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Toronto / Ravenclaw . You can never be overdressed or overeducated
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Love and Gravity: A Novel by Samantha Sotto
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Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon
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Stephen King said Umbridge is greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter. This woman, along with Harry's belligerent attitude made Order of the Phoenix one of the most difficult books to read.

Who's that one villain that made your skin crawl ?

#harrypotter #orderofthephoenix #umbridge #villain #jkrowling #hogwarts

sarahlostbutfound Did Stephen King say that? How cool!!! I always hated Umbridge more than all the other HP villains! 6y
oasisgirlmd @sarahlostbutfound yeah can you believe it! And me too!! Way more than I hated Voldemort! 6y
thebooksatchel I didn't know King said that! 6y
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oasisgirlmd @thebooksatchel I know I was so surprised when I read that!! 6y
Sophoclessweetheart Umbridge! Sheeesh! 😅 6y
a_tad_bit_bookish You are braver then me Asma. I won't let the Umbridge pop in my house. The woman makes my skin crawl, much more so then Voldy. 6y
anniekslibrary I'll have to agree on Umbridge! She's horrible. Although some Game of Thrones characters, Ramsay Bolten for instance, are high on my 'scary as hell' list as well😅 6y
decorating.reader I always love when you do HP pics 😭 they are so perfect 6y
Bookwormeverlasting Definitely Umbridge. She's awful 6y
NotthePathtoNarnia Definitely Umbridge!!! There is a book series by Deborah Chester The Sword, The Ring, The Chalice and Prince Gavril makes my blood boil. He's beyond awful! 6y
oasisgirlmd @SeelieWarrior I know right 🤣 6y
lucyintheskycreations I can't figure out this app LOL but I'm glad I found you here. 6y
oasisgirlmd @lucyintheskycreations 😂😂 yayyy I'm so glad you're here Lucy!! 6y
BookishMarginalia Such a cool pic! 6y
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NewsPrints | Ru Xu
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Just getting into graphic novels and Newsprints is next on my tbr. War, gender constraints, family conflicts, friendship, seems like an action packed story!
Have you guys read this one?

#graphicnovel #scholastic #youngadult

colourfulblackwhiteworld So beautiful!!😍 6y
oasisgirlmd @colourfulblackwhiteworld thankyou so much 💖 6y
NotthePathtoNarnia I haven't! I've read a lot of Joss whedon and Neil Gaiman graphic novels though. It's an underrated genre of books! 6y
oasisgirlmd @NotthePathtoNarnia oh can you suggest a Neil Gaiman one? 6y
NotthePathtoNarnia The sandman series is MY FAVOURITE. 6y
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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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SNAPE: hero or villain?
Can we just say he's a herain or a villro? Cos I think he's honestly a mix of the 2. Well not really a hero, but he did try to redeem himself a bit. Can we really just let go of everything he did? Well Harry did. I honestly wouldn't have.

If you were Harry, would you have forgiven Snape?

#harrypotter #halfbloodprince #jkrowling

CommasAndAmpersands Nooooooooo. I definitely wouldn't have. Blah blah redemption blah blah HE TRIED TO KILL NEVILLE'S PET. I am terrified of toads and I still can't deal with that. 6y
oasisgirlmd @CommasAndAmpersands I'm with you on that on Sarah!! 6y
Librorian Hello Asma! 😘😘💕❤️ 6y
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anniekslibrary Yeah, Snape is definitely no hero! 6y
sneirr I definitely wouldn't have forgiven him. Seen him in a different light (slightly better bc he did work for the Order of the Phoenix & Dumbledore all along), but he never did anything to excuse bullying children.. 6y
oasisgirlmd @sneirr that actually bothered me the most, the bullying 6y
sneirr @oasisgirlmd exactly! 6y
JenWindramReads It would be hard to forgive him personally, but I do understand where he was coming form. 6y
MrBook All I can say is,wWelcome to @Litsy !!! 😆We hope you enjoy your time on here with us 😊👍🏻! Won't find a better bibliophile community than right here, imho. 😎👌🏻🙌🏻 6y
Chachic What a lovely pic! Welcome to Litsy! 🎉🎉🎉 6y
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