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Read On ... Romance: Reading Lists for Every Taste
Read On ... Romance: Reading Lists for Every Taste: Reading Lists for Every Taste | C. L. Quillen, Ilene N. Lefkowitz
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With thousands of romance novels published each year, librariansespecially those unfamiliar with or indifferent to the genrecan benefit from this well-organized, reference that offers scores of appeals-based read-alike lists for some of the most popular, contemporary romance fiction. Describes more than 400 titles grouped according to popular appeal features Provides access to titles through user-friendly terminology rather than the typically formal language of the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Identifies titles suited for book clubs, award-winning books, and titles that appeal to teen readers
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The wonderful @StayCurious is putting together a romance readers book club! ❤️❤️❤️

See Renee‘s post for a survey link if you‘re interested.

StayCurious Thanks so much for sharing! 2mo
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It‘s no secret that I‘m a huge fan of romance. So I‘m very excited that @StayCurious is putting together a Litsy book club for romance readers! 💖

If you‘re interested, visit her post for a quick questionnaire on what you‘d like. And join us in reading all the kissing books!! 😘

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Hello fellow romance readers! I have tagged those who said they might be interested in a romance book club here on Litsy. Please click on the link for a quick questionnaire so I can get feedback on where we all stand.


Looking forward to reading all the kissing books with you!
And feel free to share and tag other romance reading Littens!

julesG Done! Thanks for organising. 2mo
MeganAnn Done ✅ Thanks for putting this together! 2mo
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Pigpen_Reads Done! This is so exciting!! 2mo
Nessavamusic Done! 🥰 2mo
TheSpineView Done!Thanks! 2mo
PageShifter Done! I left several empty because I am fine with all given options :D 2mo
everlocalwest Two things: 1. I am so happy I saw this post and love that there will a romance group!! 2. When I read the words 'lemonade party' I thought "hmm, what's that?" and then realized I'm an idiot and chose the spicy option, clearly. ?‍♀️ 2mo
Catsandbooks Done! I'm so excited!! 💕💕 2mo
Jas16 Done 2mo
Clwojick Done! Woot Woot! 2mo
CarolynM I might be interested too. I‘ll do the survey. Thanks for organising🙂 2mo
BethM @Kshakal did you see this? 2mo
Kshakal @BethM I did not!! Thanks for passing it along! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Thank you!! 2mo
PageShifter A question: there was a question about address: was I supposed to give it already or was it only a question if I am comfortable to share it or not xD 2mo
StayCurious @PageShifter you can share it by email with me at littensloveromance@gmail.com 2mo
PageShifter And done :D 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m not sure if I filled this out and I missed the vote 😱🥹 2mo
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