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Huntress Moon | Alexandra Sokoloff
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#SoaringScores #CatchUp
#TheHunting in this series is done both by the FBI Special Agent & his team for the serial (really more vigilante) killer known as “The Huntress” & her hunting for evil & those are overtaken by it to kill.

The Hunter‘s (& Huntress) Moon is the first full moon after the harvest moon so it was just recently in the sky.🌕🤓

CrowCAH All the murders must take place in a time with a “moon”! 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen these look really good!! Had a look and the first 5 are #99ponkindle ....may be tempted! 4y
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Andrew65 Thanks for bringing this series to my attention @Cinfhen @DebinHawaii Heard of the Author, but a new series to me. 4y
Cinfhen It‘s Kindle‘s version of Happy Belated Birthday @TrishB ♥️🎁😘Give it a go @Andrew65 !!!! 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen be rude not to now 😁😁 4y
Cinfhen Haha!! Exactly @TrishB 4y
gradcat @Cinfhen @Andrew65 New to me, too, Andrew...isn‘t it so lovely how much Cindy looks out for the #seriessquad ? You gotta love it! @TrishB They do look good, I agree...gotta check the US prices! ♥️♥️♥️ 4y
DebinHawaii @TrishB @Andrew65 @gradcat #seriessquad @Cinfhen They aren‘t bad, on the darker side in terms of violence & the first ones were the strongest, but I like the MCs & will keep reading them. 4y
TrishB 👍🏻 I‘ll probably try a couple! 4y
gradcat @DebinHawaii Thanks for elaborating! That‘s very helpful. ♥️ 4y
Andrew65 @DebinHawaii Thanks for the information. 😊 4y
Cinfhen Hi @gradcat where have you been?!?!?! Hope all is well 🥰 (edited) 4y
Andrew65 @gradcat Yes @Cinfhen does a great job. 👏👏👏 4y
Cinfhen Thanks @Andrew65 ❣️❣️❣️❣️ 4y
gradcat @Cinfhen Hiya! I know, I‘ve been missing in action on the music prompts! One reason is that Google changed the way I do image searches, and I couldn‘t figure it out (tech dinosaur, me!), but @Andrew65 told me how to do it, so I figure I‘ll jump back in in November. How are you? How is your husband? Hope you guys are well! ♥️ 4y
Cinfhen Glad you‘re alright @gradcat all is well on this side of the world 🌍 thanks for asking. Looking forward to seeing your posts xx 4y
gradcat @Cinfhen Glad all is well for you over there. Now I just have to find the November prompts! 😂 4y
Andrew65 @gradcat 😊 Good Luck with The searches. (edited) 4y
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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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#SoaringScores Day 25: #TheHunting

Hunting for vampires! (Closest one I got!)

@crowcah @Cinfhen

Cinfhen #ConfessionTime I still NEED to read this book 🙈I love your cover/edition 4y
CrowCAH The novel that started our modern thinking of vampires! 4y
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#SoaringScores #TheHunting #LastOfTheMohicans #TrevorJones #RandyEdelman


Not hunting animals or people in this book, but PIRATE treasure!!! An amazing story about not giving up; just do a little more research!

Cinfhen Hubby read this one!!! He loved it! 4y
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#thehunting #soaringscores

This is a good companion book to Helter Skelter. Much broader in scope with brief trial coverage, this kept me rapt.

Bklover I‘m going to have to look for this one!! Love this stuff! 4y
CrowCAH Manson is an interesting case to learn about. 4y
britt_brooke Ooh, sounds good! #stacked 4y
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The Hunting Party | Lucy Foley
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Another from the TBR mountain ....

#TheHunting #SoaringScores
@CrowCAH @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I‘m really curious about this one!!!! #stacked 4y
CrowCAH Another Litten used the same book; great choice! 4y
TheEllieMo @CrowCAH argh! Sorry for the repetition!! 4y
veritysalter I really enjoyed this one; I‘ve read a few recently on the hunting/lonely cabin theme and this is one of the best. 4y
CrowCAH @TheEllieMo no worries! Most time everyone chooses a different book, so I‘m surprised to find repeats. 4y
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I picked this up on the strength of so many positive reviews. I‘ve yet to read it, surprise surprise! #TheHunting #SoaringScores

Cinfhen Great choice!!! This is meant to be excellent 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The Alice Network was great!! 4y
Librarybelle Maybe I should read this soon, @Cinfhen ! 4y
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Librarybelle @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I need to read that one too! 4y
ATB I am about 22 on the holds list for this at my library. Started out at 48 so making progress. Loved the Alice Network. 4y
CrowCAH Sounds very fast paced and intriguing! 4y
JacqMac It‘s still on my TBR, too. So many books, never enough time. 4y
Eggs This is a GREAT BOOK!! Rich characterizations 👏🏻🤗 4y
Librarybelle @ATB Slowly making progress! 4y
Librarybelle @CrowCAH @JacqMac It sounds so good...I wish I had lots of time to read everything I want to read! 4y
Librarybelle Thanks for the recommendation, @Eggs ! 4y
Eggs You‘re welcome 😉 She‘s an author to keep an eye on. Loved Alice Network too 4y
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The Hunting of the Snark | Lewis Carroll
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Cinfhen Lewis Carroll must have been smoking some heavy weed back in the day 😜 4y
arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen yeah, re-reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as an adult is interesting 😉 4y
CrowCAH It‘s interesting that‘s it‘s written in poem format. 4y
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#thehunting #soaringscores
Looks interesting and a great cover 😁

batsy Interesting! I really enjoyed this one by her 4y
Cinfhen Yes to all that you said, Trish!!!! 4y
Cinfhen Hoping my package gets to you today 🤞🏽🤞🏽 4y
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TrishB @batsy not heard of author before, but she looks interesting! 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen will let you know! 😘 4y
CrowCAH Witch hunting! Check to see if she floats 😉 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen they tried to deliver something whilst I was out - we can collect from PO in the morning! 4y
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The Hunting Party | Lucy Foley
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On my Kindle but not read yet...

TrishB A familiar story! 4y
RachelAmphlett Really enjoyed this one! 4y
Cinfhen Ohhh!! Im intrigued!!! 4y
CrowCAH Perfect choice for today! 4y
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