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Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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Nineteen-year-old Harold Chasen is obsessed with death. He fakes suicides to shock his self-obsessed mother, drives a hearse, and attends funerals of complete strangers. Seventy-nine-year-old Maude Chardin, on the other hand, adores life. She liberates trees from city sidewalks and transplants them to the forest, paints smiles on the faces of church statues, and "borrows" cars to remind their owners that life is fleetinghere today, gone tomorrow! A chance meeting between the two turns into a madcap, whirlwind romance, and Harold learns that life is worth living, and how to play the banjo. Harold and Maude started as Colin Higgins's master's thesis at UCLA Film School. He was working as a pool boy when Paramount purchased the script. The 1971 film, directed by Hal Ashby, bombed. But then this quirky, dark comedy began being shown on college campuses and at midnight-movie theaters, and it gained a loyal cult following. In 1997 it was selected for inclusion on the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. This novelization was published shortly after the film's release, but has been out of print for more than 30 years. Even fans who have seen the movie dozens of times will find this companion valuable, as it gives fresh elements to watch for and answers many of the film's unresolved questions. Colin Higgins was a screenwriter, director, and producer of films that included Harold and Maude, Silver Streak, 9 to 5, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. He died in 1988.
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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#MarchIntoThe70s @Cinfhen @Lizpixie

I loved this straaange movie! Cat Stevens actually did all the songs for this movie 😁 #WildWorld

Cinfhen How awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Love this choice 4y
Lizpixie I loved that actress! She played Ma in Clint Eastwood‘s, Every Which Way But Loose in a phenomenally funny performance. She should‘ve gotten an Oscar for it & so should the orangutan! #rightturnclyde 4y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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1. The quirky, hilarious and poignant Harold and Maude. Plus it's got a Cat Stevens soundtrack ❤️
2. Tent Rocks National Park in New Mexico
3. True crime or crime/mystery related memoirs
4. Blue
5. What's a favorite "guilty pleasure" novel?

#friyayintro @jesshowbooks

Bklover ❤️Cat Stevens❤️ 4y
LazyDays That movie was Defenitly quirky! 4y
laurieluna I love Harold and Maude! I actually ended up seeing it because of my 6th form media teacher. He got the whole class a film each based on what he had learned about us over 2 years of knowing us and this is what he got me. It's fantastic. 4y
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Texreader Guilty pleasure novel? Tough question! Um, the Outlander series I think 4y
wanderinglynn I watched Harold & Maude in a college film class. Quirky little film. 👍🏻 4y
tournevis Star Trek tie-in novels. 4y
Guildedearlobe Hey, I never feel guilty about any book and I‘m sure some of my favorites, others consider guilty pleasures. It I want something lighter I tend to go for Space Opera/Military Sci-fi with robots and lots of explosions. 4y
JaclynW Romance or Young Adult. 4y
Bostonmomx2 I don‘t really feel guilty about my reading but I don‘t ever recommend romances or YA that I read for fear people will think I‘m simple minded lol 4y
cathysaid @Guildedearlobe True, guilty pleasures could probably be defined as brain candy as well. 4y
cathysaid @Bostonmomx2 😂😂😂 I fear there are times when I am, in fact, simple minded. 😜 4y
cathysaid @Bklover "Well, if you want to sing out, sing out / And if you want to be free, be free..." ? ? 4y
cathysaid @Texreader Oh yes, that's a good one 👍🏻 4y
cathysaid @JaclynW @tournevis Mine are usually ultra fast paced, simply written crime novels. (edited) 4y
cathysaid @LazyDays @miralunasbooknook @wanderinglynn It's so dark yet bizarrely funny. Not sure what that says about me! 😜🤔😜 4y
LazyDays I watched it tell the end. I needed to know what happened! 4y
tournevis @cathysaid It's the formula of it, I think. 4y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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We installed a bird bath at the Hospice today to honour my Aunt who recently passed away. The quote says "to me, they will always be glorious birds" from Harold and Maude - her favourite movie! ❤️?

christineandbooks Really pretty and such a lovely idea. ☺🐦 6y
Cortg Wonderful! 6y
DebinHawaii How pretty and what a nice memorial. 💜 6y
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KarenUK Lovely 💕 6y
DivineDiana Yes, very thoughtful tribute! 6y
Literaryunicorn So lovely! 🙂 6y
kalinichta Your aunt was clearly a woman of taste. 💐🐦💟 6y
Texreader Lovely!! 6y
elkeOriginal That's a beautiful memorial 💕 6y
LeahBergen Wonderful! 💗💗 6y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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Today I'm really missing my aunt who passed away in the fall. My family is buying a bird bath for the hospice where she died and we're going to put "For me they will always be - glorious birds" on the plaque in honour of her favourite movie (Harold and Maude) and her love of birds. ❤️?

ReadingEnvy It's a lovely tribute! 🕊️🐦 6y
Texreader What a beautiful idea 6y
GypsyKat ❤️ 6y
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mjdowens That is just so sweet💐❤️ 6y
Nebklvr What a lovely tribute 6y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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While this a beautiful book, THIS MOVIE, though! I do not actually have words for how much I love this movie. #FunFridayPhoto

vivastory Such a fantastic movie 6y
manifestsanity One of my absolute favorites. Quite possibly perfect. 6y
LeahBergen Love ❤ 6y
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Joybishoptx Oh yeah. One of the bests. Go and love some more! 6y
DebinHawaii Love this one!! 👍😀 6y
bookwrm526 Oh, I love this movie, how did I not know it was based on a book?!? 6y
KVanRead And a great soundtrack too! 6y
Hobbinol Oh me too! Me too! Ruth Gordon is the best! I don't know how many times I've watched Harold die! Countless! 6y
kspenmoll This was wonderful! Thx for reminder! 6y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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I so love Harold and Maude! 💗

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Me tooooooo!! (But Ive only seen the film). If you wanna sing out, sing out. 6y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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In 1994, I borrowed Harold and Maude from the Mega Video in West Philadelphia. It was a two-day rental. The next night, the Mega Video burned to the ground. It never re-opened. I never figured out how to return the movie.

I no longer have a VCR, but I still have Harold and Maude on VHS in the blue plastic Mega Video case.

#somethingborrowed #booktober

Snakes6atx One of my favorite movies ever! 💜💜💜 6y
Alfoster Love that movie! 6y
Suzze Fabulous movie! 6y
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RealLifeReading Great story! 6y
bookwrm526 Fabulous soundtrack 6y
WoodyWoodson Worth keeping forever 6y
JustTrish Ha! Fabulous, that's a true keeper ❤ 6y
Yossarian @Snakes6atx @Alfoster @Suzze @RealLifeReading @bookwrm526 @WoodyWoodson I'd lend it to you, but I'm afraid it's cursed, and my house will burn down if I do. 6y
Alfoster @Yossarian Ha! No worries here! We actually still have our old VCR!!😀 6y
KVanRead 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏And the Best #somethingborrowed award goes to... @Yossarian 6y
Briguy73 One of my all time favorite movies! 6y
kspenmoll Nostalgic for that movie! 6y
ApoptyGina69 I just saw Cat Stevens in San Francisco on Monday night! We were all reminiscing about H & M. Saw it many times on VHS and on the big screen. 🌟😍 6y
Suzze @Yossarian I don't have a VCR or a DVD player. I'll just have to picture it in my mind. 6y
WoodyWoodson Maybe it's not cursed, but it's actually a good luck charm to protect you from Sarah Palin and those inflatables. You're meant to have it!!!! 6y
HardcoverHearts @ApoptyGina69 : we literally did the same things Monday and Tues nights! Cat and Patti! It was a great week. 6y
ApoptyGina69 @HardcoverHearts super! Too bad we didn't meet. I met some fun people esp at Davies. We were more rushed at Patti 6y
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Harold and Maude | Colin Higgins
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I finally sorted out my #threefictionalcharacters! Rory Gilmore, Meg from Disney's Hercules, and Harold Chasen. This was super hard, but I think I've got everything in here: bookishness, sass, independence, morbidity, and more! Honorable mention goes to Harley Quinn because I just saw Suicide Squad with a friend and she thinks Harley minus a tiny pinch of crazy is basically me on a regular basis. I'm an odd one I guess 😂😜