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Hey my romance reading Littens (I know you‘re out there somewhere)! Is anyone interested in joining a romance book club? We can suggest a monthly book to each other, discuss (in a fun low key way since romance novels aren‘t always that brainy - let‘s be real) - we can send each other fun notes and keepsakes by mail…what are your thoughts? I‘ve always wanted to chat with fellow romance lovers but you can be hard to find. Let me know if interested!

Chrissyreadit Do you want this shared in @LitsyEvents ? 3mo
BethM Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree we‘re hard to find on here 😂 we could also think about doing it like our #coffeebeanbookclub although that takes an organizer- not it😂 3mo
BethM @jas16 is a fellow #romantsy reader! 3mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I may be interested! 3mo
melissanorr I'm interested. 3mo
Liatrek Hi I would be interested 🙂 3mo
Jas16 Thanks for tagging me @BethM I think I would be interested. 3mo
TheSpineView I am interested. 3mo
PageShifter I am interested 3mo
Vansa I am interested. 3mo
StayCurious @Chrissyreadit yes please and thank you! 3mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I don't read enough of it to be a full time member but I may join in some months for discussions. 3mo
Nessavamusic I would be interested, I love romance! 3mo
julesG I am interested. 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Keep me posted on this one as I'm interested, too. It would kind of depend on what books we were reading... I tend to float in and out of buddy reads depending on whether or not I like the sound of the book! 😂 3mo
Pigpen_Reads Yes, I'm interested!! 3mo
MeganAnn I love this idea! I‘ve been reading so much romance lately. 💖 3mo
Catsandbooks I'm definitely interested! I love romance! 💕 3mo
peanutnine I love this idea! Romance is such a fun genre but it doesn't get a lot of bookclub love. I'm definitely interested ☺️💕 3mo
Kerrbearlib I'd be interested! 3mo
StayCurious @Kerrbearlib great! If you scroll to my last post on my page, you can vote for our July book :) 3mo
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