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Trying to make more time for books in my life ❤️. Email: susanberman95@gmail.com

Great book

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Karizma @SusieCakes welcome! What brings you to Litsy? 4y
SusieCakes Need more books in my life ☺️ 4y
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RadicalReader @SusieCakes if you enjoy suspenseful psychological thriller novels I highly recommend the wonderful novel soon to be a Netflix tv series 4y
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SusieCakes @RadicalReader Thanks! I'll check it out 😊 4y
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WhatWouldJaneDo I keep hearing about this one, it's quickly moving up my TBR. Welcome to Litsy! 4y
SusieCakes @WhatWouldJaneDo Thanks! It's a good read. Good pacing too. My only complaint is that after 50-60% thru the book, the author is just repeating very similar evidence to support what we as the readers already concluded about Elizabeth. 4y
WhatWouldJaneDo That was a concern, I feel like that can happen a lot with books around things like this. When so many of the main points are hit more concisely in articles I wonder does the author really have that much more information to fill a book, or will a lot of it be filler/rehashing? 4y
SusieCakes @WhatWouldJaneDo The author gives us the viewpoints of a bunch of ppl involved, but it just felt like "rehashing" bc all of these ppl hated Elizabeth for the same reasons. I think where the book shines is giving us insight into what happened within the walls of Theranos, the medical device industry, and the employees at the company. It read like a long, well-written news article: more informative than entertaining 4y
SusieCakes There's also a strange admiration I felt for Elizabeth to pull off the stunt. It would have made the book from good to amazing if we got to know what went thru her mind (obviously not possible since she declined interviews) 😊 4y
rather_be_reading welcome to litsy 📚☕📚 4y
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Cinfhen I just read this book and I was amazed by the chutzpah she had!! Talk about a set of balls 😉‼️Such a great read 4y
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