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Hi, all. I'm looking for a way to get out of my reading slump. Too many distractions these days. I thought joining a buddy read would be fun. I know about #buddyread, #pemberlittens, #furrowedmiddlebrowclub, and #sundaybuddyreads. I plan to check these out. Any suggestions for others? I don't care for rom-coms, science fiction or short stories. Other than that, I'm pretty open.

Thank you!

CarolynM I must have missed this when you posted it, sorry. As well as #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub I‘m also in the #WhartonBuddyRead (reading Edith Wharton in chronological order - I think we‘ve done 5 or 6 so plenty more to go) and the #PersephoneClub group (reading books from the Persephone catalogue) You‘d be very welcome in any of those groups🙂 Hope you find something to get you out of the slump💕 (edited) 1mo
Sparklemn @carolynm I love Persephone books. I have about 20 of them and always happy to buy more in the catalogue. I'll check it out. Thank you!! 1mo
Sparklemn @tpixie I'll check this out. Thank you! 2w
tpixie @Sparklemn most are short Children‘s novels, so not a big commitment! 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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#winterGames2021 #TeamGameSleighers

My answers to the intro activity: ✔️

1. October @seatoskies @chasingom @laughterhp 🎂
2. @galueth28 @lynnsoprano @sebrittainclark Pride & Prejudice 💙
3. A Holiday by Gaslight @TheSpineView Let It Snow @magpiejem The Holiday Swap @kimmiepete1 @BayouGirl85 The Twelve Dates of Christmas @peanutnine 📚👯‍♀️
4. @TheBookHippie with #sundaybuddyreads 🤗📚
5. @crazeedi historical fiction & mystery 🦽👢🕵️‍♀️

DebinHawaii 6. @staycurious 🎄
7. @puddlejumper 🐱presents 😽❤️
8. @kdgordon88 @peanutnine @wordslunger42 💌📫
9. @mrsmarch @matchlessmarie 👩🏻‍💻
10. @bookjunkie57 had a post about drunk wrapping today that made me smile! 😆
DebinHawaii That‘s 21 names so 211 points with participation point 🧮 7mo
Bookjunkie57 Glad you enjoyed the laugh. 7mo
TheSpineView 👍📖📚 7mo
StayCurious Great job! Thanks for playing! 7mo
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The Broken Girls | Simone St James
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Every time we finished a Simone St. James book for #sundaybuddyreads this year I vowed to go back & read this one & I finally did it! I can see what all the🖤is about. Spooky, atmospheric & an interesting story & mystery with lots of twists. I‘m still torn between this & The Sun Down Motel as my favorite with Silence For the Dead right up there too. Heck, I‘ve enjoyed everything I‘ve read from this author & can‘t wait for her new book next year.

kspenmoll Me too to all that!!!💕 10mo
Sargar114 Glad you loved it!!! Mary Hand is one of the scariest ghosts! (edited) 10mo
DebinHawaii @Sargar114 She is quite scary! I even had to stop reading it last night when it was dark & windy outside.😱😉 10mo
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So. I finished the book (even before the first #SundayBuddyRead discussion). I thought I was behind then I started to listen to it and then... it just gripped me and I had to keep going. I will linger/lurk in the #SundayBuddyReads - but not participate too heavily because I don't want to spoil anything. #TBRread 10hrs



mollyrotondo 😂 I‘m glad you liked it so much! I am going to start this weekend and participate in the #sundaybuddyread. I hope I can stop after chapter 10. I really like her books. 1y
ElizaMarie @mollyrotondo I have never read any of her books before. But it was just a great combination of ghost story/mystery type of book that I just got so into it! I really enjoyed it .. 1y
mollyrotondo @ElizaMarie oh her books are very good and do a good job incorporating some sort of supernatural element. The tagged book was very good. 1y
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ElizaMarie @mollyrotondo Thanks! I am going to stack that one so I can look into it. 1y
TheBookHippie We‘re doing three of her books this year!!! We have done two before this 1y
ElizaMarie @TheBookHippie I am looking forward to them! Also I have the others on the TBR for now 1y
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The Book of Two Ways | Jodi Picoult
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Discussion today!! Questions on @TheBookHippie page!!



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#weekendreads Thanks for the tag @wanderinglynn 🤗

1️⃣ Finishing up 115 pages of the pictured book for #sundaybuddyreads discussion + Northanger Abbey for PemberLittens & Cosmos by Ann Druyan for book tour review📚

2️⃣ The tagged book that I “found” on my Kindle recently & decided I needed to finally read😊

3️⃣ Biden/Harris #2020 + I had to get new tires but used the time to walk to my friend‘s bakery & hang out with Harry, her adorable dog🐶

DebinHawaii Consider yourself tagged if you‘d like to play along. 😉 2y
inthegreensandblues Seriously cute dog! 😍 2y
DebinHawaii @inthegreensandblues Right? He is a giant puppy/teddy bear! 🤗🐶 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick That pup looks like he gives good cuddles! 2y
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