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Donuts: An American Passion | John T. Edge
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Acclaimed food writer and cultural historian John T. Edge conjures nostalgia by revealing portions of our history through our most cherished foods. Donuts is the cap on a scrumptious series toting comfort food, belying calorie-counting, and embracing those cornerstone, iconic dishes that have come to define American cuisine and customs over the years. In Donuts, Edge walks us though the donut's inception as Dutch fare, the Salvation Army's wartime donuts, the invention of the donut machine, the 1950s donut-shop craze, the Krispy Kreme revolution, the appropriation by other ethnicities, and the fanatical chefs that take donuts to a new art form. Nothing encourages our sweet-tooth cravings like the donut. It is honest. It is satisfying. It is a national symbol that has survived the low carb-diet dogma and the death of the local donut shop, and it is making a comeback into the hearts of Americans.
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There is an awesome place in Portland called Pips Donuts. They give you a dozen donuts for free on your birthday or a week after your birthday.

Since my husband and I both had to work on my birthday and our weekend was busy, we are celebrating today. Already made a stop at a comic shop and got me a little haul. Pic to come.

Chelsea.Poole So so cute. And tasty too I bet! 🍩 3mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai Nice treat! Happy belated. 🎉 3mo
Hooked_on_books Yum! 🍩🤤 3mo
KirstieE Omg yum !! 😍😋 happy belated birthday ! Xx 3mo
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Up late #audiobaking last night. I think these came out pretty cute.

LogiKitty omg yum! 6mo
gradcat Yum 😋 6mo
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Some donuts to brighten your day...

Readage 🤤 14mo
riversong153 😋 14mo
WiseGirl13 The Fruity Pebbles and Oreo ones were the best ones. 13mo
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1. Reading, walking, dinner out with friends, drinks on the deck.
2. I've never had a cake pop.
3. Yes one for my April #poutineandpaperbacks read.
4. Celebrating my baby boy's 19th birthday.
5. @MelissaSasina This is a good way to intro yourself.

#friYAYintro @jesshowbooks

Tigre70 1. Garage sale-ing/thrifting 2. Gluten Free life 3. No 4. My 2 month old granddaughter‘s smiles/coos 2y
MelissaSasina 1. I was supposed to go to a wedding, but the kiddo is sick, so probably will be writing, reading, and gaming. 2. Donuts all the way. 3. Well, it's still early in the month, so I'm sure I'll finish the two short stories I'm planing to read, plus I'll be finishing one of my own projects. 4. Getting the new editions of my current series made me extremely happy. 2y
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I couldn‘t resist buying these drink floaties today at the winery... now if I just new someone with a pool!

Reviewsbylola 🍩 🍩 2y
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Donuts for my Friday 🍩❣️
Went to a concert last night , plus had a lot of wine and had work at 7am this morning 😴 This is just what I needed! #treatyourself