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Literary London | Sam Jordison, Eloise Millar
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Under the Tuscan Sun | Frances Mayes
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I‘m behind on #readingresolutions, so here‘s both #TravelTuesday and #WishfulWednesday! I studied in Florence during college, and planned to go back in 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of that semester. But then my husband & I both lost jobs that year & we couldn‘t afford the trip. I wish to go back someday & someday I will! I loved both of these books for all their reminders of Italy—I read Bella Tuscany when I returned to Florence in 2006. 😊

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#ReadingResolutions #WishfulWednesday
Whoops! I almost forgot this one. Here are four wishful books from my stacks--they all have 'wish' in their titles. The top two I've read and the bottom two are in my #TBR stacks.

DebinHawaii @GypsyKat Me too! I loved it in print for the photos and audio for the voices. 💜💜💜 2y
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My children loved these books along with the Faraway Tree ones. Now my grandchildren are enjoying them too.

#wishfulwednesday. #readingresolutions. @Jess7

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Day 9: #WishfulWednesday

I have multiple reasons for choosing Louise Penny's Three Pines series:

I wish I could write like her.
I wish I could live in Three Pines.
Bury Your Dead is also set in Quebec City, and I wish I could visit the city and the phenomenal libraries she describes.

#ReadingResolutions @jess7 #LouisePenny #ThreePines #ViveGamache

Crazeedi Love this series 2y
Ruthiella I would like to live in Mary Ste. Mead but only if I don‘t get murdered!🤪 2y
TiredLibrarian @Ruthiella True, the per capita murder rate seems a bit high! 😳😉 2y
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My wish for this #wishfulWednesday is to soon get the opportunity to read the third book in Becky Chambers Wayfarers series! I pre-ordered it😀
#ReadingResolutions @Jess7

Centique Awesome news! I‘m gonna go order it now 😊👍 2y
Ruthiella @Centique It‘s out this July! 😀 2y
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#ReadingResolutions @Jess7

Fairytales have always simultaneously encouraged and warned against wishful thinking. I think that duality is part of what makes them so fascinating! I thought it would be appropriate to share a couple of my favorites for #WishfulWednesday. These books will each take you on adventures, both inspiring and dangerous!


Schnoebs Uprooted is such a good book 😍 2y
bookishbitch I have yet to be disappointed by Holly Black. 2y
MarticaMustRead Oh I LOVED uprooted & hadn't heard about the tagged book...STACKED! Thanks!🤓 2y
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Valley Girls | Sarah Nicole Lemon
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Some items off my wish list (with text-heavy covers!) - anyone read these yet? #WishfulWednesday #ReadingResolutions

Wishful Drinking | Carrie Fisher
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May 9: #ReadingResolutions#wishfulWednesday; I wish I could‘ve met this incredible lady before she passed away. She‘s just such an inspiration to me and her legacy lives on still through her legions of fans!

TheReadingMermaid ❤️ her. Can't wait to read this book! 2y
JosieG She's one of my favorites...I just adore her. ❤ 2y
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Rainbirds | Clarissa Goenawan
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I really wish I could read all of my #BOTM books!! 🤣🤣

Bronte_Chintz 😂😂😂 2y
2BR02B Same here! 2y
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AmyG Me too 😳 2y
Jess7 Ditto 2y
TheLibrarian Same! 2y
Cailey_Mac Me though😅 I occasionally stop ordering from BOTM so I can “catch up” but in reality that never happens😂 2y
TheFunkyBookworm You have so many great ones!!! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cailey_Mac I say I‘m going to do that every month!!!! 2y
EllieDottie Oh my goodness me too!! 2y
The_Heeler_Booklife Circe. 😍 Anyway, I am starting to collect a pile because I keep getting 2-3 a month and now I am needing to read other books for a project, so I have 5 books to catch up to. 2y
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