thank you!!😍 3y
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I like Danieliewski's weird style. His books are more than just reading, they're an experience. That maybe sounds super nerdy but oh well.
I like the multiple perspectives and I feel like, about 3/4 through, the purpose of certain characters finally clicked in my brain.
Xanther is my favorite. How could she not be? And I really despise Luther.
That ending is killing me. I need to read volume two, but I need a break for a little while first.

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Wonder | R. J. Palacio
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Love, love, love this book! It made me cry, but in a good way. I really enjoyed seeing the story from several different perspectives. I think it really added to the depth of the story. Using this one for #LitsyReadingChallenge #LRC10 #multiplePOVs and #LitsyAtoZ #LetterW also #recommendsday

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Her Every Fear: A Novel | Peter Swanson
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Definitely page-turning, creepy and tense, but nowhere near as much fun as 'The Kind worth Killing'. Maybe I had too high expectations, but this one was much less Hitchcock, more 80's B movie. By about halfway through, I knew exactly how the story would play out. I don't need a dramatic 'rug-pull' in every thriller I read, but I do like some surprises, or what's the point? And the last few pages, made me so mad. UGH! #LRC10 #LitsyReadingChallenge

Cinfhen I hear you, and agree...disappointing ☹️ 3y
KarenUK @Cinfhen you were so right! 3y
Reviewsbylola Damn!! 3y
KarenUK @Reviewsbylola I know! So disappointing when you buy a book on release day because you have such high hopes.... and it just doesn't live up! 3y
Reviewsbylola I just ordered a copy the other day. 😬 3y
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Siracusa | Delia Ephron
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Full review https://bookandstitch.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/siracusa-by-delia-ephron/
It felt like it was always straining toward something better but never quite got there. The characters were generic, the foreshadowing heavy-handed, the big event predictable. There were snappy, highlight-worthy lines and good potential, but overall I was left unsatisfied. Between so-so & pan. #litsyreadingchallenge #lrc10 #multipleperspectives #litsyatoz #lettere

Reviewsbylola No. 😭😭😭 I loved this one, but I can understand why it's not for everyone. 3y
Caterina @Reviewsbylola I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Honestly while I was reading it I didn't dislike it so much, although I was disappointed that I figured out the big ending by the 50% mark. It was mostly after I had finished it and was thinking about reviewing it that I really started laying into it. 3y
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