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I only completed 5 books but Sept was a great reading month: I spent lots of time with my #ReadingBuddy Minerva both indoors & out; I read more books by women than men; 2 of them were mysteries instead of my usual #SFF; I finally got to read SRD‘s The War Within after waiting for it for months; & now that my hubby has a 2 book lead, my #DiscworldReread is back on! #CatwithBook #CatsofLitsy #SelfReflection #SeptemberStats #SelfImprovementSept

rather_be_reading ONLY 5 is AWESOME! 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks That‘s awesome!!! #Blackcat #Fallisbooked 🖤😽 3y
wanderinglynn Minerva is so cute! 🖤🐱 And delete that “only”! Say it loud & proud that you read 5 books! Reading any book, no matter the quantity, is AWESOME! 🙌🏻 3y
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OriginalCyn620 What a beauty! 🖤🐱 3y
TK-421 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks! Until you pointed it out I didn‘t realize that my post worked for today‘s Fall is Booked prompt! 😂 3y
TK-421 @wanderinglynn Thanks 😊 I know, I need to worry less about how many books I read in a month. You‘re right that no matter the quantity just the act of reading a book is awesome 🙌 3y
TK-421 @OriginalCyn620 Thank you! 😺 3y
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I had a lot of fun with #SelfImprovementSept (Today - Mindfulness and Self-Reflection). Thank you both, @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and @OriginalCyn620 , for a very thoughtful photo challenge. It was definitely a feel-good month with that much self-reflection, self-affirmation, self-love and mindfulness.😉 I‘m floating high from this long look in the mirror and saturation of self-awareness, the world around me and my footprint 👣 in it!💕

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for playing ❤️ It was a great month!! 3y
OriginalCyn620 So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing along! 🙌🏻😊❤️ 3y
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The Joy of Journaling | Bonita Wasniewski
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#SelfImprovementSept - Journal: I don‘t know why it started or really when it started. At one time it was #2 pencils and notebook paper stapled together...then it was still #2 pencils, but a more sophisticated composition notebook...now I like gel pens and actual journals that I argue with myself are worth their high price. I like the intimacy of sharing my quiet thoughts with myself and thinking that someone might read them one day...MAYBE!

Ruthiella I can‘t read my old journals at all. I cringe. 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes... and I wonder what they will think 🤔🤣 it will most likely be my girls 💗 3y
OriginalCyn620 🙌🏼😊❤️ 3y
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#selfImprovementSept @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

The tagged book was my favorite but I also enjoyed Children of Ruin a lot. Actually, now that I reflect back I enjoyed all the ones I read this month no duds in the bunch. Now on to October! ❤📖

Aimeesue I loved Children of Ruin. Octopuses have always been one of my favorite animals, but that book made me appreciate them even more. 🐙 🐙 🐙 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Looks like some good ones!! 📚🙌🏻 3y
TheSpineView @Aimeesue I liked the spiders!🕷 3y
OriginalCyn620 Great job! 3y
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September, September | Shelby Foote
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My September started off really well for reading, and then it fizzled. Big time.I finished strong with a couple really good books, and I‘m hoping to finish a couple more in the next few days. #SeptStats

As for #SelfReflection , I found doing the #SelfImprovementSept challenge was fun to do, when I remembered to do it! It‘s great to think about the things that make you happy. Thanks ladies!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks You‘re very welcome!! Thanks for playing 💗💗 3y
OriginalCyn620 You‘re welcome! Thanks for playing along! 😊 3y
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IRL September was a very mixed bag, and apparently it was likewise in my reading life. While I didn‘t read as much as I thought I had, I‘m still on track with my reading challenges, and I also have several books “cooking” to close out the year. #septstats #selfimprovementsept

OriginalCyn620 👍🏻😊 3y
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Not a bad reading month for September! I also have been trying to focus more on self-care, including meditation and signing up for Noom to help me break some bad eating habits and drop a few pounds. Plus, I had a fantastic trip to New York! It was a great month overall! #selfimprovementsept #selfreflectionseptstats

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙌🏻🎊📚❤️ 3y
Ddzmini How did you like Billy Idols book ? 3y
OriginalCyn620 @Ddzmini I liked it! He‘s a good writer. I mean, he writes songs, but a book is a totally different animal and it was well written. 3y
Ddzmini I‘m looking forward to reading it so I‘m happy you liked it 📖😋🙌🏽 3y
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Leila is forced to reflect on her own life in this Booker shortlisted novel, which is my 12th book for September, though I doubt I‘ll finish it this side of midnight so it won‘t fall into this month‘s stats.


OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚❤️ 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Way to go!!! 🎉🙌🏻 3y
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