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@Shawna posted about Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman for #dreamingofawarmerclimate , which prompted me to reread this old favorite by Wallace Stevens! ❤️ #litsypoetry365.

Mariposa_Bookworm I love this poem. ❤ 6y
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A Thousand Splendid Suns | Khaled Hosseini
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#readjanuary I don't really dream of a warmer or colder climate. I don't like either extreme and we can get both way too hot and way too cold where I live. Today we're getting snow squalls and the windchill is -20°C it's too chilly to take my daughter out to play But it's perfect for cuddling and reading. I think the climate in Kabul in this book (between 30°C&-12°C) would be perfect for me. Not too hot not too cold. #dreamingofawarmerclimate

Jenshootsweddings I had to go out in it today ☹️ right when it was at it's worst, I had to drive from the bottom of the city to the top. It stopped when I got home, of course 6y
Suzze This is my favorite of his books! Enjoy. 6y
brilliantglow @Jenshootsweddings 👎👎👎👎 I'm glad it's stopped now and that you're home. My husband had to go out to work in it today too and I was supposed to take our daughter to a bday party on the south side of town (I live NE) but it was just too gross this morning 6y
brilliantglow @Suzze Thanks! I look forward to it❤❤ 6y
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I'm #DreamingOfAWarmerClimate, where I can lay in a hammock reading. #ReadJanuary

Picture from my vacation to Hilton Head two years ago when I did just that a lot, reading The Only Woman in the Room.

RealLifeReading Lovely! 6y
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Belated Day 6: #dreamingofawarmerclimate. I may or may not already be counting down the days til summer... 😶 #teachersoflitsy #readjanuary @RealLifeReading

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Tales of Land and Sea | Joseph Conrad
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#dreamingofawarmerclimate It's 14 degrees in Michigan, so definitely thinking of summer weather! #readjanuary

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Missed yesterday's #readjanuary because I wanted to post #dreamingofawarmerclimate but all of the covers made me even colder. Living in one of the few states where 9 inches of snow and -30 degree temps don't equal a snow day, so I got real with my selection. #brrr #winterreading ❄❄❄

Serotonin Which state do you live in? 6y
brilliantglow Lol I live in Canada and it is snow squalls and -20 here today. But it makes for a good cozy day for reading. I can really relate to this post haha 6y
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Beautiful Ruins | Jess Walter
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4.5🌟 What a great story! So many storylines, but they all make sense. Deftly woven. The contrast of 1960s Hollywood and today's is sharp and handled well. Plus I love mixing different points in time. The narrator is awesome! He definitely adds to the experience. Highly recommend!

Missed #dreamingofawarmerclimate yesterday, but this counts!

LadyBrik I loved this one! 6y
BookishMarginalia I loved this one too @LadyBrik 6y
MrsMalaprop We did it for book club a couple of years ago. Great read. 6y
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emily_jkn I loved this one. It had such a great sense of time and place. I wanted to drink wine on a rocky beach in Greece so badly by the end! 6y
CoffeeAndABook I absolutely remember reading & enjoying this! One of my best reads in 2016! And the ending was unexpectedly pleasing 😌 6y
Megabooks @LadyBrik @BookishMarginalia @SMW @emily_jkn @CoffeeAndABook Yes! It was so enjoyable. This is my second by Walter, and I'll definitely be reading more. 6y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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This is why I'm never #dreamingofawarmerclimate or a colder one! I get just enough of each right here in Virginia! Right now, we're getting a nice snowy morning. Perfect for reading in bed with the baby dinosaur. #ReadJanuary @RealLifeReading

RealLifeReading Brrr. Stay warm! 6y
jmtrivera @RealLifeReading No worries, I made today am inside day! 6y
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Destiny's Embrace | Beverly Jenkins
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Two in one: #DressesOnCovers and #DreamingOfAWarmerClimate. This is next up on the Kindle for me, I think it's set in California and if they're in this state of undress outdoors then it must be warm out! 😉 This is also my first romance that doesn't star a white couple which I'm excited about.

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You won't find me #DreamingofaWarmerClimate! I hate heat, humidity, bugs - ugh! Usually, I'm #DreamingofaColderClimate: Antarctica. I do own this book, but I still can't get to my shelves to snap a pic. Instead, here's a weather screenshot: Today, it was actually the same temperature here as it was in Antarctica, although it's winter here & summer there, of course! #ReadJanuary

Texreader Oh that's crazy!!!! Cool to show us the comparison! Thanks! 6y
ReadingOver50 Awesome. Winter is my favorite too 😍 6y
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