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Such an annoying book - very woe-is-me and everyone else is to blame for their problems. The author and her husband owe the IRS a huge debt so they go to live in a shack in the mountains of #northcarolina and raise goats (there ends up being about 10 goats so goodness knows where the title comes from!)

#nfnov #wil #whatIlearned Possums do actually ‘play possum‘. Oh and don‘t be such a whinge-bag when you brought it on yourself!


Librarybelle I‘ve heard this one isn‘t that great. Good for you for staying with it...another state down! 3mo
Crazeedi I borrowed this but didnt read before I had to return, probably wont be in a hurry to get again. Thanks for review 3mo
squirrelbrain I wouldn‘t bother @Crazeedi - very annoying! At least it was free on Libby and a quick read! @Librarybelle 3mo
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TrishB 😂 great review 3mo
Hooked_on_books Hmm…sounds more like a pan! In good goat news, did you know that the Reagan library used a team of hundreds of goats in the spring to eat back ground cover around the library and this probably saved the library from a recent wildfire? Hooray for goats! 3mo
rsteve388 9 pts 3 for TIL, 5 because you finished it and 1 for the post it's self. 3mo
squirrelbrain That‘s fab news @Hooked_on_books ! They certainly are good goats! 3mo
Crazeedi @Hooked_on_books that is awesome, I've heard of places using goats to clear growth, this is fantastic 3mo
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