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Making Up | Helena Hunting
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Starting 2nd book of vacation.

#currentlyreading #romantsy #staycation

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Sunshine State: Essays | Sarah Gerard
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This week our #BFC group is all about selfcare, listening to ourselves, being kind to ourselves and having fun! So in that spirit I walked home from work today slowly, started a new book (I know, walking and reading beside a canal is hazardous- I‘m a seasoned pro!) and will be having a chamomile tea bath before bed! @chrissyreadit @erinsuegreads @itchyfeetreader @microbemom @phatsallylee @blaire @sudi @wanderinglynn

sudi That's great, i could never do that i'm too afraid of falling 😅. How do you like the book so far? 1mo
Mitch @sudi it gets pretty busy in the mornings - full of commuting cyclists - not great for reading and staying dry! 1mo
Mitch @sudi I‘ve just read the first chapter and I liked it. The style wasn‘t what I was expecting and I‘m hoping it‘ll give me #staycation feels 1mo
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MicrobeMom Love it! Enjoy! You deserve it. Beautiful photo. 1mo
sudi @Mitch enjoy your #staycation 😎💃 1mo
TheEllieMo A fellow reading-and-walking person! I live near a canal and often read-and-walk along it. It‘s a skill 😉 1mo
AmyG Lovely picture! 1mo
wanderinglynn I always get asked how I can read & walk. I say decades of practice! 😂 What a lovely spot to walk by. 💜 1mo
Suet624 You remind me of the main character in Milkman. She walks and reads at the same time. 1mo
Mitch @Suet624 haha...I‘ve not read that, but walking and reading is great! Give it a go! (edited) 1mo
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Cranford | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
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I‘m on day 3 of my #staycation and day 2 of what I‘m calling Stormageddon Lite. My original plans for this week have been waylaid, but I‘m not too cross. This is ideal reading weather. Also, I can get some #audiochores in without feeling like I‘m missing out on getting out and about. 😂⛈🌧🌩☔️🙂

Moray_Reads Such a good book though! 3mo
xicanti What a beautiful rainy view! 3mo
LiteraryinLititz Perfect reading weather! 3mo
stacybmartin Actually, I‘m a little jealous - an amazing reading soundtrack! 🌧 3mo
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My dog Charlie seems to think I lost weight and I no longer need as much room on the loveseat. #dogs #dogsoflitsy #staycation

Judybskt I loved that book! 7mo
Bookwm85forever @Judybskt I‘m engrossed in this book. There were some parts that were a bit off but typical Judy Blume style. I hope to finish tomorrow. 7mo
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Tea, #JB Mail, and #BuddyRead

#Staycation 🌴🌺

Amiable I love your mug! 😀 7mo
Lauram I just finished Chapter 5. I‘ve got another book I need to finish, but it‘s going to be hard to stay away from The English Wife. (edited) 7mo
Tamra @Lauram I‘m not staying away and the mystery grows! 😬 7mo
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Librarybelle Perfect! 7mo
SilversReviews Ooooo....good book. 7mo
CouronneDhiver Thanks @Amiable Xmas gift from hubby 7mo
CouronneDhiver Right?! I‘m going to have to pace myself... quite good so far! @Lauram @Tamra @Librarybelle 7mo
CouronneDhiver Excellent! I‘m just at the start, really, but I‘m glad to hear it‘s a good choice 👍🏽 @SilversReviews 7mo
SilversReviews @CouronneDhiver Her books are always good. ENJOY!! 7mo
Bklover Haven‘t gotten too far but enjoying it so far. Hope to read a bunch more tomorrow. 😉 7mo
CouronneDhiver No worries 😊 I listened up to Ch 6 on-the-go today but I‘ve only read up to Ch 2 in the print. I‘m going to read those four chapters tonight so that I‘m sure not to miss any details. @Bklover 7mo
Bookwm85forever I love your mug! 7mo
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#staycation (Cecil‘s just here for the 🍿)

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Hotel | Joanna Walsh
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Cute little book lending station at our hotel ... didn‘t look closely at any titles since I brought my own.


Kshakal Are you staying at a country inn?? In college I worked at one and we had a lending library like this... 10mo
CouronneDhiver Yes! We‘re just getting home now. Nice hotel for a really reasonable price... and our room was huge! @Kshakal 10mo
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Old Man's War | John Scalzi
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First book of my staycation readathon done! A pretty impressive first novel. Scalzi can always be trusted for wry, self-deprecating characters, snappy dialogue, and a surprising amount of heart. .
#scifi #sffyeah #books #bookish #booknerd #book #booknook #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #riotgrams #staycation #readathon #reading #readingnook #novel

The Salt Line | Holly Goddard Jones
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Enjoying a #staycation this week. Waking each morning & making a decision about the days plan. I‘m usually super planned - so this feels lovely / freaky! Today was a ‘don‘t move much, read & snack on mint Oreos‘ kind of a day! How was your day?

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Sounds perfect!! 13mo
squirrelbrain How wonderful! 13mo
CouronneDhiver Lovely! I‘m at home trying to stay peaceful and enjoy a quiet day. 13mo
Mitch They‘re precious days aren‘t they @CouronneDhiver Life can be crazy sometimes and slowing the pace down feels soooooo good. Enjoy your day 🤗 13mo
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