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Death Note, Volume 1 | Tsugumi Ohba
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I haven't read any manga before but apparently this is a good place to start? I just love this cover it's so gorgeous!! A high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook... sound right up my alley :)

chlobee The first few volumes of this are really good! I have a few problems with the series overall (depiction of women is #1) but it's still enjoyable for the plot. I recommend the TV adaptation as well 😊 3y
Bookworm54 It's a pretty good place to start ☺ I second the TV adaptation too! 3y
KafkaKitten Both the manga and the anime are great! 3y
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa Sounds very interesting to me too! 3y
vivastory Haven't read but I've heard good things 3y
queerbookreader Fruits Basket is also a really good place to start, a lot of ppl ik (including me!) started reading manga with that series. About a girl who meets a family of people who turn into the zodiac animals. Soooooo cute and dramatic 3y
queerbookreader Library Wars is also a cute series that's about this militarized organization that fights against government censorship of libraries and other reading materials 3y
queerbookreader (sorry about all the comments I keep forgetting to tag the books!!!) 3y
DuckOfDoom I loved Deathnote and I think it is a good place to start if you want to read something a bit darker 3y
Bookish.Heart Death Note is amazing. I've only watched it but you know, the books are always better! 3y
moranadatter Go for it! If you like the format, I second @lemonlime799's recommendation for Fruits Basket and xxxHolic is my all-time favorite. 3y
TheLondonBookworm @chlobee ah damn I was hoping to start with one that didn't fall into that kind of category -_- still I like a good plot so I'll give it a go :) Didn't know it had been adapted, I'll try that after! 3y
TheLondonBookworm @Bookworm54 wooo I'm not gonna lie I mostly picked it for the cover 😂😂😂😂 #badbookworm 3y
TheLondonBookworm @KafkaKitten looking forward to both! :) 3y
TheLondonBookworm @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Right! I'm excited to start :) been meaning to dive into manga for ages 3y
TheLondonBookworm @vivastory sweet! Can't wait now :) 3y
TheLondonBookworm @lemonlime799 Wow, you're amazing thanks so much for all the recs! People turning into the zodiac sounds perfect I'm gonna HAVE to get that one! And anything that has library in the title I am immediately down for! Perfect way of starting my manga collection! 😍👍😍😍😍 3y
TheLondonBookworm @DuckOfDoom I do love a bit of the dark stuff, it's the slytherin in me 😂 3y
TheLondonBookworm @Bookish.Heart hehe yeah don't we know it! I'll probably my end up reading and watching it at the same time haha 3y
TheLondonBookworm @kmdartist I think I'm gonna give them all ago! So much to go for it's a whole new world!! 😍😍😍 3y
Serotonin This is a great suspenseful series 👍 One of my faves. Yep, the anime adaptation was good. Also, a Netflix live action series is in the works too 😆 👍 3y
Serotonin Let me know what genres you enjoy reading...I can provide recs as well 😉 3y
TheLondonBookworm @Serotonin thanks! That's so awesome :) I love fantasy and sci-fi mostly- enjoy stuff that's a bit darker. Just starting to get into steam punk as well :) 3y
pppooraikul Just saw this post and I need to say the Death Note is brilliant for a start. I also third Fruits Basket and XXXHolic. You can rely on @kmdartist 's great taste in manga! 😉 And if you're looking for some darker stuff (not too dark but dark enough), try 2y
TheLondonBookworm @pppooraikul great! I've got them on order ☺️☺️ thanks for all the recs! There's so much awesome sounding stuff out there I've just gotta read it all!!! 2y
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Swing Time | Zadie Smith
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This isn't doing anything for me. Should I stick with it? Anyone love it?

shawnmooney Readers tend to be pretty much split down the middle about her stuff, including this latest one: I bailed on it. Other readers quite enjoyed it. (edited) 3y
Lmstraubie I listened to it on audiobook. I didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. It was eh 3y
Sydsavvy @shawnmooney looking through all the posts, I'm noticing that! 3y
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sisilia I just read the first 50 pagea and didn't get any excitement, either 😅 3y
BookishTrish I bailed and didn't post about bailing because I felt like a #badbookworm 3y
swishandflick I wasn't a huge fan, myself. It never really picked up for me. I just kept at it bc it was my BOTM pick. 3y
Sydsavvy @BookishTrish that's funny! 3y
Sydsavvy @swishandflick yes me, too. So far though I think this is the only one I haven't liked. 3y
awonderinglife I really liked it but I think if it's not grabbing you now the middle might get really hard to get through... 3y
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