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TrishB What a fab collage ❤️ 14mo
Cathythoughts Looks great Cindy 👍🏻❤️ 14mo
Cathythoughts Some amazing lunches here 😋 (edited) 14mo
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squirrelbrain Fab pics! ❤️ 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks!!! Ive missed all my brunch dates since Covid @Cathythoughts but we‘ve started up again @squirrelbrain @TrishB it‘s wonderful 😍 14mo
BookBabe Yaaaasssss, I love a good brunch!! 😃 14mo
Cinfhen Thanks @BookBabe How are you?? How‘s your sweet daughter?? 14mo
LeahBergen I always love your photo collages 🥰🥰🥰 14mo
DivineDiana Love this! ❤️ 14mo
BarbaraBB Wow that‘s the kind of #DecemberChill I‘d kill for! Sun and brunches and friends: perfect 😍 (edited) 14mo
Megabooks Fantastic collage!! Fun in the sun is a great way to beat the #DecemberChill! 14mo
Cinfhen It‘s fun to scroll through my old photos @LeahBergen @DivineDiana @BarbaraBB @Megabooks since I usually delete 99% of them 😉 14mo
BookBabe @Cinfhen we‘re doing great, thank you for asking! Little Rebecca gets cuter by the day. 🥰 How are you and your family? ….And what?! You delete 99% of your photos?! 😳😮 I need to learn to let go—I‘ve already maxed out my 2TB iCloud storage, and after forcing myself to delete thousands of pics, I‘m now down to 106K in my photo library 😬 14mo
Cinfhen Awww, Rebecca is a lovely name @BookBabe and yesssss, I‘m guilty of deletion 🙈 I‘m kicking myself for deleting so many photos but i can‘t help myself. I don‘t like “clutter” 14mo
Cinfhen I can‘t believe how many photos you have saved @BookBabe !!!!! It‘s literally unimaginable 14mo
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💕😍👙🌞🌊⛱😎 #BeachVibes #CurrentRead #MiddleGrade #Magic

Thought I'd share one more from our beach weekend....my loves!💓

The munchkin was over the moon with her daddy turning her into a mermaid (he likes to draw as a hobby)❣

And I'm hoping to be over the moon with this magical middle grade read that I just started.🤓

Weaponxgirl This is a great photo! 5y
Christine So sweet!! 5y
GondorGirl That's so cute! 5y
DivineDiana Love this! 🧜🏾‍♀️ 5y
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Origin | Dan Brown
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🎧📖🌞🌊⛱😎 #Audiobook #SummerReading #BeachVibes

Dan Brown does it again!

This audio book was just as entertaining and ALMOST as fun (but not quite) as our wonderful beach weekend was! 😉🍺

P.S. - Please excuse the brightness (💡!) that is ME❗
Sitting by my Puerto Rican beau certainly doesn't help matters now does it??!🤣😉

ElleSkel Great pic! Looks like so much fun!! Happiness is contagious and this pic put a smile on my face! 5y
Mdargusch Great photo! 5y
BellaBookNook Love your swim suit! I am glad to hear this book is good. I loved his others. 5y
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