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Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss
Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss | Kasie West
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Went back to some romantic listening for this well needed Friday. This was a cute, fluffy teen romance. And I think I would have been all over Kasie West‘s romantic comedies as a teen.

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Not my favorite book by Kasie West. Nothing really happened, most of the time I was bored and didn't connect to any character at all. I'm sure plenty of people will find this book enjoyable, but it just wasn't for me.

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Exactly what I needed. Kasie West's books are so cute and fluffy. They are perfect for getting me out of reading slumps and making me feel better when I am in a bad mood. At this point I will probably read anything she writes.

BookHoarder32 I really liked 9mo
jackilynn @BookHoarder32 that was the very 1st one of hers I read. I have been picking up the new releases pretty much as the came out since lol 9mo
BookHoarder32 Nice! I keep buying them but haven't read any others besides PS, By Your Side, and The Fill-In Boyfriend 😁 9mo
jackilynn @BookHoarder32 The Fill-In Boyfriend, The Distance Between Us, & On The Fence are the only ones I haven't read 😁 9mo
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Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss will be the book I read on my roadtrip to Ohio in the morning. I finished Love, Life and the List yesterday and it made me cry!

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11th Kasie West will release on Feb. 5, 2019. Another headless cute couple cover 💋

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