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Aloha Alibi | Jasmine Webb
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Starting my Hawaiian #staycation thanks to @DebinHawaii ! New author/book, beer and snacks! What more does a girl need!!

#bookfriendsarethebest #staycation #hawaiistaycation #cozymystery #craftbeer #granola #booknerd #booklover #librarian #sundaynightfun

KristiAhlers That looks like a great read! 3mo
DebinHawaii Hope you enjoy the book, beer & the snack! 😉 3mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @KristiAhlers It is good so far! 3mo
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So excited for @pintsandpanels Em Sauter‘s talk via the Bridgeport Public Library! @bridgeportpubliclibrary 🍻 Sauter has a new book coming out in April: “Hurray for Craft Beer! An Illustrated Guide to Beer” #emsauter #pintsandpanels #craftbeer #booksaboutcraftbeer #hurrayforcraftbeer #booksbrewsandbooze

A Ladder to the Sky | John Boyne
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It is brutally hot here so what better than a beer and a book in the backyard while dad plays with the kiddos. I really enjoyed A History of Loneliness by John Boyne so I'm hoping this book is just as good.

#BackyardReading #BookAndBeer #CraftBeer #Heatwave #SummerReading

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#craftbeer selection for the evening is #shittersfull from #thebreweryatunionstation .. gotta love cousin Eddie. This beer has a really nutty flavor to it and honestly wasnt that bad for a Christmas ale. It goes well with the nut job im about to start reading on, Mr. Theodore Bundy, the Chi Omega killer.
Has anyone ever read this book? I've heard it talked about on multiple podcasts and social media platforms and got it yesterday.

MommyOfTwo Creepy 4y
kricheal I read it last month. It's really intriguing. 4y
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Every airport other than Logan has great pre-flight elbow bending options, it seems. Heading home from a great visit with my family. I miss The Motherland already #believeland #travel #craftbeer

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1. Always #craftbeer
2. 1st pg. I've seen some pretty covers with terrible innards.
3. Hm. Tough one. I like both. Less people in forest. Both can make you dirty. Relaxing sounds at beach, more consistent light. Beach, I guess!
4. Real life gives me enough realistic that I could do without those books if I had to chose.
5. 😨 don't hate me, but I've read neither of those books!

#bookishwouldyourather @Kalalalatja

MrBook No hate to be drawn. 😊👍🏻 And if someone does, they'll get a finger-wagging from me. (edited) 5y
night_shift @MrBook awesome, thanks :p 5y
MrBook 🙌🏻 5y
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Kalalalatja #NoShame - and I love your reasoning in number 3 😄 5y
night_shift @Kalalalatja haha.. thanks! It's nice that I'm near enough to both to do either! 5y
Kalalalatja That's amazing. I have a bit to go before I can be in either 😊 5y
night_shift @Kalalalatja Oregon is the best! 😉 5y
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