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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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#Hour36 #Loot #24in48 @24in48

Three #Potterheads living together there sure is lots of Potter geekish stuff in our home. Mugs, pens, bookmarks, pins, shirts (some even glow in the dark), key rings, decals, notebooks,...

Too much to show all of it...

And if it's not Potter related, it's Marvel, the Hobbit,....

Linsy Nice! 💛💛💛 6mo
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For #hour36 of #24in48 my bookish items will always go to my socks and tshirts. ❤❤❤ @24in48

reading_rainbow love!! 6mo
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Fumbled | Alexa Martin
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Took a break from this one but now hoping to finish it up in the last couple hours of #24in48. But first the #hour36 challenge- I don‘t have much bookish stuff (except like 100 books) but I do love both these tees!

Loot | Jude Watson
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After deconstructing my shelves most of my #literaryloot has ended up in this tote. Some of my favorites are my coffee mugs (most are dirty at the moment) and my hoodies (put away for summer). #24in48 #hour36

Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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#hour36 challenge is bookish swag. I don't have a lot, but I do love my library tote and t-shirt! #24in48

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My favorite piece of literary loot. My sister had this made as a wedding present. I love it so much!

#24in48 @24in48 #hour36

twohectobooks Love this! 6mo
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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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#24in48 #hour36 #literaryloot

Probably my favorite bookish swag has to be this bracelet I found on Etsy that has the full text of The Letter. 😍 I also bought this blanket from Litographs with the text of the novel. Fully opened, it displays the view at Lyme, if I remember correctly.

Cheshirecat913 *swoon* 😍 That bracelet sounds wonderful. 6mo
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Haha, I‘m not much of a foodie so maybe this one for the #24in48 #Hour36 #food challenge? Speaking of which...I think I‘ve been convinced to sneak out for a pub-supper during the readathon. 😬

Good Housekeeping Everyday Vegan: 85+ Plant-Based Recipes | Good Housekeeping, Susan Westmoreland
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I don‘t think I‘ve actually ever read a book that‘s food-related so for #hour36 I give you two of my cookbooks. I read them cover to cover if that counts. 😊

#24in48 #readathon #food

Tamra I think it counts - I love perusing cookbooks. 😋 12mo
Weaponxgirl Totally counts 12mo
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The First Deadly Sin | Lawrence Sanders
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#hour36 #foodrelatedchallenge

I read this book as a kid...a favorite. Edward Delaney, a detective in NYC, is chasing a serial killer. This was my first thought for food- and not a cookbook. He used to eat these “wet” sandwiches over the sink. Wet meaning he loved to put cole slaw in sandwiches and they were hugely messy. I never forgot this as it sounds delicious!

KarynGood OMG, it‘s been years! But I remember the sandwiches! 😂😋 12mo
AmyG @KarynGood Ha! Someone who remembers this. 🎉 12mo
michellelav I put cole slaw on my hot dogs and hamburgers! Soooooooo good. I'll have to try on a sandwich 😂😊 12mo
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Cinfhen That‘s a Jewish deli sandwich for sure!!!! Spicy mustard & cole slaw inside the rye with hot pastrami & Turkey 😋😋😋 12mo
AmyG @Cinfhen What I would do for a good chopped liver sandwich on challah. Swoon. ;) @michellelav Good cole slaw..should be added to everything! (edited) 12mo
BarbaraBB I remember these! And he drinks a Heineken with them 😀 12mo
Cinfhen Ha!!! I was gonna say chopped liver @AmyG and a potato knish on the side with a sour pickle 🙌🏻 12mo
AmyG @cinfhen I‘m in. It‘s been a long time since I was at a good Jewish deli. Sigh. @BarbaraBB Yes! 12mo
Cinfhen Any chance you‘lll be in NY this summer??? We can hit up Second Ave Deli and then The Strand 😘 12mo
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