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Dance of Thieves | Mary E Pearson
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So my plan for the night was to enjoy a nice, long #bookandbath but apparently (I found out too late) we have NO HOT WATER. Wait and see if it was just a$$hole kids emptying the tank or if there is a problem I guess. In the meantime, I guess I'll wrap up on the couch with a #bookandblanket instead 😑
At least the book is a good one

CouronneDhiver 😩 Nooooo! 10mo
Eyelit Oh no! 10mo
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New book while I'm away at my best friends for the weekend 🤩😍❤🧡💛 (and also a bit of catch up because I've had a ridiculous week at work 😋😅)
#Readingresolutions #BookandBlanket @Jess7

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A book about a bookstore and the wool blanket I crocheted this year. Three of my favorite things at once. 😍⠀

#ReadingResolutions #BookAndBlanket

Chrissyreadit Wow! The blanket is beautiful! You are very talented! 1y
julesG The blanket is superb! Did you use a pattern? If so, which one? I'm always uninspired and just crochet a large rectangle with no pattern and then I'm disappointed at the outcome. 🙈 1y
RaimeyGallant The blanket is so beautiful! 1y
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ReadZenRites Wow! That blanket! 🤩🤩 1y
Eki @Chrissyreadit Thank you. 1y
Eki @julesG I did use a pattern, I am pretty new to crocheting, so I didn‘t even know most of the stitches existed before I made this blanket.😄 It‘s the Sophies Universe Blanket. 1y
Eki @RaimeyGallant Thank you. 1y
Eki @ReadZenRites Thanks. Exactly what I thought as I saw someone else crocheting it. 😀 1y
julesG Ha, that's exactly the pattern I thought it was. I'm tempted to make this blanket myself. 1y
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Zeroes: A Novel | Chuck Wendig
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This cute and cuddly penguin blanket doesn't pair well with my current read! 😂 #BookandBlanket #ReadingResolutions

Cat's Cradle: A Novel | Kurt Vonnegut
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#readingresolutions day 12 #bookandblanket @Jess7

Started this one today! I love Vonnegut.

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#ReadingResolutions #Bookandblanket
We had a boxed set of Peanuts books when I was a child. Linus and his blanket were a favorite.😀

GripLitGrl 😍🤗😍 1y
Tamra I had a bunch - so fun! 1y
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Gob's Grief: A Novel | Chris Adrian
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Oh, how I would love to curl up with my #bookandblanket, but with only two weeks to go before I hand in my thesis, it is hard to find the time and energy for reading 👎


TrishB It will be worth it and then you can make up for it! 6 weeks before I had to hand mine in I broke my arm in 2 places and dislocated my thumb on the other hand! I then couldn‘t write or type for 6 weeks 😱😱 just prolonged the agony! Be over soon 💜 1y
Kalalalatja @TrishB that‘s crazy, and such bad luck! 😱 I‘m trying not to stress too much, but I‘m really looking forward to being finished! 1y
Moray_Reads @Kalalalatja it will be so worth it. All that work coming together is a great feeling and there'll be such a lightness when you don't have to think about it any more! 1y
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TrishB It‘s great when it‘s handed in! Nearly there 💜 1y
erzascarletbookgasm You got this. Almost there 💕 1y
Kalalalatja @Moray_Reads I‘m beginning to feel very proud of my work, which is a great feeling, since April and May were full of self doubt. I‘m so looking forward to not have my thoughts revolve around this one thing all the time 😅 1y
Kalalalatja @erzascarletbookgasm @TrishB thanks for the support 😘 1y
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Day 12: Book and Blanket - This afghan was a gift from my step-MIL and is one of my favorites when I curl up with a book and one of my favorite snacks! #ReadingResolutions #PhotoChallenge #BookandBlanket #TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo