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Gods of Manhattan | Scott Mebus
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1/2: We got home and Axton ran straight for his #mythsandlegendsjunior box. @sprainedbrain you and Jackson have completely spoiled us! Six books off his TBR list and he can‘t wait to read them all! 😍

Gifts coming in a second post because I couldn‘t fit everything in one picture...

LibrarianRyan Great selection. 10mo
tammysue Awesome - @sprainedbrain you did a bang up job!!! 10mo
sprainedbrain Jack is really glad that Axton likes the books! ❤️ 10mo
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Jackson does not understand swap etiquette! He was so excited to open his package for #mythsandlegendsjunior swap that he had everything unwrapped and some candy and nilla wafers consumed before I could take the picture. 😂

Thank you SO MUCH Casey and @ravenlee ❤️❤️

Jack loves everything and is super excited about the books, madlibs, and art supplies! You guys are awesome!

Thanks for organizing, @MeganAnn 💕

LibrarianRyan Great book choices. 10mo
ravenlee So glad he likes it! We had a hard time picking those books - because Book Outlet had about three times as many that looked good, too! Hope he enjoys them. 10mo
MeganAnn Awesome package! 💙🎉⚡️👏🏻✨🎉💙 10mo
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tammysue Well of course Mom!! ☺️💕 Wonderful gifts @ravenlee ! 10mo
mabell That is the face of a satisfied swapper! He‘s redefining the etiquette - eat now, photo later 😂 10mo
ravenlee Thank you, @whatshesreadingnow ! It was a lot of fun to shop for this! 10mo
sprainedbrain @mabell he makes his own rules! 😂 10mo
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Myths and Mortals | Charlie N Holmberg
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Came home to find my #mythsandlegendsswap box from @GlassAsDiamonds and Axton‘s #mythsandlegendsJunior box from @sprainedbrain had arrived! Only five more days until opening day!! 🎉⚡️💙🗡

Also, our new sectional couch was finally delivered today! This will be my new reading spot for the foreseeable future so you may see it in lots of posts. A gallery wall I‘ve been planning is eventually going above it. ✨

LiteraryinLititz Congratulations on your new reading spot! 10mo
LibrarianRyan Pretty. I love that wall color. 10mo
sprainedbrain Love the couch! And yay for deliveries 😃 10mo
GlassAsDiamonds Oh thank god!!! I was *so* nervous about that (the tracking never moved!)!!!!! 🥳🥳🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 10mo
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Post Office | Charles Bukowski
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Lunch break at the post office, and my #mythsandlegendsswap and Jack‘s #mythsandlegendsjunior swaps are on their way! Both should be delivered on Friday. 😃

Not pictured (because I‘m feeling challenged today) but also sent out, your next book for #readersgonnaread, Branddy!

MeganAnn Yay!! Axton is so excited I‘m sure I‘m going to have to hide it until the first 😆🎉⚡️💙 10mo
Theshadedbuffalo I got it! Thank you! 10mo
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If you are in North Carolina and participating in #mythsandlegendsjunior your child‘s package should arrive tomorrow!

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These goodies are headed out to a junior Litten tomorrow morning... #mythsandlegendsjunior

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#mythsandlegendsswap #mythsandlegendsJunior
Monday is the suggested mail by date for domestic packages! If you haven‘t sent your swap package yet, be sure to do as as soon as possible. International packages should have been sent out sooner.

Tagging those below who I haven‘t seen a mailed post for yet. Let me know your status. If I missed your post, I‘m sorry and please let me know so I can mark you down!

Stephuhhnieee Just tagged you a second ago 😂😅 Mine is going out now! 10mo
TheBookHippie Mine too going out now!!! 10mo
MeganAnn @TheBookHippie thanks for letting me know!! 10mo
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KatieDid927 Sending mine tomorrow, already packed up and ready to go! 10mo
MeganAnn @KatieDid927 great!! Comment on this post or tag me in your post when it‘s sent tomorrow so I can be sure to mark it off my list. 10mo
KatieDid927 @MeganAnn You got it! 10mo
cobwebmoth Sending mine out Monday(that was the mail by date I thought was on the signup form). Using UPS so it will definitely be there in time.👍 10mo
ReadingRobyn I‘m waiting on a couple things. But it will definitely be there in time! 10mo
TCLinrow The post office was closed today for Good Friday, but mine is going out tomorrow 😊 10mo
TCLinrow And my last swaps arrived within 2 days of sending them so there should be plenty of time 💜 10mo
shanaqui The mail by date is Monday according to everything I can see, so I'm not late yet. 😁 10mo
MeganAnn @cobwebmoth you are correct, Monday is the date I put on the form. Sorry for the confusion! Someone emailed to ask and then I mixed it all up in my head. Yes, please let me know when you send it off on Monday. 10mo
MeganAnn @shanaqui yes you are right!! So sorry for the confusion. My dates are all mixed up this week.🤦🏻‍♀️ 10mo
shanaqui I know that feeling! It's been quite a week... month... year... 😆 10mo
MeganAnn @TheEmpress great! Let me know when it‘s sent. 😊 10mo
MeganAnn @TCLinrow sounds good! Priority mail is usually pretty quick, but some people like to use media mail for he books which takes longer so I figured an earlier reminder is better. Let me know when you get it sent off 😉 10mo
Sweetkokoro I was planning on sending mine out Monday, since that was the date I had written down from the form. I will make sure to tag you when it gets sent out. 10mo
cobwebmoth No worries! I'll post when I send, and I can email you the tracking if you want.❤ 10mo
taraWritesSci Oof, sorry! I mailed it out yesterday, forgot to post. 😖 10mo
Nazgul93 Hoping to send mine out soon! I'll post it when I do! 10mo
sprainedbrain I‘m waiting on two more items that are supposed to be delivered no later than Tuesday. Even if they aren‘t, I will ship on Wednesday... priority mail won‘t take more than 3 days, so they will arrive well before 5/1. 😃 10mo
BookwormAHN I'll be mailing tomorrow or Monday and its priority so it will make it in time. 10mo
bullbunny Last items waiting on, will send it by Tuesday or Wednesday priority will get it the same week 10mo
GlassAsDiamonds Oh damn - forgot I was meant to post when I was sent!!!! Sent and should be there within the next few days! 😊😊😊😊 10mo
Endowarrior21 Mine will be going out this week 10mo
Butterfinger Mailed my little girl's swap Thursday. Forgive me for not posting. @ravenlee 10mo
ravenlee @Butterfinger thanks, I‘ll keep an eye out this week! 10mo
Peddler410 Our package is going out first thing tomorrow — intentions were good for early mailing, but .... life 🤷‍♀️ It will make it on time. 10mo
kaysworld1 Hello there I know you're busy. Would you mind please checking that my lady has received hers I have been stalking but seen nothing, I sent it at the start of the month. Thank you 🙏 10mo
MeganAnn @kaysworld1 I just sent you an email. It was received!! 10mo
MeganAnn @Sweetkokoro did your package get mailed out? I haven‘t seen a post yet so I wanted to double check! 10mo
MeganAnn @bullbunny checking in... let me know when your package is sent. 😊 10mo
MeganAnn @Nazgul93 let me know when you get it sent out! 10mo
MeganAnn @TheEmpress checking in... did you get your package sent out or are you still waiting on those last items? 10mo
ReadingRobyn @MeganAnn they are due to be here tomorrow and will be shipped out either tomorrow evening or Saturday morning. 2 day shipping so they will be there in time. Sorry about the wait 😭 10mo
bullbunny Sorry meant to send earlier this week. But I am such a procrastinator. Will send today! 10mo
MeganAnn @TheEmpress thanks for the update!! Let me know when you get it mailed out 😊❤️ 10mo
MeganAnn @bullbunny I know the feeling 😉 Let me know once it‘s out! ✨❤️ 10mo
MeganAnn @TheEmpress also, have you received your package yet?? Your sender sent it out awhile ago so I think it should have arrived by now... 10mo
ReadingRobyn Yes! I received it! Had the fiancé hide it so I wouldn‘t open it. He won‘t tell me where it is @MeganAnn (edited) 10mo
MeganAnn @TheEmpress ??? What a good fiancé to keep you in the dark. Thanks for confirming! 10mo
Nazgul93 Sent my package out should arrive in a couple of days hopefully!😁 Sorry for not sending it sooner! 10mo
MeganAnn @Nazgul93 thanks for letting me know!! 😊⚡️✨ 10mo
MeganAnn @dlowe86 I sent an email checking to see if your package has been mailed yet. Can you let me know? 10mo
ReadingRobyn @MeganAnn it‘s on the way!! 10mo
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Special Delivery | Danielle Steel
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Jack is super excited that his box for #mythsandlegendsjunior arrived today!

So excited that he tried to open it before I got home from work. 😬

It‘s now safely stored on top of my tallest book shelf until opening day!

Thanks to you and Casey, @ravenlee ❤️

ravenlee I feel ya, Jack! 10mo
Peddler410 I‘ve got to get my act together! We have the books but need some goodies to add in before we can send our package off. 10mo
sprainedbrain @Peddler410 that‘s almost exactly what Jack told me today! I just need to wrap and add goodies, but now he wants it done RIGHT NOW. 😂 10mo
MeganAnn Waiting is so hard!! ⚡️😅 10mo
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To my daughter‘s match, we own and have read the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series; Heroes of Olympus series. We have The first books in all of the Rick Riordan Presents series.
Non-fiction we have Weird but True Know-it-all Greek Mythology and a 60-second Myths Book.
We also have Percy Jackson Greek myths book.
I hope this helps.

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Tales of Norse Mythology | Helen A. Guerber
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The last of the match emails have been sent! Check your email and be sure to reply so I know you have received it.


Coming tomorrow: a list of all the books wished for on the submission form!

Ever watched The Almighty Johnsons tv series? It‘s my favorite and I couldn‘t believe it wasn‘t mentioned on the form by a single person! If you like Norse mythology, check it out ⚡️🗡🛡🔨

jpmcwisemorgan I forgot about The Almighty Johnson‘s. I‘ve seen maybe the first season but it was years ago! 11mo
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