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Saul Adler, the main character in this book, is not a very likeable character, but the way Levy places him in the middle of the turbulent second half of Europe‘s 20th century is brilliant.

I can‘t say much without spoiling things, but be prepared that even the smallest details recur, reform, and return with new significance and meaning in Saul‘s struggle to bring order to his life and story.

(Pic: Dutch skies)

JamieArc I read about all the symbolism Levy places in this after I read it, and I missed so much! Would have been helpful to know more Beetles references too. I think I need to reread it at some point. 1mo
BarbaraBB @JamieArc I read an article afterwards too and you‘re right, there so much that I missed! Such a clever use of language! 1mo
Kalalalatja Stunning picture 👌 1mo
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja Thank you 😀 1mo
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Peter Pan | Walt Disney
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I just got back from a short trip to California to visit my family. I had a great time. But I‘m back now with my girls and my books 🤓
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TheBookHippie Love that sleeve and bookmark 2mo
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#20BooksBy2020 📚📚📚📚📚 I saw this hashtag the other day and thought it was a great way to whittle down my physical #TBR before January 1.
I have 14 weeks to make it happen😊
Just hoping I stick to these 20!
5 are ARC‘s, 2 are for IRL bookclub and the rest are calling to me😉

Mdargusch The Break 🤦🏼‍♀️ 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm Good luck! 👍💪❤️ 3mo
TrishB Cool 👍🏻 I‘m hoping to get to 3 of these, maybe soon! 3mo
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LeahBergen I can‘t plan more than two ahead. 😆 3mo
MicheleinPhilly You and Ducks! 😂 *insert gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn* This is gonna be good. 3mo
Kalalalatja I‘m interested in a lot of these! Can‘t wait to see what you think 🙌 (edited) 3mo
megnews So glad you joined in! I‘m such a mood reader I‘ve only finished 5 but I‘m still trying to get my 20 done! 3mo
Cinfhen Thanks @megnews we‘ll see how it actually goes but I‘m happy to at least have a goal in my mind! I‘ll keep you posted @Kalalalatja @LeahBergen @rather_be_reading @erzascarletbookgasm 3mo
Cinfhen @Mdargusch did you not like 3mo
Cinfhen Which 3 @TrishB ??? Maybe we can buddy them!!??!? 3mo
Cinfhen What‘s the over/under page number before I bail on Ducks 🦆 @MicheleinPhilly ???? 3mo
CarolynM Great idea, but I'd never stick to the list I made😂 3mo
Cinfhen Well, my first few will hopefully be the ARC‘s @CarolynM 🤞🏽🤞🏽 3mo
TrishB I will read Testaments soon (not brought yet!), Celestial Bodies and On Earth We‘re Briefly Gorgeous I have ready 😁 let me know when you‘re reading them and I‘ll join in! 3mo
Cinfhen You wanna start On Earth this weekend??? @TrishB 3mo
TrishB Sounds like a plan 👍🏻 probably be Sunday as it‘s moving day Saturday and I don‘t want to carry that lovely book around with me and get it damaged! 3mo
Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Best of luck on Saturday 💜💜💜 @TrishB 3mo
BarbaraBB Lots of interesting ones. And lots of #booker ?! 😉😘 3mo
BarbaraBB No... its length and the fact that it is a one sentence book scares me too much! 3mo
Cinfhen You want to buddy read it together @BarbaraBB ??? 3mo
BarbaraBB I just can‘t read 900 pages of a stream of consciousness. I‘ll wait until I no longer can avoid it, for example if it wins the Booker and makes it to the ToB (just like Milkman, which I ended up loving). Also I‘m waiting for a cheaper edition. 😘 3mo
Cinfhen Totally hear you @BarbaraBB we‘ll see when I feel the desire to pick it up 🙄🦆 3mo
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The Testaments: A Novel | Margaret Atwood
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The 2019 #booker shortlist was announced today. Sadly, the two I was rooting for, Lost Children Archive and Frankisstein, did not make the cut. #booker2019

Have you read any of these finalists?

📷: CNN.com

Ruthiella I‘m using people I follow on goodreads be my guide as to what I should ultimately try first. I am interested in reading the Shafik however . I‘ve never read anything from her but have been curious for a while. 3mo
BarbaraBB I have read none of these and I am so disappointed that Lost Children Archive didn‘t make the shortlist. 3mo
Redwritinghood I‘ve read 7 of the 13 on the longlist. These are the 6 I didn‘t get to yet. I‘m also sad about LCA not making the shortlist. 3mo
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mklong I've read the Shafak and Evaristo, and am currently reading both Ellman and Rushdie. I have liked all of them, Shafak probably being the weakest of the bunch for me, but was really disappointed that Lost Children Archive and Lanny both missed out! I'm excited to read The Testaments next week though. 3mo
Severnmeadows Loved Girl, Woman, Other! 3mo
thebluestocking @Ruthiella That‘s my approach too. I may not read any of the shortlist for a while. 💙 3mo
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB I‘m right in the middle of LCA right now and am really loving it. Adoring it really. We‘ll see tomorrow whether it wins #camptob. 3mo
thebluestocking @Redwritinghood Oh man! That‘s rotten luck. What is your favorite from the ones you‘ve read? 3mo
thebluestocking @mklong Wow! That‘s amazing progress. I‘ve heard really good things about Lanny too. 3mo
thebluestocking @Severnmeadows Good to know! I haven‘t heard a lot about that one. 3mo
Redwritinghood @thebluestocking Probably Night Boat. I also thought Lost Children and the Levy book were excellent. 3mo
thebluestocking @Redwritinghood Thank you! I‘ll keep an eye out for those. 💙 3mo
BarbaraBB I so hope it will! 3mo
andrew61 I've only read girl woman other and liked it a lot. I've reserved Orchestra of minorities but now sure how many others ill read. 3mo
thebluestocking @andrew61 Yes! Another pro-vote for GWO. 💙 3mo
thebluestocking @BarbaraBB It did!! 💙💙 3mo
charl08 I'm another fan of 3mo
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Frankissstein: A Love Story | Jeanette Winterson
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The gifts of our nature seem not to modify the manner of our behaviour.

Bibliogeekery Can't wait to read this one! #queerbooks 4mo
Bibliogeekery Also, great photo! 4mo
charl08 @Bibliogeekery it's living up to a great run of #Booker longlist books for me. 4mo
charl08 @bibliogeekery and thank you! 4mo
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Girl, Woman, Other | Bernardine Evaristo

Fantastic book: complex mix of lives of black women living in the UK. Opens with a radical playwright finally getting her cha ce at the National, but encompasses domestic violence, young student activists, education and migrant lives. I especially liked that older women's experiences were seem as a valid focus for the book.
Fingers crossed it will at least make the #booker shortlist.

Cathythoughts Nice review 👍🏻♥️ 4mo
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Night Boat to Tangier | Kevin Barry

Loved this. Favourite #booker longlist (until the next one?!)

BarbaraBB How many have you read so far? 4mo
charl08 @BarbaraBB just 4 including this one. 4mo
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Lanny: A Novel | Max Porter
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To anyone who is wondering what to pick from the #Booker long-list. This is a gem of an audiobook! The physical copy is another matter, but if you want to smile your way through a forested path while listening to a beautiful lyrical play, give this one a go!

Emilymdxn I loved the audio of this too! 4mo
Cathythoughts Loved this too 4mo
TheReadingCompanion @Emilymdxn it‘s magnificent isn‘t? The cast was incredible and the timing and rhythm is something that is very difficult to get from the page. 4mo
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TheReadingCompanion @Cathythoughts read or listened to it? I can‘t compare them, my experience was infinitely better with the audiobook. But maybe I just enjoy listening to poetry. 4mo
Cathythoughts I listened , brilliant listen. , I‘d like to read it now too though .... but time & so many books is a factor. 4mo
JamieArc I recently finished the print version of this book and really liked it. But I may have to listen as well. I‘m so curious how the Dead Papa Toothwort sections are read! 4mo
TheReadingCompanion @JamieArc He sounds like a creature out of a Tolkien novel. 4mo
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Book 3/13 from the 2019 Booker longlist and I keep being delighted ! ( my luck is going to run out eventually). I have never read Shafak before but I certainly will be seeking out more of her novels. Leila‘s story is a sad one but it is told with such love and humanity. I got a real taste of the complexities of Istanbul- it‘s history and diverse people. I doubt the prose is the strongest on the list but it might be the most “readable”

BarbaraBB Great review. It sounds promising. 4mo
Redwritinghood I‘m looking forward to this one. I‘ll read it if my BD order ever gets here. 🙄 4mo
mklong I‘m reading this one now and loving it so far! 4mo
Redheadrambles @mklong yes ! I think it‘s rather endearing on many levels 4mo
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My husband asked if I wanted to work out with him this morning? No...I just want to relax and read 🤓
#reader #ireadinbed #bedreader #bookstagrammer #bookobsessed #bookhoarder #bookstagram #bookworm #bookish #bookishlove #booker #bookgram #bookaholic

AkashaVampie Husbands don't get it, am I right? Haha 6mo
AmyG Hahaha. Every morning my husband takes a walk and asks if I want to go. I‘d rather read and have my coffee. I get it! 6mo
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