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X-Men: Storm by Warren Ellis & Terry Dodson
X-Men: Storm by Warren Ellis & Terry Dodson | Warren Ellis
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Long ago, Storm won leadership of the underground mutant community known as the Morlocks. But her reign was a distant one, and Storm's neglected subjects grew increasingly embittered. Ultimately, the mad Mikhail Rasputin swept the Morlocks away into another dimension - a harsh dimension where time ran much faster than normal. There, the next generation of Morlock children came of age, hard and cold and bitter. They returned as a terrorist unit called Gene Nation, and Storm nearly had to slay their leader to defeat them. Disturbed by her actions, haunted by the guilt of failing the Morlocks, Storm seeks a new balance in her life. But when she is abducted to Mikhail's brutal dimension, can Storm prevail against the living reminders of her failure? Or will the sins of her past drag her down? COLLECTING Storm (1996) 1-4
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#wanderingjune @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB One awesome #Africanlady is Storm from X-Men - not the Halle Berry version from the movies, but the comic version who completely rocks. Her mother was a tribal princess of Kenya and she has a romance with Black Panther.

Cinfhen Nice!!!! 4w
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