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Currently reading this interesting book.
All the stories are raw, truthful and very honest. These stories don't sugar coat it if a mistake was made they own up to it.

#readingmyownbooks #pridemonth #queerbooks #femaleauthors #reading #lifestories #loveislove 🌈😎🌺📚

Megabooks #stacked thanks!! 4w
kaysworld1 @Megabooks Do you live in the UK? I would send it to you when I was finished if you did xx 4w
Megabooks @kaysworld1 unfortunately, no. But thank you anyway! 💜 4w
kaysworld1 @AlobelThee Hello there my lovely 🤗 I was wondering if you would be interested in some queer book's I have read recently I would love to pass them along to you. Let me know 👍🌈🌹☕ 3w
AlobelThee @kaysworld1 Thanks for the offer! I'd best pass this time, being in a position of assisting home care for my mom, with a grumpy dad who has me using iBooks more often. Things are good, but they may tend to over-worry with queer reads more often, while I'm working on positive witchcraft with them. 😜💖 Do let me know the titles. I'll sure check them out on your lists! 🇨🇦 3w
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Gender Failure | Rae Spoon, Ivan E. Coyote
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Went to Seattle this weekend to visit a very close friend who moved there from AZ last year. Seattle is far, far too cold for me but the literary community is amazing! We always go to Elliot Bay and Left Bank books. Here is my haul from the weekend. Running Secrets takes place on Alki Beach where my friend lives! And I bought Nevada from the bookseller who's 'staff pick' it was. Very successful book purchases in my mind.

Yournewfriendsams Left Bank is the coolest 🙌🏽 2y
Chelsey I live on Alki too!! 2y
Alicia @Yournewfriendsams right?! I love it so much! I always find something amazing there. 2y
Alicia @Chelsey I loved it there!! West Seattle was such a cute neighborhood/ own city. I can't wait to go back. 2y
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My new audiobook addiction! Think I'll be finishing this today as I can't stop listening to his intriguing voice 🦎 #davidattenborough #audiobook #lifestories #books #currentlyreading #goodreads