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The LEGO Ideas Book | Daniel Lipkowitz
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Impressive Lego library!

wanderinglynn Super cute! 1mo
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The Stars Beneath Our Feet | David Barclay Moore
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Dear Lolly,
I wish I could hug you and tell you everything will be alright. Death is not easy for adults to experience and as a young scholar I‘m sure it‘s even harder to process. Am I the only one who talks to fictional characters?

Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Hogwarts suitcase done. Thank you @CymbaX13 what's everyone think? @Enchanted_Bibliophile @Cupcake12 #lego #hogwarts #harrypotter

Texreader Yay!!! What fun! 5mo
DivineDiana Impressive! 😲 5mo
CymbaX13 @hannah-leeloo ur very welcome looks gd 5mo
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RaeLovesToRead I love it!!! 5mo
Cupcake12 These look so good! 5mo
Enchanted_Bibliophile 🤩 I need to have it! It looks awesome. 5mo
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Added to my Happy Potter Lego with the Divination Class book and Dark Arts class book on bottom shelf. Collection coming along nicely. @Enchanted_Bibliophile How's your collection coming along? @Cupcake12 #lego #harrypotter #hogwarts #magicalbeasts #magic #collection #popheads #lessons

Enchanted_Bibliophile That looks awesome! Jealous ... I'm also looking for those 2 editions. Currently we're working hard on floor renovation in our lego room, then it's painting and new shelfs. So building have been postponed for the time being. Will send photos as soons as everything isn't covered in dust anymore. 😜 6mo
hannah-leeloo Ooooh I can't wait to see @Enchanted_Bibliophile 😍 it's going to look awesome. Hoping you find the 2 editions too soon. My next build is going to be the new Jurassic Park set 6mo
DinoMom We have one of the book set finished and a few more not started yet. My son just finished a bunch of the other LEGO potter sets. We have to get shelves up so we can display them. Your collect is awesome 6mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @DinoMom you'll have to share the display when done 😊 6mo
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LEGO: A Love Story | Jonathan Bender
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Many thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes in the mail, on Litsy, & on IG! 🥰😘💜💜💜 🥰😘
Despite the new covid restrictions that went into effect right before my birthday, I‘m still having a wonderful birthday month. And I finally bought the Lego bookstore as my birthday gift (thanks to Target sending me a birthday coupon 😉). It arrived Friday and I can‘t wait to put it together. 📚🏫 🎉

Texreader That‘s brilliant!!! Yay!! 8mo
PurpleyPumpkin There‘s a Lego bookstore??? I had no idea. 😳 Happy birthday!🥳 8mo
Chrissyreadit Perfect! 8mo
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wanderinglynn @PurpleyPumpkin yes there is! I found it at Target. And thank you! 🥰 8mo
wanderinglynn @Chrissyreadit I was long overdue to buy it 😉😆 8mo
iread2much Nice! We have been working on some new Lego sets, but we haven‘t bought the bookstore yet. Can‘t wait to see. More photos 8mo
Branwen That looks so exciting! I hope you have a blast putting it together, my friend! 💕 8mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Since I missed the actual day, Happy Birthday month! 🎂 8mo
wanderinglynn @iread2much are you on Instagram? I post all my Lego & puzzles there. I can also post this here when I‘m finished. 👍🏻 8mo
wanderinglynn @Branwen thanks! 🥰 8mo
Zuhkeeyah Happy birthday! 🎉 I‘m looking up the Lego bookstore now. 8mo
Blueberry Lego Bookstore!!!❤️. I love birthday months! Have a great one. 8mo
wanderinglynn @Zuhkeeyah thank you! 🥰 8mo
wanderinglynn @Blueberry thank you! 🥰 8mo
erzascarletbookgasm Happy birthday month! 🥳 8mo
iread2much @wanderinglynn I am! Same name as here. 8mo
wanderinglynn @iread2much I just followed you. 👍🏻😀 I am also the same name. 8mo
iread2much @wanderinglynn 👍🏽🐕 8mo
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Hedwig the Owl: Harry Potter Journal | Inc. Scholastic, Scholastic Books
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WE ARE DONE! I completed Hedwig whilst watching the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and have now put it all together. I want to thank @CymbaX13 for helping me get this amazing display. I promised @Cupcake12 and @Enchanted_Bibliophile a final pic. What you think? @Jackal121 #hogwarts #harrypotter #lego #popheads #magic #owls #hogwartshouses #hufflepuff

CymbaX13 @hannah-leeloo ur very welcome sis looks gr8 9mo
Cupcake12 Wow 🤩 I love this x 9mo
tracey38 Love it! 9mo
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Gissy 😱so pretty!😍👌 9mo
Enchanted_Bibliophile 🤩 LOVE IT! 😍 It looks awesome! I'm still debating what colour my scarf should be 😂 because I want them all! 9mo
hannah-leeloo Maybe you could do a colour for each strand on the tassles? @Enchanted_Bibliophile 9mo
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Weekend plans. Harry Potter Fawkes lego so I go and watch Jurassic Park 😅 2 of my favourites haha. But why not lol. @CymbaX13 @TheWolfbehindTheEyes @Jackal121 I'm holding onto that luck you wished me for the wings @Enchanted_Bibliophile I'll need it #lego #harrypotter #phoenix #jurassicpark

Enchanted_Bibliophile That sounds like the best day! Enjoy the build... 9mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @Enchanted_Bibliophile happy new year sweet 🤗 9mo
CymbaX13 @hannah-leeloo gd luck sis 9mo
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Jurassic Park | Michael Crichton
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Someone is being daring today. Yes I am having a heart attack right now. @Enchanted_Bibliophile I'm sure you understand. Bilbo yes you are a raptor and yes they jumped on the T-Rex in Jurassic Park but this is NOT acceptable 🦉😱😬🦖 @CymbaX13 @Jackal121 #dinosaurs #jurassicpark #raptor #owlsoflitsy #lego

jenniferw88 😂😂😂 10mo
thegreensofa He is so cute! 😍🦉 10mo
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RaeLovesToRead Too adorable!! 🥰 10mo
Yuki_Onna 🤣😆😁😂🤗 10mo
JessClark78 ❤️ 10mo
Chrissyreadit This is so funny! 🤣 10mo
Cupcake12 So cute Bilbo 10mo
JenReadsAlot Love this picture!! 10mo
rabbitprincess Even the Lego dinosaur looks surprised by what has just happened 😂😂 10mo
wanderinglynn The look on her face, like what? I‘m just sitting here. 😆 10mo
Gissy I think she is innocent, look that face😜 10mo
hannah-leeloo You've fallen for her charm lol @wanderinglynn @Gissy it's a trick 😂 10mo
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Onto the half blood Prince, always struggle with the ending of the order of the phoenix *sigh* but we must continue the journey. Happy reading everyone 📖❤📚 #harrypotter #hogwarts #lego #owls #popfigures #hufflepuff #series #bookseries #magic #love #friendship

RaeLovesToRead You have all the common rooms 🥰 I'm so jealous!!!! 12mo
RaeLovesToRead It feels like an "add-to-basket" sort of afternoon... 12mo
Moonprismpower Oooh my bf just saw these HP lego sets! I love the book shape! 12mo
hannah-leeloo They're well worth it @RaeLovesToRead and @Moonprismpower I'm waiting on my lego hedwig and potions lego set then I'm building that and the Fawkes to add to the display. Me, @CymbaX13 and @Enchanted_Bibliophile are going to share our displays when we've finished them 😍 great fun 12mo
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LEGO: A Love Story | Jonathan Bender
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Those that wanted to see my Lego Haunted House. I‘m not great at photographs. But for slightly larger versions, I posted these on IG too—https://bit.ly/3umWYJS.

It came with 18+ bags and took multiple days (probably close to a week—I didn‘t time it). But super fun build.

AmyG That‘s awesome. Truly. 12mo
Aims42 So cool!!! I love it!! 😍 Great job! 12mo
Gissy They are beautiful😍🖤🖤🖤 12mo
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BookwormAHN Fantastic 👻 12mo
Enchanted_Bibliophile O, wow! It's AWESOME! I love the details they put into it. 🤩 12mo
wanderinglynn @CaroPi here it is! 12mo
RaeLovesToRead ❤❤❤❤❤ 12mo
TheSpineView 🧡🖤🧡 12mo
CaroPi This is amazing!!!! I now know I need this Lego in my life 12mo
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