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Thought I‘d share this Kindle deal. I‘ve been meaning to read it for a long time, but the author just released a cookbook that was mentioned on the Tea and Tattle podcast, so decided I needed to get to the three books in her memoir series.

#kindledeal #teaandtattle

BellaBookNook Be sure to share some pics of yummy recipes you make!! 2y
Godmotherx5 Thanks for the post. The podcast sounds lovely. 2y
EvieBee @BellaBookNook You‘ve got it! I want to get to this for summer. 2y
EvieBee @Godmotherx5 It really is! Such a delight. So upbeat and lighthearted. 2y
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So excited about today‘s #bookmail even though it took 3 weeks to get here. I think I‘ve purchase almost every one of the books written by the authors interviewed on the Tea and Tattle podcast! So good! I now also own all of Vogler‘s books. Now to read them!

#bookhaul #teaandtattle

LeahBergen I‘m addicted to that podcast (and need this book, too!). I loved the Persephone Books and the Slightly Foxed episodes. ❤️ 2y
EvieBee @LeahBergen Yes, those were so good! 2y
Sarah83 Is it the same edition like the Mr Darcy dinner? 2y
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EvieBee @Sarah83 Yes it‘s exactly the same. I like that! 2y
Sarah83 Looks really gorgeous. 💖 2y
Jess_Read_This Tea and Tattle has increased my book buying budget enormously. I enjoyed the Pen Vogler episode as well! 2y
BiblioLitten 😍 2y
EvieBee @Jess_Read_This Me too! Thank you for introducing me. I would never have found it otherwise. I think of you every Tuesday and Friday. ♥️♥️🤗 2y
Jess_Read_This @EvieBee Awww! I‘m just so glad we are sharing the love of this podcast and telling others how amazing it is! 2y
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First book purchase here! I‘ve been wanting this book for a long time, but was never willing to part with $24. Found this copy brand new for €4.99!

#bookhaul #teaandtattle

RadicalReader @EvieBee I absolutely adore the cover of the book so gorgeously stunning 2y
Miss_Kim That‘s so cute! 💕📖💕 2y
wanderinglynn What a fantastic deal! And I too love the cover. ❤️📚 2y
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rubyslippersreads How cute! I had just commented on the cute German version @Sarah83 has in her Jane Austen collection. ❤️ 2y
MelAnn Another “LetsGetNaked gorgeous book cover!!! Awesome deal to find! 2y
Sarah83 Me too. @rubyslippersreads I got my edition for about four euros some time ago. 😘💖😂 2y
rubyslippersreads @Sarah83 @EvieBee The funny thing is, I can't cook. Mr. Darcy would have to make me dinner! 😂 2y
EvieBee @RadicalReader @Miss_Kim @wanderinglynn Thank you so much! So many good deals here! 🤓♥️ 2y
EvieBee @rubyslippersreads @sarah83 That is too funny! 😆 2y
EvieBee @MelAnn I am loving these naked books! 💚 2y
EvieBee @rubyslippersreads @sarah83 Me too! Well at least not these fancy dishes! But these pictures are nice to look at. 🤓 2y
MelAnn I love them, too! I meant to hashtag that not quote lol #letsgetnaked 2y
Sarah83 So true 🤗 2y
JaclynW Great deal! So pretty! 2y
JaclynW @EvieBee So cool! I need to find these! 2y
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The Reading Cure | Laura Freeman
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Having a bit of a lie in on this cloudy Monday morning! New week, new book! Was stoked to hear a shoutout of it on the Tea and Tattle podcast.

#CurrentlyReading #Dottie #Dogsoflitsy #readingmyshelves #teaandtattle

Zelma That is a really interesting concept for a book. 2y
EvieBee @Zelma It is! It‘s a combination of three things I love reading about: books about books, food, and psychology! So good this far. 2y
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Good morning! It‘s a French Toast and new book kind of morning. I wasn‘t a big fan of the film so haven‘t been in a hurry to read the book. However, after catching the Persephone episode of the Tea and Tattle podcast, decided to pull it off my shelf.

#CurrentlyReading #Persephone #bookandbreakfast #readingmyshelves #teaandtattle

Mdargusch I agree with you. I wasn‘t a big fan of the movie, so I‘ve never read the book. I will be watching for your review. 2y
Wilkie It‘s a sweet book. I hope you like it! 2y
Reviewsbylola I think I‘ll have to listen to that podcast!! 2y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Such a pretty meal!!! 🥚 2y
catebutler I actually enjoyed the book and the movie, did think the book was slightly better than the movie. I hope you enjoy! 2y
minkyb What is this podcast you are referring to? Please and thank you. 2y
EvieBee @Mdargusch I thought I was the only one who thought it was meh! I‘ll definitely keep you posted. 🤓 2y
EvieBee @Wilkie I am really enjoying it thus far! 2y
EvieBee @Reviewsbylola @minkyb It‘s really good (Tea and Tattle)! @Jess_Read_This introduced me to it and it‘s been the highlight of my week. They discuss books, have author interviews and all kinds of good stuff! I went to look for the Persephone books episode in particular. 2y
EvieBee @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you! 🤗♥️ 2y
EvieBee @catebutler I‘m thinking as I read it now (and am definitely enjoying) that I might have to go back and watch it. It‘s been years!! 2y
catebutler @EvieBee I think you should! I actually think I did the same and found I liked the movie even more after the fact. Let me know if your opinion of the movie changes after you read the book! 2y
Jess_Read_This @EvieBee It‘s the highlight of my week too! I was rather bummed Miranda wasn‘t feeling well and this week‘s was delayed. I like their Friday one but wish it was longer than 10 minutes... which I know that‘s the design but their discussions are so interesting I need more time! ☺️ 2y
minkyb @EvieBee I did find that but was not sure it was what you were referring to. Downloading or uploading now! 🤗 2y
EvieBee @Jess_Read_This I am so enjoying that Friday segment as well! Makes me want to read more poetry and short stories. 2y
EvieBee @minkyb Yay! Enjoy. ♥️ 2y
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