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And Then There Were None | Agatha Christie
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Another blue post - but this time, light blue, in all different shades! Of the four featured above, which author is your favorite? I know that's a pretty tough call... 😉💙📘

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rretzler Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors period. I‘ve read Virginia Woolf but not the others. (edited) 4mo
RhianJMartin @rretzler I love Agatha Christie too! 💚 I haven't read anything besides PS I Love You from Ahearn, but I've read quite a bit by Woolf. Roddy Doyle is fantastic. If you've never given his work a try, you should! 😊 4mo
rretzler Thanks for the rec. I‘ll have to put Doyle on my list. 4mo
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limada I've only read P.S. I Love You out of the pile, but I read it before the movie came out and absolutely loved it. Not sure I'd call Cecilia Ahern a favourite author, but she hasn't disappointed so far. 4mo
RhianJMartin @limada Yes, there was definitely more storyline in the book than what the movie portrayed (isn't that always the case? Haha!), but I like the movie, too. 🙂 Have you read anything else by Cecilia Ahern that you'd recommend? 📙 4mo
marleed Loved PS I Love You - the book then movie. I just reread the book so my memories would be with the book in anticipation of the sequel which doesn‘t get to the US until next spring :( 4mo
limada @RhianJMartin I think Flawed and Perfect are the only other two I've read, though I have a feeling there's another one; I just can't place the name - even after looking up her book titles. Her writing style just feels comfortable to me, so the stories flow easily. 4mo
RhianJMartin @marleed You know, I heard someone talking about the sequel but didn't realize it was actually happening! That's great news though. 🙂 There's always a wait, it seems... I'm a big BBC Masterpiece fan so I'm forever waiting for those shows to air in the US! ⌚ 4mo
RhianJMartin @limada Thanks for letting me know - I will put those on my TBR list! 😊📚 I'm the same way with Maeve Binchy novels... there's something that just feels like home when I read them. 💚 4mo
marleed It‘s called Postscript (get it!) and set 15 years after the book ends. The UK cover is gorgeous and they are rereleasing a ps I love you paperback to coordinate. I‘m so excited for the sequel that I started following the author on Instagram to keep up with news on it! 4mo
RhianJMartin @marleed Oh, that's great! I'll have to follow her on Instagram, too. ? Looking forward to "Postscript" - let me know your thoughts after you read it! ? 4mo
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PS, I Love You | Cecelia Ahern
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Currently watching the movie - it‘s one of my favorites to fall asleep to but I‘ve never read the book. How do the two compare? #psiloveyou #bookvsmovie

Princess-Kingofkings Love the movie ~ have not read the book. 6mo
marleed I loved the book then loved the movie. The concept of the two are the same but how the story plays out are significantly different. I just reread the book in anticipation of the sequel‘s release later this year. 6mo
Kaila-ann @marleed I thinks it‘s time I find a copy of the book. I confess that I usually forget that there is a book 🤔 6mo
IamIamIam I loved the movie and then hated the book, lol... First off, I am NOT a chick flick kind of person but this movie hit me so hard! I felt the storylines played out so much better in the film. If you're a fan, definitely give it a read. 😁 6mo
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P. S. I Love You | Jo Noelle
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PS, I Love You | Cecelia Ahern
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#bookvsfilm : I haven‘t seen the movie yet so I‘ll hold my judgment on this. The book is ok, but I‘d pick #loverosie over #psiloveyou. #ceceliaahern

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Excited to watch this on the plane to Chicago for work training. I haven't read the book yet because I'm using it for the #popsugarreadingchallenge for book made into a movie you've already seen. #readinggresolutions #traveltuesday #heyjune #psiloveyou #allyouneedislove #pride #riotgrams #queerreads

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How to Write Love Letters | Michelle Lovric
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Cinfhen Sweet 1y
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I can‘t remember the last time I wrote a real letter to someone. 😕

Suet624 They‘re really fun to get. ❤️😀 1y
GypsyKat I can. I think it was 1989. 🙈 1y
BiblioLitten Yesterday! It was fun...😊👌🤗 1y
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This one begins & ends with written communication (email, IM, text) between the two love interests. Mostly because one of them hasn‘t been outside most of her life. Not quite love letters, but close. #psiloveyou #heyjune

P.S. The book was much better than the movie!

GypsyKat Great picture! 1y
Cinfhen Beautiful photo ❣️❣️❣️ 1y
SledgeReader Love your photo! 1y
ephemeralwaltz LOVELY PHOTO! 1y
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For today's #HeyJune, I was going to make a clever play on the story that #PSILoveYou was inspired by / written for Paul's then-girlfriend Dot Rhone, possibly with a book by Dorothy Dunnett. Then I went online to double-check the story and he seems to have debunked it in this Barry Miles biography. So I went with it instead 😁 I'm due for a reread; last time was 20 years ago.

Saying Thank You | Monisha Vasa
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! PS, I love you all!

Yesterday, I got utterly spoiled by Anthony, finished my favorite book of the year so far (The Room on Rue Amelie- it‘s incredible) and @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks and I won copies of Beatriz Williams‘ Summer Wives!

Today, Anthony send me these with a note that said “can‘t wait for our date tonight!!” I‘m feeling the love this week! 💐😀♥️🌼

GypsyKat So cute! Happy birthday!!! 🎉🎂 💛 1y
Cinfhen Yay!!! You deserve all the happiness ❤️🥂 1y
Hollie Thank you @GypsyKat (edited) 1y
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Hollie @Cinfhen thanks, Cindy! ♥️😍 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww so sweet!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I‘ll have an extra copy to give away!!! 💚💚💚 1y
Bookzombie Happy Birthday!! 1y
Hollie Thank you @Bookzombie 😃 1y
R.Lyn-Romance-Reads Happy Birthday 1y
Hollie @Silent_Whispers thank you! 1y
Eggs Happy Birthday 🎂🎊🎁 Hollie! 1y
Hollie Thanks so much @Eggs 💕 1y
ValerieAndBooks Happy birthday Hollie 😊 💛🍰! And very sweet of Anthony!! 1y
Hollie Thank you @ValerieAndBooks ♥️😍😘 1y
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