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What Do You Do with a Problem?
What Do You Do with a Problem? | Kobi Yamada
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"What do you do with a problem? Especially one that follows you around and doesn't seem to be going away? Do you worry about it? Ignore it? Do you run and hide from it? This is the story of a persistent problem and the child who isn't so sure what to make of it. The longer the problem is avoided, the bigger it seems to get. But when the child finally musters up the courage to face it, the problem turns out to be something quite different than it appeared. This is a story for anyone, at any age, who has ever had a problem that they wished would go away. It's a story to inspire you to look closely at that problem and to find out why it's here. Because you might discover something amazing about your problem]] and yourself. What are problems for? They challenge us, shape us, push us, and help us to discover just how strong and brave and capable we really are. Even though we don't always want them, problems have a way of bringing unexpected gifts. So, what will you do with your problem?
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This RF focuses on a young boy who begins to have a problem. Not knowing what to do, who to turn to, and how to handle it- the problem begins to grow to a hindering size. Will the boys be brave and face his fears? Or will he continue ignoring it, only making it more unbearable?

AlexRobinson This book discusses themes I personally feel like go unsaid, leaving it up for all grade levels. Because it is such a crucial topic for all age groups to learn, I would utilize it in a RA format, leaving room for open discussion and questions as well as hand on activities such as the balloon experiment: focusing on how when worry can grow you also loose sight of new opportunities- 2y
AlexRobinson https://study.com/academy/lesson/what-do-you-do-with-a-problem-by-kobi-yamada-ac....
UDL guidelines that can be used through out the text as well as activity are 9.2, 9.3, and 4.1 (facilitating personal coping skills and strategies, developing self-assessment and reflection, and varying the methods for response and navigation).
AlexRobinson EL strategies such as 4, 8, 13, and 36 (link lesson topic to students‘ prior knowledge, use direct instruction, using preview/review activities, and asking numerous questions which require higher level thinking responses) can be adapted into the text as well as activity. 2y
AlexRobinson These guidelines and strategies set in place will give proper direction on tackling such a complex yet relatable theme. (If you would like a book with a similar theme yet with diversity and minority representation, check out: Ruby Finds A Worry by Tom Percival!) #ucflae3414sp21 2y
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I won this series on Instagram from Compendium. I really like all three books. They are beautifully drawn and I love the messages of the stories. #kidlit #picturebooks

Jen_Reads I love the box they came in! 4y
BookishShelly @Jen_Reads me too! It‘s beautifully illustrated on both sides. 4y
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#BlackCatChallenge Day 4: In this story, a child is plagued by troubles and difficulties and is #Afraid. Besom has successfully layered the narrative with visual metaphors, adding a different texture to what may actually be perceived as a borderline-prescriptive narrative. The advice is to face problems head-on, get to its very core, and maybe one could find something surprising right there at the very centre of it all. https://wp.me/pDlzr-dyr

Clwojick 🎃 4y
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Question: I read a little of everything, in many formats. I read a lot of manga and children's picture books last year, which I count along with all the other novels and audiobooks I finished on my Goodreads goal.

Do you count everything you read or just the longer (min 200 pages or so) books towards your reading goal?

Laura317 Everything. A book is a book. I think I ca safely say that the author of even the smallest picture book would agree it counts. 5y
VanChocStrawberry Everything. Maybe I wouldn‘t count picture books, but I count GN and Juvie books for sure. 5y
mjdowens I️ think it all counts. 5y
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blithebuoyant Everything! A good read is a good read ❤️ 5y
AmandaL Everything. It all counts. 5y
OrangeMooseReads Count everything 5y
Melissa_J I didn‘t used to count novellas in my yearly totals (I don‘t read comics or graphic novels so they aren‘t an issue for me), because I felt like that was somehow cheating, but I now think that‘s kind of silly so would count them. 5y
bookslesstravelled @VanChocStrawberry Well the picture books have words, just not as many as other books 😊 5y
bookslesstravelled @Melissa_J Yeah, at first I didn't count them, but the more I read, the more I find it's the story that counts, no matter the format. 😆 5y
Redwritinghood I count them all. 5y
Bookzombie I count everything. 5y
ReadingRover Lol I count all the things!!! Audiobooks, print books, short stories, children‘s books, picture books, photography books, graphic novels...you name it and I count it! 5y
VanChocStrawberry @adventuresthruwonderland yes! I just meant *I* don‘t count them. I totally think people should track however they want! 5y
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This week in picture books - resilience. #teachersoflitsy #librariansoflitsy #raisingreaders

JaclynW That particular Pete the Cat book is one of my favorites in that series!! 😎 5y
[DELETED] 3803335244 We love Pete the Cat! 5y
JaclynW @Lmstraubie Totally! 5y
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This is an amazing F PB that I would love to use to teach students in my classroom a lesson! It is about a little boy who has a problem that will not go away. His problem keeps getting bigger and bigger and he does not know how to get rid of it. One day he finally decides to face his problem once and for all and finds that it is actually beautiful! #UCFLAE3414F17

MakennaK UDL strategy, 9.1: Promote expectations and beliefs that optimizes motivation will be used to help students come up with goals to overcome their problems. EL strategy 3 , promote self-talk or positive thinking is perfect to use, because it will help the ELLs feel good about themselves and talk through their problems 5y
MakennaK http://www.teachcreatemotivate.com/growthmindset/ this website will bring you to a lesson plan that is perfect for this book! It helps kids to work through their problems and learn what to do about them. I'd definitely use this lesson plan in my classroom. 5y
Sabrinac Hi Makenna! I really enjoyed reading your book boost! I would love to read this book because, I have read Kobi Yamada's other book, What Do You Do With an Idea and I loved it. I think this book has a very important lesson to it, and I would love to have it in my classroom. #UCFLAE3414F17 5y
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ashley.v Hi Makenna! This sounds like a really cool. This book is a really good story to promote positive thinking and I would love to have it in my classroom #UCFLAE3414F17 (edited) 5y
DrSpalding Wow, such positive peer comments. Your book boost… I apologize. There have been two posts on this fabulous selection. Well done and most of all, how exciting you have inspired others to read this text. 5y
DrSpalding Be sure to add a photo to your profile.🙂 5y
MeganMc Hello! I really enjoyed reading this book! It's a great way to teach students how to deal with problems. Good job! 5y
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What Do You Do with a Problem by Kobi Yamada is an inspirational fiction RA that is a great addition to any early elementary classroom library. In this story a little boy realizes that he has run into a problem. He does all that he can to escape the problem, from running, shoo-ing it away, and even disguising himself from it. The more he avoids the the problem, the more he realizes it grows. Finally he decides it is time to face his problem

KarinaGuillen and in the process of doing so, he realizes something great. He sees that within each problem is a chance to learn and grow! This story relates to students of all ages and backgrounds. It is an inspiring story of bravery, seeing the good that comes from the bad and it motivates students to analyze their problems to figure out why they're there. UDL principal 3.1 Activate or supply background knowledge and EL principle 16 Integrate speaking 5y
KarinaGuillen listening, reading, and writing activities can all be met by this picture book. https://www.mindsetkit.org/static/files/YCLA_LessonPlan_v10.pdf In this Growth Mindset activity students write letters to future students about problems they've faced this school year and how they overcame them. This lesson can be modified to better fit early grade levels. #UCFLAE3414F17 (edited) 5y
DrSpalding Your book post I believe? This is an excellent post regarding a picture book with a very important message. We must persist, overcome, and endure. Having a growth mindset is a hot topic in education right now. Excellent resource. 5y
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Aimeejett This is a great book! I think it‘s important for students to face their problems instead of run away from them. This book is great to show that to them. I love your UDL & EL strategy for this book. 5y
brittanyg I love this title of the book. I like that we can put our feelings into a book to help our students. It‘s important that they know that they aren‘t the only one going through.l a hard time. 5y
audiobooklover This is working right with my situation right now...! 5y
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I am beyond excited to feature this beauty in tomorrow's Pippa's Corner on the blog.
Another beautifully written, incredibly illustrated picture book for children young and old! 💛📚

Snow I just checked out Pippa's Corner. SUCH a sweet idea! ☺️ Have you guys read The Library by Sarah Stewart? (Illustrated by David Small) 5y
nicholemers @Snow thank you so much!!! It really gives me an excuse to explore all the gorgeous picture books out there! 😉 I've not read The Library with her, yet. I'll have to add it to her TBR list!! 5y
Snow @nicholemers you're welcome☺️ (and yay!) 5y
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Written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom, this beautiful RF book describes what to do when you have a problem! Do you let it swallow you up? Or do you face it? Follow up with this problem-solving activity! http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/solution-square-s... #ucflae3414su17

tfundora This looks like such a cute book with a beautiful message! Next read for ME! Would be great for classroom! 6y
DrSpalding This is part of a series of What to do books. Powerful topics shared. Love the RWT resource! 6y
Jerricajay I love the message of this book and promoting critical thinking. Added this to my stack! 6y
Diana_S I remember seeing this series of book at Barnes and Noble and i wanted to but all of them, they are such good books to teach kids how to deal with difficult situations. 6y
StephanieP The activity is great! I would definitely use it in my classroom for sure! 6y
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It was a wee bit cheesy, but I still liked it, and so did my kids.
I like the idea of seeing a problem as an opportunity, even if I'm too grouchy today about a leaky freezer to look for the bright side 😖

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Day15 #photoadaynov16 #booknerdproblems Maybe it's more #litzynerdproblems than a book nerd problem but when you take a brief work break & are in the midst of checking out what's happening on Litsy and it goes down, that's a problem. Especially when you spend the next 30 minutes obsessively checking it to see if it's back up! 🤓📚 But the feeling when it is? ....priceless! Thanks @Litsy tech team! ❤️😀

rubyslippersreads I was going through withdrawal. 😂😂😂 6y
britt_brooke Yes!! 😁👏🏻 6y
KarenUK Yes! 🙌🙌🙌💕💕 6y
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GlitteryOtters I had this alert for over 48 hours straight at one point recently. Oh the tears I shed....! 😭😭😭 6y
Pinkmeghan I almost had a breakdown when this happened to me today!!! 😂 6y
SharonGoforth 👍👍👏👏👏 6y
TrishB Lol 😀😀 6y
Suzze Yikes! 6y
AbstractMonica I freaked out about it too😰 6y
MyNamesParadise I had that earlier on my break at work & I was so ticked! Glad it's back!! 6y
Donna_sBookMinute When this happens, we COULD . . . ummm . . . read. 😂 6y
rubyslippersreads @Donna_sBookMinute 😂😂😂📚📚📚 6y
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