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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook
Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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More than fourteen hundred traditional country-style recipes have been adapted to supermarket ingredients and modern appliances
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Hack repair - it split wide open. Good thing I don‘t do anything remotely like surgery. 😅

Cathythoughts That‘s a lovely repair job 🥰 cello taped with love. (edited) 2w
LeahBergen 😆😆 2w
JamieArc I saw a photo of a book dedication today that said something along the lines of “Mom - I could never have been a doctor. People would have died.” 😂😂 2w
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Tamra @Cathythoughts I‘m afraid my love is going to be its ruin! 😉 It‘s on its last legs. (edited) 2w
Tamra @JamieArc so perfect! 😜 2w
Ruthiella 😂😂😂 2w
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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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My daughter has declared lime & lemon icebox pies a summer tradition. ☀️🕶 Works for me, even if we‘ve started a tad early.

LeahBergen I want a piece! 1mo
Nutmegnc Yum!! 1mo
TheBookHippie Yummmmm 1mo
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GingerAntics That looks good!!! 1mo
SW-T That looks yummy! A tradition I support! 😂 1mo
Bookwormjillk That looks amazing! 1mo
Hooked_on_books Your daughter is clearly deeply intelligent. That looks incredible! 😋 1mo
ShelleyBooksie Yum. How does one make this? 1mo
Tamra @ShelleyBooksie I made the Graham cracker crust from the tagged book and the filling recipe is from the back of a lemon juice concentrate bottle! I‘ve made it from real lemons as well, it‘s so stinking easy! If you Google lemon icebox pie you‘ll find many recipes, including no bake ones. (edited) 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen I wish we could have a slice over a #furrowedmiddlebrowclub book discussion! 😃 1mo
Tamra @Hooked_on_books I‘ll tell her. 😆 No doubt she‘ll concur. 1mo
Tamra @Nutmegnc @TheBookHippie @GingerAntics @SW-T @Bookwormjillk the great thing is it only takes a tiny slice to satisfy. I don‘t have much of a sweet tooth, but I make an exception for citrus. 😋 1mo
GingerAntics @Tamra I know how you feel. The sweet/tart balance of citrus always seems to work. 1mo
Nutmegnc @Tamra Welp. I gotta have the citrus. I‘m going to have to make one now. #notabaker #idontcareigottahaveit 1mo
britt_brooke Yum! 1mo
kspenmoll Oh it looks delicious! 1mo
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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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A bit of emergency hack book “repair.” 🥴 I had to do the outside spine as well.

What would make publisher think a thick paperback cookbook was a good idea? I was too young and inexperienced when I bought it to know better. I suppose it was the cost factor. Regardless of condition, I still love it……to it‘s disintegration apparently. Ha!

Aims42 My mom has a cookbook that is just rubberbanded together lol Everytime we take it from the shelf we hold our breath a page doesn‘t fall out 🤣 12mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa You loved it to pieces! That is a testament of a good book! 12mo
LeahBergen It‘s well-loved. 😍 12mo
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Crazeedi I have a couple like this! 12mo
Cathythoughts I‘ll bet there are some brilliant recipes in there 😋 12mo
Lcsmcat My Joy of Cooking was in 3 pieces, plus a few loose pages, before I found a hardback copy at a library sake and replaced it. 12mo
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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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Ongoing joke that my husband has the most awful pedestrian taste in salad dressing: Thousand Island. 😝 Reminiscent of supper clubs and buffets. He recently Googled it and now never ceases to mention its haute resort origins. I remind him that doesn‘t change how awful it tastes. 😆 Anyway, I made some homemade and it‘s marginally better because it‘s less sweet.

I‘ve had this book for 30+ years now - highly recommend as a basics reference!

Aims42 My husband and I aren‘t much better, our favorite dressing is ranch 😆 I‘m all for trying the fancy stuff, but that‘s my go-to 🥗💚 13mo
Tamra @Aims42 I don‘t mind ranch because it isn‘t sweet! And homemade ranch with sour cream is delicious! 13mo
Aims42 @Tamra oooo yes!! I hear ya on the sweetness, I can‘t do vinegarettes (not sure the spelling on that and after 5 tries, that‘s what we‘re going with haha!) for that reason. Oof, same just make my teeth hurt 🤭 13mo
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mandarchy @Tamra when I was a kid my brother found this taco salad recipe that I crave occasionally. Fritos, cheddar, taco meat, thousand island and iceberg lettuce. I couldn't eat it now, I've become allergic to peppers. But back in the 70s my favorite dressing was wishbone French. They changed it and now it's awful. I found a Sunset magazine salad recipe book from then and now I make it myself. It also has ketchup in it! 13mo
MaureenMc When I was a kid I loved Thousand Island dressing. Now I can‘t stomach it. Way, way too sweet! 13mo
BookNAround I do a homemade Thousand Island for my reubens but don‘t really use it for anything else. 13mo
Tamra @BookNAround yum, a reuben! 13mo
Tamra @mandarchy I think it‘s also close to the “special sauce” on a Big Mac? 13mo
Tamra @MaureenMc husband preferred the homemade because it is tangy instead of overwhelmingly sweet. 😅 win! 13mo
EvieBee What a good wife you are! Looks delicious! 13mo
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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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#OldCoolBooks | May 3: naked books

These are some naked books that I got from my Great Aunt. The naked cookbooks in particularly are cool because they‘re stuffed with her notes & recipes.

Linsy Ooh, yes! Inherited books with notes! That‘s a prize. 💖 4y
Wandering_Jess I looove old cook books! 4y
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Farm Journal's Country Cookbook | Nell Beaubien Nichols
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This is another cookbook that comes out once a year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving for turkey curry. This is NOT true Indian cooking, alas for I adore Indian cuisine. But, it is still delicious comfort food. I like to amp up the spice heat. 😋

heikemarie My dad always makes turkey a la king, traditions are fun! 5y
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TricksyTails We love the same cookbooks! Great comfort food. This is another one I used to use all the time but it's disappeared somewhere along the way. Happy to see someone using it! 😋♥️ 5y
Nute Yum! 5y
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