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The Pilo Family Circus | Elliott, Will
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@JPeterson Better late than never posting this 😆🍻
Thank you for my box I loved it 💝
The books are the ones I was planning on buying this payday so thank you very much it made me soo happy.
#summerslasherbookswap #litsyswap #bookfriends

JPeterson Yay! Glad you enjoy everything! Lost Boy was amazing, one of my favorites. 4y
kaysworld1 @JPeterson I've read a few random pages out of it, it sounds so interesting. The chocolate is going down a treat 🍫📚😃 4y
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The Merciless | Danielle Vega
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#summerslasherbookswap Part 2!! @JamieLou

Thank you SO much for this wonderful box, I don‘t even have coherent words!

I have not read this book either! All the goodies are perfect and I adore these socks!

But can we talk about this pillow for a minute!? It‘s a book pillow, with a pocket to hold your book and snacks etc and all the embroidery was done by hand! This is seriously so cool and amazing and I really really love it!


JamieLou Ahhh I‘m so glad it finally made it! As soon as I saw the book fabric I knew I had to make it for you! (Check out the titles of the books on the shelf 😉). In the beginning I was only going to embroider a stack of books but then I saw that image (originally surrounded by famous horror authors‘ names with KING being the biggest) and I knew the crafting gods were speaking to me 😂 Also that books looks scary af so you‘ll have to let me know! (edited) 4y
Bookish_AF I stopped at the post office on the way to work because I knew it was super close and it wasn‘t there yet - It arrived at the post office about 10 minutes after I was there!! So I begged my boyfriend to go pick it up since they would close before I got home. I can‘t believe you hand embroidered this and that I get to be the recipient of something so awesome! I am super excited to read all of the books! @JamieLou (edited) 4y
JoScho That pillow is beyond amazing!!! @JamieLou 4y
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tracey38 @JamieLou you made that pillow?!? It's amazing, I love it! 😍😍 4y
JamieLou Thanks everyone! @whippoorwill815 @JoScho @tracey38 Technically the machine did all the hard work but it was so fun to design and put it together ! 4y
JoeStalksBeck Wow!!!! 4y
ReadZenRites That pillow is a fluffy kind of magical comfort! 😁 @JamieLou , the machine may have helped, but you have some serious skills!! 😊💕 4y
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Found this at my door today!

Thank you, thank you @kaysworld1 - I love it all! I can‘t wait to dig into these new books (and the chocolate and candies as well 😉), and those earrings are perfect! ❤️ This was a fantastic way to end the day.

#summerslasherbookswap @JoeStalksBeck

kaysworld1 I'm so glad it arrived, enjoy everything 💝 4y
JPeterson I also wanted to check and make sure my package made it to you? @kaysworld1 4y
kaysworld1 @JPeterson Yer I've had yours for a bit now when I did post a picture I got told off so I deleted it. Ooops 🤗 Now I'm scared to post anything! 4y
JPeterson @kaysworld1 Oh, no 🙈🙈 Well, I‘m glad it got there safely! 4y
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Sharp Objects: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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@TulaShamhart thank you so much for my goodies - yours will be to you ASAP - I completely misread my email and didn‘t see your info! I‘m going to try and expedite for you!!This is super cool and fun. I‘m really excited to read Sharp Objects. It‘s the one I haven‘t gotten to by Gillian Flynn! This made my day. Thank you again 😊 (goodies pictured, the cat I had already 😂😂😂) #summerslasherbookswap

Victoriahoperose @TulaShamhart your package will be there by Thursday at the absolute latest! Thank you again! 4y
Betty That Horror coloring book looks fun! 4y
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Stoner | John Williams
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Eight books!!! And a wealth of bookmarks. I'm so thrilled with all of these, haven't read any. Thanks so much @CindyMyLifeIsLit for these and thanks too @JoeStalksBeck for organizing our #summerslasherbookswap. I'm looking forward to reading all these slashers!

AmyG Fatal Vision is one of my favorite true crime books. Great pile of books!!! 4y
arubabookwoman The Good Nurse was eye-opening (and a very good read). Always have an advocate with you if you are hospitalized, and question every pill. 4y
Betty @arubabookwoman yes indeed! An advocate is needed. My daughter is a nurse practioner, glad to have one in the family 4y
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JoeStalksBeck Wow!!! 4y
Betty @AmyG Cindy (my swap partner) said Fatal Vision is her personal favorite true crime 4y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @Betty I hope you enjoy them! My box definitely lacked the creativity of yours! 😞. Just out of curiosity, are there any Funko figures you collect or would have wanted? I wasn‘t sure what would appeal to you since you‘re not a horror fan. Again, I LOVE your choices for me!! Thanks so much!! 4y
Betty @CindyMyLifeIsLit, I don't collect Funko figures. I'm at the stage of life where I'm trying to downsize. Am still a hoarder, so I'm trying not to add things. 😏When I saw you had a shelf of King's works, I thought they'd adorn the shelf. 4y
Betty As for creativity, @CindyMyLifeIsLit, I liked your creativity-- great variety of books. 4y
JulAnna Fatal Vision is very good! 4y
CindyMyLifeIsLit @Betty That makes me feel a little better! I completely understand the downsizing—my husband and I are planning to trade our two-story for a single-story now that the kids have moved out. We feel like half of the house is being wasted! 4y
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Lyrebird | Cecelia Ahern
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Thank you for this beautiful package❤. I've never read this book and can't wait to begin it. I adooooooore the diary and bookmark that you made. And also the beautiful letter was really touching and inspiring.
Thanks to @JoeStalksBeck for organizing this book swap!

radhikeey Am so glad you loved all of them. I constantly wished that the books must haven't been already read by you. Am so happy that you can enjoy the book 😃❤️ 4y
rather_be_reading stacked! 4y
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So excited to get my hands on the #summerslasherbookswap box from @CindyMyLifeIsLit I opened the whole thing while sitting in the post office parking lot! Will post pix of the books (so many!) after I get back home. Thanks, Cindy, for the true crime genre I'd been wanting to read.

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Thank you so much @olivia.ferz for the books! I loved them and can't wait to start reading them. The little sticky note is so cute! Am always in need for more stationery. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️
@JoeStalksBeck Thank you for this amazing book swap :)

olivia.ferz I'm glad you liked them😄. I'll be posting a picture of your gift by today evening. 4y
Betty I enjoyed Stranger in the Mirror years ago. M 4y
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Slasher Sam | Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.
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Thank you to @QueeneMiri for #summerslasherbookswap! I haven‘t read any of these books ❤️❤️ I really, really love the coffee mug!! @JoeStalksBeck

QueeneMare You‘re welcome! I‘ll post a pic of your box right now! I was super excited and opened it at like 8am this morning but didn‘t want to post a pic because I didn‘t want to seem like an eager nerd 🤓 4y
Kappadeemom We are all eager nerds! I‘ve opened boxes at 12:01 am before 😂 I happened to be out of town this weekend, so that‘s why my pic is later! @QueeneMiri 4y
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“....Wait. Wait.



guinsgirlreads That looked like such a cute little thing! I want one lol 4y
ElleSkel @guinsgirlreads thank you for sending it my way! It seems cute but there is some work in it that stops your heart. A piece compiled of notes from a mass shooter really chilled me to the bone. 4y
guinsgirlreads @Elle_Skeldon just cute size wise lol 😆 sounds interesting though! 4y
ElleSkel 😆 My bad! Lol yes, it is a cute little book! @guinsgirlreads (edited) 4y
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