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Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I: Every Woman's Journey to Her Self | Ann Schoonmaker
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It me.

Also having two full bags of library books is literally helping so 👩‍🎤

Eyelit Same. 😄 2y
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Thanks for the tag @NeedsMoreBooks ! Here‘s me in a nutshell. 😂😂

Anyone who hasn‘t introduced themselves, please do!! We‘d like to get to know you! 😊😊



LiteraryinLawrence Thanks for sharing! 2y
MoonWitch94 🍁🍂I love Fall 🍂🍁 2y
marleed 19 - I feel ya! 2y
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robinb @MoonWitch94 👍😊🧡🤎 2y
robinb @marleed 🤷🏻‍♀️👍😊 2y
NeedsMoreBooks Thank you for playing! I love chocolates, growing to live pasta, and love fall. I am also terrified of public speaking. I have lived in Memphis, TN, and Fayetteville, AR before moving to OR. I miss the South, sometimes, especially the food and hospitality ❣️ 2y
robinb @NeedsMoreBooks So cool! I was actually born in Memphis and lived there until age 5. I‘ve also lived in Franklin, TN (near Nashville). I‘ve always wanted to visit Oregon! 😂👍😊 2y
NeedsMoreBooks @robinb please do ❣️ 2y
robinb @NeedsMoreBooks it‘s on my bucket list! 😊 2y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks No snoozing!!! I hit it twice every morning 🤣🤣 2y
Laughterhp A bowl of popcorn every night! I need to add that to my daily routine! 🤤 2y
Suzze @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks My brain says “Time to get up!” and I do! 🤣 2y
Suzze @Laughterhp My cat, Ginny, waits for it. 2y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
KarouBlue #4 🤩 🤩 🤩 2y
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1. Any....
2. At a Wicker Furniture Store- clean, cashier, load, unload.
3.Behavior Analyst
4. Philanthropist, or Neurologist,, or Midwife, or Time traveler
5. Coffee

RaimeyGallant You're a behavior analyst? Careful, or this author's gonna ask to pick your brain. ;) 4y
Chrissyreadit @RaimeyGallant anytime! I love what I do! 4y
RaimeyGallant Sweet! Do you have any knowledge on the forensic side of the profession? 4y
Chrissyreadit @RaimeyGallant I do not. I would be very stressed. My practice focuses on single subject design and best practice- also I am a Masters level practitioner. Forensics does not always work out- it is about investigating vs treatment, and they prefer licensed and /or PhD for psych. (In my experience) it is very stressful when I do have to go to court. 4y
RaimeyGallant Good to know! 4y
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💛 Yellow because it‘s a happy color!
💛 Spring 🌼🌸🌷and fall 🍂🍁
💛Historical fiction, literary fiction and mystery
💛 reading of course 📚 and 🌸🌼🌷
💛 chips and dip!
💛 Milos sweet tea
💛pens, journals, bookmarks and bujo

Thanks for the tag! @Christine11

I tag @Jas16 💕 @TheBookHippie 💗 @JoeStalksBeck 💞


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I can honestly never pick a true favorite anything, but I‘ll do my best guess. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #GettingToKnowYou @Tiffy_Reads

1. Purple 💜 (and green, and pink, and turquoise, etc)

2. Autumn 🍃🍂🍁

3. Fiction (but I read almost anything)

4. Other than reading? Crafting and general creative stuff. Video games, window shopping on line.

5. Hmm, I‘m really into Popcorners right now.

6. Honestly, water. 🤷🏻‍♀️

7. Do bookshelves count?

Open tag! 🤗

wordslinger42 Crafting for me, too! I should have put coloring as one of my hobbies given how much time I spend with colored pencils in my hand 😁 4y
Q84 I love crafting as well 4y
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So I got tagged by my potterswap match @Gyldholm to answer a few questions about myself:
1. 26
2. A brother
3. No
4. Fullmetall alchemist
5. Oh wow..I mean can anyone really answer that? I'll cheat and say HP series + 1984 + pride and prejudice ( and it's already hard enough. I'm taking any of these out 😂)
6. :P
7. Freckle
8. People are always surprised by how geeky I am
9. Cat!!!
10. Tea
11. A tale of two cities
12. Feel free to tag yourself.

DivaDiane Live long and prosper! 4y
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Really, I'd be barefoot. Always no shoes. They're like feet jail.

Bookgirl I also dislike shoes! 4y
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I couldn't choose between hardback and paperback because I don't really have a preference. Same for superheroes and fairytales, I'm not a huge fan of either.

#gettingtoknowyou @slategreyskies

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#bitmoji She's so fun!

SilversReviews Very cute #Bitmoji Thanks for joining in the fun. 5y
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Me in the bookstore! 😂😂😂
I love my bitmoji and usually she doesn't have such crazy eyes but this always makes me laugh!

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