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The Joys of Motherhood | Buchi Emecheta
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Cinfhen Oh wow!!! Can‘t wait to read this!! Thanks for sharing 3mo
mreads Great list Thanks! 3mo
Emilymdxn I‘ve only read three of these! Need to try some more! Thanks for posting, I‘ve been looking for an article of recs like this 3mo
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BarbaraBB Thanks!! Such a great list! 3mo
Daisey Thanks for sharing! 3mo
Itchyfeetreader This is interesting thanks 3mo
BookwormM Thanks for sharing 3mo
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Oya: In Praise of an African Goddess | Judith Illsley Gleason
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#wanderingjune As a goddess and queen of the Niger River ,Oya is an #africanlady As the African diaspora scattered around the world , Oya came along.She is the goddess of thunder,lightening,winds ,tornadoes and rainstorms.Judith Gleason traveled the world to study Oya and write this book.

BarbaraBB Sounds fascinating. Have you read it? 3mo
Leftcoastzen @BarbaraBB Yes , I loved it . I think a person who enjoys reading anthropology,myth ,or women‘s studies would enjoy it. Her extensive field work kept it lively. 3mo
BarbaraBB Thanks for explaining! 3mo
Leftcoastzen @BarbaraBB you‘re welcome. 3mo
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#wanderingjune @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB One awesome #Africanlady is Storm from X-Men - not the Halle Berry version from the movies, but the comic version who completely rocks. Her mother was a tribal princess of Kenya and she has a romance with Black Panther.

Cinfhen Nice!!!! 3mo
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If you‘re looking for young adult historical fiction, look no further than Ann Rinaldi. Everything she writes is wonderful, great characters, great descriptions, perfect pace, including this one about poet Phyllis Wheatley, an #AfricanLady, or at least an African girl, before she was brought to America.


Cinfhen This would work for #Booked2019 #MiddleGrade 3mo
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CouronneDhiver Stacked! She‘s such an interesting queen. Have you read it? 3mo
LeahBergen @CouronneDhiver Yes, I really enjoyed it. I was a bit Hatshepsut-obsessed in my youth after discovering Child of the Morning in my junior high school library. 😄 3mo
Cinfhen Smarty pants strikes again 😛😘😘 3mo
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LeahBergen @Cinfhen 😂😂 3mo
ImperfectCJ Have you read The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney? Another good one about Hatshepsut. 3mo
LeahBergen @ImperfectCJ I haven‘t! I‘ll keep an eye out for it. Thank you! 3mo
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I have so much admiration for Michaela DePrince. Born in Sierra Leone, she was raised in America after the age of 5, and now lives in Amsterdam where she is a soloist with the Dutch National Ballet. Her work with War Child Holland and her incredible dancing are both so inspiring! Fans of Beyonce's "Lemonade" and Childish Gambino's "This is America" may also recognize her.
#AfricanLady #WanderingJune
@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB Are you Dutch? 🇳🇱 3mo
Andrea313 @BarbaraBB No, American! Just a big ballet fan. :) 3mo
BarbaraBB That explains, of course! 😘 3mo
CouronneDhiver Beautiful! 3mo
Cinfhen Such a great choice!! Inspiring!!! 3mo
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Lord of the Privateers | Stephanie Laurens
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#WanderingJune #AfricanLady

Part of this book takes place in Freetown, West Africa; a lady accompanies her beau to save the people who‘ve been kidnapped and bring them home to England.

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Set largely in Rwanda of the 1970s and in the years after the Rwandan Civil War, this novel features, among others, a young Tutsi woman who survived the Rwandan genocide. While I have yet to read this book, it is on my soon to read list.

#AfricanLady #WanderingJune

LeahBergen Oh, that old “soon to read” list. 😂😂 3mo
Melissa_J @LeahBergen soon for me means within the next five years LOL 3mo
Cinfhen This book sounds vaguely familiar 🧐 3mo
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Penny_LiteraryHoarders It's really good!! 3mo
BookNAround I really enjoyed this one. 3mo
Melissa_J @Cinfhen I may have posted about it before. 3mo
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No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency | Alexander McCall Smith
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(Day 22 - #AfricanLady)

*Are there any Precious Ramotswe lovers out there (besides me, of course)? I love, love, love these books, plus I also loved the HBO show starring Jill Scott & Anika Noni Rose. Honk if you love Botswana‘s most revered lady detective!! ♥️

BookwormM I love this series but have fallen behind with reading it 3mo
NeamhainHughes The series with Jill Scott was soooo good now I wanna rewatch lol 3mo
LibLib I grew up in Gaborone, Botswana and enjoyed the accuracy of the books in how it describes the places and people. Nice to read about landmarks I know and been to, makes me miss home! 3mo
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Aimeesue Mma Ramotswe! And Grace Makutsi and her 97%! 3mo
Dragon 💕 I would love to have some bush tea with the lady detectives 🍵 3mo
gradcat @BookwormM I have also fallen behind, but I do possess all of them (19 up to now?). I‘d like to get back to them, but so much to read (and so little time, alas)! 📚 3mo
gradcat @NeamhainHughes I haven‘t seen the whole series yet—just the first two episodes. Now that I‘m reminded, I think I‘ll try to finish it. I‘m taking it that you dug the entire series...♥️ 3mo
gradcat @LibLib Oh, this is fascinating to me. I want to go to Gaborone so much—and only because of the book series. Well, mostly because of it, because that‘s where I formed my mental image of the place. I‘m so intrigued by your growing up there, plus it‘s nice to think that you believe Smith represents Botswana well. I‘d love to hear more about your home...so interesting! ♥️ 3mo
gradcat @Aimeesue Omigosh! You make smile just thinking about Grace and her graduation from Secretarial College...love it! ♥️ 3mo
gradcat @Dragon Have you ever had bush tea? I haven‘t, but I agree with you—tea with the ladies on the porch would be too fantastic! 🍵 😂 3mo
NeamhainHughes @gradcat don‘t remember if I quite finished it but I watched a bunch of it and read most of the series. 3mo
LibLib @gradcat you should definitely make Botswana a must see on your travel list. Kgale hill where the agency is located, I used to climb that all the time growing up. It is a beautiful country with so much to offer. Has diverse range of wildlife and the only inland Delta in the world! It is also one of the more developed and stable countries in Africa with great tourism. Couldn't recommend it more highly! 3mo
gradcat @LibLib I really wish I could do that. But in the meantime, I‘m so happy to know about you and your growing up there—so cool! 3mo
Dragon I‘ve had Rooibos tea which is bush tea I think. 3mo
gradcat @Dragon You‘re right—it is! But I haven‘t had that kind either 😂 does it taste good? ☕️ 3mo
Dragon I had it mixed in a Starbucks rose drink that was yummy 😂 3mo
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