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Bibliophile Reader's Journal
Bibliophile Reader's Journal | Jane Mount
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One of today‘s finds at the local antique mall. Looks just like my little Flora. 💋 Miss her so much!

JamieArc I‘m a little obsessed with those notebooks/journals! They are beautiful colors. So I looked up the company and now I know where I will be getting my next journal from 😍 (edited) 14mo
Lesliereads 🐶 ❤️ 14mo
Ruthiella Aww! I love that figurine. 😍 My dog is a cocker spaniel. 14mo
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Tamra Sweet! 14mo
catebutler What a great find! And I adore all your journals!! The floral, leather-ish one is particularly stunning!! 🌸 14mo
EvieBee @JamieArc They‘re really good quality! I love all of their stationery. 💕 14mo
EvieBee @Ruthiella The most loyal little creatures! 🤗💕 14mo
EvieBee @Tamra ♥️ 14mo
EvieBee @catebutler Thank you, Cate! I can‘t stop and won‘t stop lol! I just love a good leather notebook. 🤗💕 14mo
DivineDiana Such a sweet memento of your love. ❤️ 14mo
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I picked this up yesterday when I was out shopping with my daughter. I‘ve been tracking my reads electronically but have wanted to start journaling about my reading as well. Hopefully this journal will inspire me to jot down some thoughts with its writing prompts on plot notes, character notes and favorite quotes.

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A little late, but here‘s my January TBR! Much #agathachristiebookclubr2 and I‘m hoping to get to my #bookspin as well!

vivastory I really like this! I might have to get one. Also, I need to get caught up on Stormlight Archive 2y
Linsy @vivastory I‘m loving it! Btw, I tagged the wrong book as they didn‘t have 2021 in the directory. This is the planner from her. (edited) 2y
MartinaLove I love your journal! 😍 2y
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cozypunk Ooooh, I love how simple this planning layout is. Less IS more.
Powered_By_Plants Wow 🤩 amazing journal 💕 2y
Buechersuechtling I‘m not doing book journalling or similar things, but whenever I see such a beautiful layout like the one you posted above, I‘m regretting it a little bit. So beautiful. 😃 2y
Linsy @MartinaLove @dandy.punk @Powered_By_Plants @Buechersuechtling Thanks! I like this one because it looks pretty but all I have to do is plug in the book names. Plus, it‘s a full-fledged yearly journal too! And tells me all the important days of the year — like author‘s birthdays and when P&P was first published. 💙 2y
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„The goal of this book is to triple the size of your To Be Read pile.“ - oh good! I was already worried it might not be big enough yet😂😂😂

Beatlefan129 I love your bookmark 😉 2y
ju.ca.no @Beatlefan129 it‘s a bit scratchy at times😂 2y
MayJasper 😂 2y
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This christmas was again wonderfully bookish! Special thanks to @Sarah83 for all the wonderful Alice books❤️❤️❤️

tpixie Fun!!! 2y
Tanisha_A Wow-eee 😍 2y
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Smarkies I have this on my bookshelf! It is beautiful! 2y
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I've found a face mask that I'm actually excited to wear!!!!!

Arvena 👍👍👍 2y
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I decided that I was going to try a different way of keeping track of my books for the upcoming year. I got the planner so I can write my books that I have read on the day that I have read it. Let‘s see if I can keep up with it for the whole year!

Princess-Kingofkings Beautiful cover and a great idea! 3y
AceOnRoam Love it ! 3y
dgingo I got the same one this year! I used to use another book planner, but I didn‘t keep up with that one. 🤞🏼 3y
Curiouser_and_curiouser I received mine on New Years Eve, it's so beautiful, I can't stop oggling at all the stacks of books, and glad to say I have quite a few of them in my collection! 3y
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