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Abandoned Prayers
Abandoned Prayers: An Incredible True Story of Murder, Obsession, And Amish Secrets | Gregg Olsen
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On Christmas Eve in 1985, a hunter found a young boy's body along an icy corn field in Nebraska. The residents of Chester, Nebraska buried him as "Little Boy Blue," unclaimed and unidentified-- until a phone call from Ohio two years later led authorities to Eli Stutzman, the boy's father. Eli Stutzman, the son of an Amish bishop, was by all appearances a dedicated farmer and family man in the country's strictest religious sect. But behind his quiet faade was a man involved with pornography, sadomasochism, and drugs. After the suspicious death of his pregnant wife, Stutzman took his preschool-age son, Danny, and hit the road on a sexual odyssey ending with his conviction for murder. But the mystery of Eli Stutzman and the fate of his son didn't end on the barren Nebraska plains. It was just beginning. . . Gregg Olsen's Abandoned Prayers is an incredible true story of murder and Amish secrets.
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Look, I don‘t know how- but @emilyhaldi ‘s post inspired me to pick this book. I recently heard this crazy story about an Amish Ohioan Man who murdered a couple of people, and it sure feels like it was partly because the Amish religion wouldn‘t let him #layallyourloveonme (if I were a guy) because they weren‘t/aren‘t? so accepting of homosexual people. So he ended up leaving the Amish community but not before SHIT WENT DOWN 🔥 #ABBAinAugust

Reviewsbylola I can‘t tell if you actually know the synopsis or if you‘re making it up. 🤣🤣🤣 1y
Meredith3 @Reviewsbylola 😹😹 I‘m bad at story telling and reviews 😹 1y
Reviewsbylola No it‘s good I just wasn‘t sure if the homosexual part was rooted in truth or if that‘s your own spin. 😂 1y
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Meredith3 @Reviewsbylola I am pretty sure that was the main reason for his first murder 😳 1y
emilyhaldi Lolol I shouldn‘t laugh but your blurbs always get me!!! 1y
MStew This happened near where i grew up and i actually knew amish who knew him 😨 this book blew my mind 1y
Meredith3 @meghan2714 omg wow! That‘s nuts!! Now I‘d imagine they were pretty hush hush about it, or did anyone ever talk to you about what happened? Also hello from another fellow Ohioan! 1y
MStew The amish knew about it , but I didn't know until I found book. But when we mentioned it to amish friends they knew about it and knew his family etc. Spooky and hello!!! From Ohio!!🤘 1y
Meredith3 @meghan2714 that is so cool in a really messed up way! 💀🖤 1y
MStew @Meredith3 lol right!!!!! 1y
Cinfhen I‘m honestly not sure how a nice Jewish heretic inspired you to think of an angry Amish murderer YET here we are 😂😂😂 book sounds fascinating 1y
Meredith3 @Cinfhen I think it was the whole being shunned by your community/religious group thing. Both religions seem pretty intense too 😹 1y
Mdargusch I have this book if you want to borrow 😁 1y
Meredith3 @Mdargusch omg you do?!? How was it? Yes I would love to borrow it! 1y
Mdargusch I haven‘t read it yet. I read Killing In Amish Country though and thought I needed to read this one too. 1y
Cinfhen Oh, I TOTALLY get THAT connection 🙌🏻 1y
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3.75 Stars
This book was sensational, disturbing, and terribly sad. This sweet baby angel Danny Stutzman endured a terrible life with his mother's murderer, his father Eli.

Like Erased by Marilee Strong and Under the Banner of Heaven by John Krakauer but more tabloidy.

Note: before reading, check out the summary. If you are not comfortable with learning about anything mentioned in explicit detail, don't read this book.

TW: child sex abuse

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This book is so disturbing that I thought I should have a fun post before my review. I'm listening to Abandoned Prayers while dipping chocolate marshmallows into 72% dark chocolate at work today. #truecrimechocolatetime #doublechocolatemarshmallow #ilovemyjob #booksandchocolate #marshmallowfriday

SassyBookworm Yum 😋 2y
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I've been in a bit of an audiobook rut lately, which has set me back a bit on my Goodreads challenge. Maybe this one will break my dry spell🤞

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I get in the mood for true crime sometimes (when I'm not watching it on tv 😂). These two are in my TBR just calling my name. Has anyone read either of these because I'm wondering which one to start with? #mysterymonday #awesomeautumnbooks

bobregina Love this books about real murders! 2y
Kaye I've read them both. I'd say the one on the left is a bit more exciting. The other has a huge section about the Amish and what rules they are supposed to follow, and a lot that some of them don't. They are both good. If you made me choose I'd go with the left . 2y
Bookladylinda I have not, I also love True Crime. 2y
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emilyhaldi I wish I could read (and watch) true crime without having trouble sleeping at night!!! 😱 2y
Mdargusch They are a good read once in awhile @bobregina and @Bookladylinda ! 2y
Mdargusch @Kaye thanks for the opinion! I was thinking it would be the other way around. 2y
Kaye @Mdargusch Either one should be a good read. Enjoy. 🙂 2y
JHgotham I haven't read either but Gregg Olsen is pretty good 2y
Mdargusch Yes @JHgotham I read one of his books and that prompted me to buy this one! 2y
Reviewsbylola Now that football season started I bet you watch a lot less ID Discovery. 😂 2y
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Hi Littens! How can I be praying for you this week? If you don't feel comfortable sharing here, please email me: kulikrachel at gmail dot com

Notafraidofwords Please pray about the events that occurred this Saturday in VA. 2y
Laura317 Yes, please pray for our country. We seem so divided. Thank you for praying for us all. @steverogers 2y
Nonaroo I'll echo the other comments and say pray for our nation. We need to spread love in this country to silence the hate. 2y
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RitaDolceVita This is more selfish. Please pray that my thoracic surgery on August 30 is successful. I will have a large and, I hope benign, tumor removed. I am worried and scared, but trying to keep a positive attitude. Thanks for praying. 2y
maximoffs @RitaDolceVita not selfish at all ❤️ 2y
Laura317 @RitaDolceVita I will pray that all goes well on your surgery, too! *hugs* 2y
RitaDolceVita Thanks and blessings 2y
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