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Cloud of Unknowing
Cloud of Unknowing | Unknown
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Few things are as eternal in this world as man's quest to better know and understand his Creator. Because the human mind is far too small to fully grasp the Almighty, believers who try to approach Him intellectually often freeze up, entering into a cloud of unknowing. But God is approachable. The Cloud of Unknowing dates back as far as the fourteenth century and has inspired generations of seekers in their efforts to connect with God. Created as a primer to instruct young monks to develop techniques for encountering God, its tone is not academic or austere but rather a loving call for believers to grow closer to God through meditation and prayer. If you desire to experience God in your heart, and yourself in God's heart, The Cloud of Unknowing will be a book to read and reread for a lifetime.
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Apparently shopping bags are the new boxes to my cat. 😂😂

glitterkitty459 😻😻😹 5mo
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The Cloud of Unknowing | Evelyn Underhill
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#bookmail. These much loved copies arrive today from BetterWorldBooks U.K.

readingjedi I loved when Penguin Classics looked like this! I have so many of my best beloved books in this cover design. Wasn't quite as enamoured of the black band at the bottom that replaced this format. 8mo
Lcsmcat Love Better World Books! And I agree with @readingjedi - these are great covers. 8mo
quirkyreader @readingjedi @Lcsmcat If you have seen the more recent version of the classics in England and the rest of Europe, the cover design is a lot cooler. 8mo
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What lovely #jb mail! Thanks @TheBookHippie @Kelican17 @Soubhiville @IndoorDame @phatsallylee @Kdgordon88 ! Question: where does one purchase postcard specific stamps?!?

Kelican17 I ask for them at the post office. 9mo
phatsallylee ❤ i just asked for them at the post office. You can buy by the sheet or by rolls of 100. When you send a bunch out it can start to save a few pennies! 9mo
Sg1224 @Kelican17 and @phatsallylee thanks for the helpful information. #jb group✉️📬 9mo
TheBookHippie Post office for me too! 9mo
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phatsallylee Happy to see that you received the card! 10mo
BookwormAHN 😺😺 10mo
Sg1224 @phatsallylee your quote inspired me to create a wall for all of my #JB correspondence as well as @Soubhiville always lovely Postcards! 10mo
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Soubhiville ❤️ I loved this TX book armadillo! 10mo
Sg1224 @BookwormAHN I saw my postman today and he started to quiz me on Star Wars trivia...I guess you didn‘t get my phone a friend call earlier today...lol jk 😳😬🤣😂 10mo
BookwormAHN 😸😸😸 10mo
Kaye Glad you‘re off to a good start ! 10mo
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I'll probably give this a try.

@howjessreads #31bookpics

howjessreads Yay!! 13mo
howjessreads Just wanted to give you a heads up that I messed up, @MaGoose ! Day 5 and 20 were the same. So day 5 is now BIG books! 🙂 13mo
MaGoose @howjessreads Great, thanks! 13mo
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I am so ready for summer to be over - it‘s been long and hot and boring lol. I can‘t wait for cooler days and crisp freshly fallen leaves. #books #fall #autumn #reading #reader

Bklover I‘m with you!!! 1y
rather_be_reading have u checked out my #HocusPocusSwap ? 🎃 1y
rather_be_reading @Bklover have u checked out my #HocusPocusSwap ? 🎃 1y
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1. LibraryThing
2. Never enough second person. You or we, I‘m not picky.
3. Probably reading.
4. But I love them all!

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Husband likes sci-fi, I like fantasy, better call the callin‘-off off. ;)


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#repost #Litsyunswap

This is a good! Share far and wide!

Chrissyreadit Thank you!!! 2y
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What is it like to read for fun? Does the clouds know can they tell me I‘ve read 12-16 scientific studies dealing with persuasive techniques does anyone want to know how to persuade someone... I do I really do well at least my final paper is completed and turned in now the test study study study... does anyone know what it‘s like to read for fun 😳📚

Reggie Well good luck on your finals!! 2y
Ddzmini @Reggie thank you 😊 2y
Cortg Hang in there and GOOD LUCK! 2y
Ddzmini @Cortg thank you 🙏🏽 2y
minkyb Almost there! 2y
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Cloud of Unknowing | Spiritual Classics HarperCollins

Humility…is nothing else but a true knowledge and experience of yourself as you are.

Ottoman1 Needed that today 3y
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