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Pizza is in the oven, rum is in my glass, and my #bookoutlet #bookhaul arrived today! Believe it or not, I showed a little restraint.

No doubt hubby will use this as an excuse to buy another bass.

kidamy ...that comment about my hubby sounded much less playful than I intended! 😄 10mo
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Dracula (Revised) | Bram Stoker
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A bit behind on my reading, so let's change it.
Oh and after 25 hours Madame la Kitty is finished!
#stitching #audiobook

PurpleyPumpkin Adorable!😻 13mo
MaleficentBookDragon So cute!😻 13mo
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A very small amount of reading before sleep. I've been returning to cross stitch for the first time in almost 7yrs so I've let my reading slip. Let's change that. The picture is Madame la Kitty as a friend called her, and this is my progress after twenty hours of stitching
#library #stitching

Bookzombie Cute! 13mo
AnneCecilie So cute 😍😍😍 13mo
melbeautyandbooks Nice stitching! I am also a cross stitcher. I just started about 4 or 5 months ago. Sometimes, I listen to audiobooks while I stitch. I have learned a lot about stitching thanks to Flosstube. 13mo
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EllanaRose @Bookzombie and @AnneCecilie - Thanks both! 13mo
EllanaRose @melbeautyandbooks - I've been stitching for a decade, started when I was getting stressed about college. I love it. I struggle with audio stitching, I find one of the two ends up getting ignored, so I just watch my favourite shows on Netflix. Yay you for being able to do that though! 13mo
melbeautyandbooks @EllanaRose Yes it is a good stress reliever. I only listen to really easy stuff like cozy mysteries. I also watch TV and stitch with me videos on Flosstube. Looking forward to seeing your finished piece! 13mo
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Got lots of crafting books from the library today ✨

Ft. my current knitting project, a hufflepuff scarf for a friend of mine. I can't decide if it's just a slow-to-make project or if I'm just a really slow knitter 😝

saresmoore I made a Slytherin scarf for my husband a couple of years ago and it took FOREVER. It was crochet, but I used a very light DK yarn and a small hook. Somehow I doubt it‘s just you! Also, I love that Mollie Makes book, but I‘ve yet to make anything from it. 😬 13mo
queerbookreader @saresmoore I'm using a worsted weight yarn but on thin ish needles it's taking soooooo long 😭😭 I loved the Mollie Makes knitting book so I got the crochet one to see what was in it! 13mo
saresmoore There is excellent use of color in the Mollie Makes Crochet book. When I first got it, my stash was mostly worsted and the patterns are largely DK. Oh, but I lied, I did make one of the blankets from the book and it turned out really pretty! 13mo
NovelGirl82 Ugh! I need to learn how to knit. I‘m in dire need of half finger gloves, and can‘t find any that I like. The only ones that I found that I really liked were cashmere, so they cost a fortune! It would be so much easier if I could just make them. (Also, I could make myself a ravenclaw scarf, which I definitely need!) 13mo
queerbookreader @NovelGirl82 Dooooo iiiiiit. Just kick yourself in the butt and do it. The beginning of this year I was like "bitch this is the year you are finally going to learn how to knit or so help me god" and now I can knit!! I learned from this book 13mo
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This is the wine and books pillow cover I made a few years ago ❤️ #wineandbooks #neverenoughwineorbooks #stitching #sublimestitching #audiostitching #embroidery

Lacythebookworm Love it! 😍 3y
Suzze Nice! 3y
DebinHawaii Very cool! 👍💜 3y
LukkiAnn So beautiful 😍 3y
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