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Centennial Books | Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (Bookstore)
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Almost every wall is a #WallofBooks at this shop! I only get to browse Centennial Books about twice a year when I visit Regina. I have to dig around for quite awhile on the double stacked #SFF shelves (bottom right) and towers of books on the floor, just hoping I‘ll find what I‘m looking for but that‘s part of the #bookhunt fun! #AugustABC

Reagan-reads Must go there! I‘m from Alberta and have never ☹️ been to Saskatchewan. 3mo
TK421 One of the huge parts warehouses that I get stuff from at work is in Regina. 3mo
Clwojick i hope they have decent prices there ! We have a second hand store like that in my city, but I find the prices are too steep to really enjoy it. 😞 3mo
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Come-read-with-me @TK-421 I love this place!!! Every time I go home to Regina I spend lots of time exploring! 3mo
Eggs More walls of books !!!!👏🏻👏🏻💗💗 3mo
TK-421 @Reagan-reads Really? Well I hope you can see SK someday! Sadly there aren‘t as many used book stores around as there used to be - that‘s why I love visiting AB - particularly Edmonton & Calgary! 😂 3mo
TK-421 @TK421 Cool! 3mo
TK-421 @Clwojick I can‘t remember for sure but I think their prices are reasonable. 3mo
TK-421 @Come-read-with-me 🙌 I always lose track of time when I‘m browsing there 😊 3mo
Reagan-reads @TK-421 I sure hope you have visited Alhambra Books in Edmonton! That's our favourite. I actually told my husband yesterday that we had to come to Regina to see this bookstore. I don't think he thought I was serious. 3mo
TK-421 @Reagan-reads I love Alhambra Books! And several years back, Old Strathcona Books was a favourite too before it closed. 3mo
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Murder of Roger Ackroyd | Agatha Christie
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While putting my book away I saw this list at the back of her book. Looks like I have my reading list set! Now I just need to look for these books at thrift stores, yard sales, second hand book shops, etc. Sometimes I think the hunt for the book is just as exciting as reading them. #tbr #bookhunt #mystery #bookhaul #readinglist

Frankenstein | Mary Shelley
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Untitled | Unknown

Hey Littens! I am looking for a book that resembles​ or relates to the movie The Illusionist featuring Jessica Biel. I have been searching for a while, but no luck so far #bookhunt

BarbaraJean If you want a book similar to The Illusionist, you might try The Prestige. Which is also a movie... and totally came out around the same time as The Illusionist! But the book is fantastic. 2y
Meeko93 Awesome thank you I'll check it out 😊 2y
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