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Old Herbaceous: A Novel of the Garden
Old Herbaceous: A Novel of the Garden | Reginald Arkell
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Back in print after fifty years "Old Herbaceous" is a classic British novel of the garden, with a title character as outsized and unforgettable as P. G. Wodehouse s immortal butler, Jeeves. Born at the dusk of the Victorian era, Bert Pinnegar, an awkward orphan child with one leg a tad longer than the other, rises from inauspicious schoolboy days spent picking wildflowers and dodging angry farmers to become the legendary head gardener Old Herbaceous, the most esteemed flower-show judge in the county and a famed horticultural wizard capable of producing dazzling April strawberries from the greenhouse and the exact morning glories his Lady spies on the French Riviera, so blue, so blue it positively hurts. Sprinkled with nuggets of gardening wisdom, "Old Herbaceous" is a witty comic portrait of the most archetypal and crotchety head gardener ever to plant a row of bulbs at a British country house. This Modern Library edition is published with a new Introduction byPenelope Hobhouse, a renowned garden designer and lecturer and the author of numerous gardening books."
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Just finished Penelope Hobhouse‘s introduction and I THINK this might be a viable next read! I love this park! We picnicked here yesterday last minute, and decided to come back today with a plan!

BarbaraBB That view! 2y
TrishB Lovely ❤️ 2y
quietjenn Sounds great (and looks swell)! 2y
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EvieBee @BarbaraBB I really love this park! ❤️❤️ 2y
EvieBee @TrishB It was a nice change of pace 🤓🤗 2y
EvieBee @quietjenn Thank you! It‘s my first garden book and I am so enjoying it! 💕💕 2y
quietjenn @EvieBee I‘m a terrible gardener, but I really like gardening memoirs. 🤷🏻‍♀️you might enjoy Beverly Nichols if you‘ve never read him. 2y
EvieBee @quietjenn I‘m kicking myself for not buying a cute copy on bookdepository a few years ago. Seems to be out of print now. 2y
BiblioLitten Gorgeous pic 💚 2y
EvieBee @BiblioLitten Thank you! 💕 2y
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I wanted to do the #bookspin for April, but I‘m not too sure how it works. I‘ve been scrolling through posts for clues. Can anyone tell me? In the meantime, these are some of the physical books I didn‘t pack with the rest. I wanted to have access to these spring inspired reads in case it takes me longer to unpack than I expected. Got a few rereads sprinkled in! 🤓

FelinesAndFelonies @TheAromaofBooks is the awesome mind behind this fun! 😎 2y
Smarkies Have a read through this thread https://www.litsy.com/web/post/1989556 . It should give you a good idea of what it is all about. 2y
EvieBee @Smarkies @FelinesAndFelonies Okay, awesome! Thank you so much! ♥️♥️ 2y
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TheAromaofBooks It looks like @FelinesAndFelonies & @Smarkies put you on the right track, but please feel free to let me know if you have any questions!! If you decide you want to join, just post your list (or stack!) of 20 books & tag me when you do. I'm drawing April's numbers on Friday!!! 2y
Suet624 I‘m so glad you reached out and asked! 2y
EvieBee @TheAromaofBooks Thanks a bunch! I‘ll make sure to get my final list together stat. ☺️ 2y
EvieBee @Suet624 Yes! Can‘t wait to jump on this. I have decision fatigue and am running out of ways to make it fun to pick the next read. 2y
kspenmoll I am joining in this moth too. I am a mood reader, but enjoy buddy reads- this sounds like a good way to get through some books that have been staring at me- 2y
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Just got "Old Herbaceous" from the library and I'm so happy that this book is still in a very good condition after more than 50 years.